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  2. Here’s what it looks like..... however, it’s also worth noting that this actually happened when he was doing a 180 and pulled out half way through, so lander at 90. Didn’t hit anything. Obviously don’t know how weak it was before etc, and it has been hit on several occasions. What I would say is that he’s only 14, so the forces wouldn’t be anything like if I was riding it. Also, never had any problem with his old bike (inspired flow Plus).
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  4. I think we gonna need thread soon just for broken bashrings . Would be interesting to see how your sons bashring looks like. I guess we are just unlucky .
  5. Nice!!
  6. Funny, my sons has just broken today. Looks very similar! Admittedly it has been bashed (not as bad as the one in your pictures), however, is that not the whole point of a ‘bash ring’? his is also 2 months old!
  7. Sintaro keeping the crown of smoothness in the island of japan, I think he watched kieta a few times. also the inspired boys- is it the norm now to do five foot bunnyhop to rear!? Holy ffffff
  8. Ben and Ali sharing virtually mirrored bikes and riding styles. Sintaro guy so good. Vinnie up-to-frontwheel monster.
  9. Nice idea! Sintaroo is awesome! He is so creative!
  10. Just been catching up on a few of his blogs. Pretty entertaining and he's clearly got the skills and the bottle!
  11. Nice. I've spent a bit of time looking around at "jump" frames and really liking the look of the Flow frames. Excited to get mine soon. Want it to look like I've pulled it from the back of the shed once it's built should be a light build!
  12. He did a vlog from havoc bike park where he did the big drop off on his full susser. You can tell he's got a fair bit of skill, but as he says he's never done it before on an mtb, so he's a bit shaky. Wish I was as shaky as he is on it, love to see him race a dh bike
  13. There's a few of us old uns still left @Djrouge, I'm just up the road in donny and there's a few of us up here usually get out once a month, hard to ride now with work and kids rugby to do like
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  15. Cheers, I've been getting back on the Welsh mine hype lately. Which reminds me there's a great one near Cardiff I've been meaning to go back to.
  16. I fixed the unsuccessful fix I attempted on the CRX this evening. 45 mins or so saw the engine removed, head already removed and fit onto what is the cars original bottom end. Said new engine assembled, new timing belt and water pump, head gasket, RPC carbon Kevlar clutch, Y2 short ratio box. Engine will all ancillaries on its way in. Really smooth swap with no hassle. And finally complete. Quick turn over without the injectors plugged in got some oil round the motor before first start. Plugged them in, started first turn of the key. Dizzy timing set after it came off fast idle, runs spot on and sounds beautifully smooth as Honda motors should. Great fun playing with the old B series engines again
  17. Awesome as usual. Love that first one. Where's this?
  18. Awesome list of stuff, cheers dude. I collect rum, but I'm more than happy to smash the beers - definitely gonna give that place a go Will refer back to this thread when we're there.
  19. Long time no post. Have some pixels.
  20. Also, I know you're more a spirits man but if you want frighteningly strong local beer then this just over the road from the Palace A few nice bars and places to eat in Bucko
  21. It's my first full susser, so honestly I have nothing to compare it to. From my £500 Cube hardtail it feels amazing, but compared to other setups, I couldn't tell you. I also don't go massive, so probably nowhere near using it to its potential. The bike was RRP £3200, I got it for £1600 and it's done me well for over a year so no complaints
  22. Don't know why I didn't get a notification about this! Loads of good potatography for you round here Mike, if you head to Hathersage for Stanage Edge rocks then Padley Gorge is a no brainer to walk down. Park at the top, walk down to Grindleford Station, biggest plate of chips, egg, beans, sausage, etc...... in the world ever then walk it off back up. Andrew Chai had some good shots on his bike there the other week! Brilliant dairy farm that makes and sells its own ice cream on way back out from Hathersage, usual Castleton, Mam Tor, Jacobs Ladder malarky... You'll be knackered at the end of your relaxed weekend!
  23. A couple of years ago I didn't really like him, his vlogs and only really watched the clips of him from competitions and Mania 1 & 2. It's been of recent (this year really) where he's actually coming across much better in my eyes and I just like how positive towards all the sports he has been. Watching him just get on the downhill bike and then this has been really fun. Compared to the total shambled idea's he's had this year with the likes of scooter bars on crap.
  24. From the outro of that video I see he has firmly got on board with the concept of clickbait. Riding was not shit.
  25. I really can't tell whether Harry Main is a complete and utter bellend or just from Liverpool.
  26. Yes Mark. Great idea! I can see this turning out well good. Edit. That Sintaroooo boy is good to watch!!
  27. Looking back at it, I think the Truvativ direct mount design played a part. It looks a bit weak for trials use, compared to the Middleburn / Hope style spline and lockring.
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