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  2. I'll get another pic. When I get home will look a bit more built
  3. Fair enough man, looks good so far
  4. Today
  5. My favourite colour so gotta go on there hahaha
  6. Dunno about the green
  7. Thanks. With the casters I do know what you mean, but I can't see any way of keeping them upright without either adding another 4 casters or a lot of extra complication? It'll never be moved while down, and will spend 90% of its time at full height. The casters are rated to almost twice the load that will be on them, so I'll more than likely see how they go as they are. Replacing them would only involve sticking my jack under that side of the frame, or lifting up that end of the car with the engine crane. If you've got an easy(ish) idea for keeping them level that I haven't thought up I'm all ears though?
  8. Yes mate and adding fluro green
  9. Yes mate and adding fluro green
  10. First tap on the drum beat. YES. Loved that you even spotted that rear wheel on arm rest line. But! Jabbing your brake like that on manuals is as bad as BCs.
  11. Looks good As per comments on Facebook I would also be concerned with the casters canted over on the dropped position. My experience of castors is that any side load destroys them very quickly, last thing you want to do is to have to try to change a castor with the shell attached. I would mount the castors on a couple of sliding bogies that holds them perpendicular to the floor. You could then very easily fit a number of locking pins at various positions to take the load off the m20 all thread. I'm sure you are able to interpret my poor explanation but yell if not and I'll knock a solidworks model up to demonstrate
  12. That was all for the camera. Bigging the line up like it was massive or something... He could probably hop manual it - up the way.
  13. If you're keeping that polished and white colour scheme that will look dope!
  14. Guys, just wait for mine in a few weeks... Wraping the skye and it will have the neon yellow maguras. It will be insane I promise.
  15. Yesterday
  16. All looking good Dan. It's a shame no one wanted the shell. I just finished making the first end of a rollover jig for the 924. Hopefully this thing will make sorting out the rust and remaking the suspension a lot easier. I've made it height adjustable so I don't have to jack the car up to a dodgy height to get it onto it, as well as to allow me to drop it down low enough to test fit the engine, as an engine crane won't lift nearly heigh enough to get into the bay with the jig at full height. Once I'm done with it on the 924 a couple of my friends will probably use it, then I'll use it on the scirocco, so although its probably more effort than its worth for the relatively small amount of welding the Porsche needs, it should more than justify it's self in the long run. Plus, I really hate welding upside down. Sadly the car its self still looks like this, hopefully not for much longer though!
  17. I was just thinking that the other day. I think people would try to improve their results at bunny hopping or whatnot, things that aren't dangerous. Doing really high drops, I dunno. Would Duncan have done this without the camera rolling? Maybe not the best example but he didn't seem too confident on this one.
  18. But but.. all you do is drink rum?
  19. I wonder how many riders would do the more dangerous lines in their videos whether there was a camera there or not? I know when I'm not filming or with someone I usually ride pretty chill, just for the pure joy of rolling around. Same with most of the pro bmx riders I've ridden with. More riders/a camera leads to a more gnarly session. I don't think anyone makes a riding video without having an intention to share it with someone and see their reaction (maybe you're the exception Flipp, love your vids btw). They certainly wouldn't be posted online if they were private. Other types of art (painting or poetry for example) can be much more personal and may never be released. Boy I want to ride now. All this talk of art is giving me ideas.
  20. I was trying rear hops on mtb before this bike. Garage is still better than nothing. it is never too late to start with trial.
  21. Yeah, I understand where you are coming from completely. The reason I brought up views honestly is a bit of an ego thing. Yeah, I'm guilty. But it's not my main focus. You don't see me using click-bait titles - ever - or using pop music and editing. I never want to sell-out. I put out videos that I like, knowing that others won't like them. Ideally I'd be making a living riding my bike. For now it has just been art. I like to be creative and do things I haven't seen before and put them out there in a video. But, I'm at an age now where if I'm ever going to make any money from this, it's got to happen now. Why not try? If I didn't need to work 40 hour weeks as a mechanic and I could ride all the time, shit, that would be awesome! Doing this without selling out or becoming a view-hound is the tricky part. Damn near impossible.
  22. It's not. Purely because I have busy weekends It's scheduled for first weekend of March, I have no time until then.
  23. Is more built now .as these were taken in December but still not yet complete the build has had to go on hold due to a house move
  24. Strength and power is all relative,It's all about that power to weight ratio.
  25. That's what she said.
  26. He must have had previous (trials related) experience or it wouldn't be possible to do those rear wheel hops so easily, let alone those sidehops.
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