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  2. Please subscibe fellow stunters
  3. That was my idea. To make a brace that has a contact point to the frame near the cantis or something like that. Yep thats a peg but that's not my bike. But thats a pretty interesting idea to run pegs on a street trials bike!
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  5. My guess is they're too close to the axle to provide sufficient support for a disc mount unless you can brace it back to the rim brake mounts or something. Is that a peg I spy as well? Touche!
  6. Massive improvement over season 1. Looking forward to the rest of the season, just wish Amazon would allow it to be cast to chromecast so I can watch it in 4k.
  7. Yeah it'll be basket or mudguard mounts for reasons above. Most general bike frames that aren't high end/really specific or custom will have them.
  8. I think Trials is the greatest sport on bikes ever, I used to ride MTB then I have tried riding bmx and I stopped, my back was hurting, the bike felt small even though it was in my size, the handlebars are stupidly hurting and you simply can't... sit properly, almost all of the bruises I had in my life were from bmx, even in Ninjutsu I didn't get hurt this badly doing things that are supposedly hurtful. 24" is like the perfect size for the perfect ride, enough room, small, can go around the city well, high gearing for the up hills and trials since we have a lot of hills here in north Africa and I move on quite often for long distances, I think Trials are just awesome, you can't be in a place that you can't do Trials and tricks on, unless you're on the toilet.
  9. Nice edit
  10. If my memory is good, those holes are for a basket... Because the Flow being a entry level bike, they purchased '' catalog '' dropouts to save on the overall cost of the bike without cutting corners where most important. So these dropouts are design for a '' touring '' or '' city '' bike.
  11. Hi there. I noticed there are two weird holes in the dropouts of this frame. Do you think It's possible to use these for making a disc brake mount? If not. What's their purpose. Because I don't think inspired would put a thread in them for nothing.
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  13. Chasing the Golf up the pass...
  14. Today was EPIC.
  15. I started having trouble with the BB7s locking up under load and being slow to release. The Zees don't do that, and they modulate way better so I've been doing more noseys.
  16. Found these today. Fairly old. 1. Look at that mobile phone. 2. I only wore Nike. Pretty sure I'm wearing two watches and a watch strap....
  17. Fresh out the oven. 200% more frames per second, 200% more riding. Sorry the production is not super professional. I was busy training. Riding by Sergi Llongueras, Domenec Llado Comas, Gerard Llado Comas, Toni Guillén Balil, Michał Nowak and Valerii Shulga. Locations : Escola Trial Orrius Trials Evolution (Jordi Yelamos Esteve) Sabadell Trials park (Escola BikeTrial AbanTwins) La Poma Bikepark Huge thanks to Sergi for taking me around, and Christian Heinrich for helping with the filming. And of course, huge thanks to Maestro / Trilite / Rockman Bikes / HBtrials.comfor keeping my bike running. *Sorry guys not available on mobile
  18. I bloody love that BIKE, and I am trying hard to get one, I will in some months or so, I just hope it will arrive safe when i buy it. Do you have the Team or Pro?
  19. Ali! Damn you. I now badly want a Hex!! Can't wait for them to be available.
  20. ⴰⵣⵓⵍ, I am from north Africa and I am sorry but I couldn't hold my self due to the fact that you called the Honda Civic a shit car, It's either you're astonishingly stupid, or you're a complete ignorant. You do realize that the V-TEC engine of the Honda superseded many other engines in a higher category specs, you do realize that the Civic is one of the greatest cars ever made since 1972, and one of the hottest hatchbacks available in the market. In fact, I would rather own a Honda Civic 82 than a ferrari, and the former I would enjoy more and have less headaches with. You can't just go ahead and call a masterpiece a piece of crap, you're in no state that give you the ability to say that, Japanese technology is way beyond your judgement, and it will always be. As an Auto Mechanic, I only repair Japanese vehicles, cause of their simplicity, miniaturization, space and technology that every time just amazes me, especially the amount of details in it and i wouldn't touch other cars unless it's necessary, like the american cars which are so ridiculously complex, narrow, useless and rubbish which is a dont-touch for heaven's sake for me. "Don't talk about the pineapple if you don't know how it tastes" like James May says, you bloody idiot. How does it feel now to be called like that.
  21. I hope you like it!
  22. Loved that little wtf banger of a line you threw out at 21:34-21:39 on Vlog80. Had to do a double-take just to figure out how you pulled that off. The new Hex clearly looks more capable. Interesting to know the weight.
  23. The last Jedi I really enjoyed, thought it carried the story well, kept me entertained and left me wanting more. Really enjoyable film. I watched a film called the lifeguard on Netflix the other night, now that is horseshit!
  24. Very chilled edit. Slack line-to-tree tyre tap move was nice.
  25. new Thor is a pretty film, i hated the other two. Dunkirk is shite, too much money spent on actors rather than story writers. The last Jedi..... Is HORSE SHIT.
  26. Nailed it.
  27. If they can’t take a complaint they should probably go back to squirting water out of flowers anyway.
  28. I hear Brian Mcculloch spends more time on shameless self promotion than actually doing his job, but then I guess there's not much sun in Scotland to really justify those solar panels anyway.
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