After a number of requests I've started to put together a list of known scammers and forum users who have been banned as Blacklisted Traders. All I've been able to do so far is go through the dispute section and I've limited it to the last 2-3 years, if there are any people I have missed and you have sufficient evidence to prove they are a scammer please PM me and I'll add their names to the list. Please bare in mind some of these users have or may use a family PayPal account (parents, siblings, spouse, etc..) so look out for a familiar surname.

Obviously this isn't foolproof so it's always advised when making a purchase to pay via PayPal as a purchase and not a gift payment, I hope this saves a few people some time and hassle!

Finally, when opening a new dispute try and include as much info as possible such as real names and locations. Email addresses would also help (though these can be sent via PM) as I can check them against the ones the member signed up with.

Thanks, isitafox

Connor Whitehead - CONNOR WHITEHEAD, X-ray 92

Dan Waddon (may use Julie Waddon for PayPal) - rcdk

Lee Fletcher/Lee McGuire - Lee Fletch Fletcher, lee mcguire

Alex Ederkin - montyboii

Ollie Hazell - Ding_Dong

Daniel Donnelly - hypermobilty

Liam Hannah - Theleroyhuk

James Peter Fraser - jamespeterfraser, jamesakajimmy, trialsforlife

Alexander Dunny - AlexD

Alex Cross (Romania) - AlexCross

Charles Greene (USA) - ST101

Blake Campbell - mista-neos

Brad Johnson - BradJohnson, BJ., Freewheel Display Team

Scott Mitchell - ScottyM26

Gary Sanderson - Plymouthtrials, Plymouth Trials

Adam Stephenson - Adam Stephenson, TrialsMad, trialsbeast (registered as his brother Shaun so be catious), streetweapon

Jack Harmer - harmertrials, onzatproboy08, Dorey-man, JDaley

Jack Dickinson - jack dickinson, Disc.Jokie, Zakd