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  2. Nexus 5x, apparently its a known fault after you update to 7.0. Luckily even though I've had it 16 months it's still under warranty, but of a pain though as the wife has the same phone and that's starting to freeze like mine did a few weeks ago
  3. That's why one of these will come in handy when riding
  4. @isitafox What phone?
  5. Picked up my bike yesterday. Getting back into trials anyone located near me?
  6. Hello all, I will be moving to Lausanne, Switzerland starting early September, and I was wondering if there are any riders in that area on the forum, or if anyone knows of any trials clubs or trials parks around. As of yet I have failed to find any of these, and I am slowly but surely getting desperate because as you all know riding alone sucks! Any info would be great! Thanks!
  7. Phone died yesterday, plugged it in to charge up and it restarted, got stuck in a bootloop and now won't turn on at all. b*****d...
  8. I actually had the suspicion that this was a fake account and the video was a mash up of G's videos that someone had downloaded before they were deleted. Still think the fakie on the rail line is one of the coolest things ive seen anyone do. Sweet vid dude. You've got serious skills.
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  10. That's a seriously nice-looking bike! I also agree with Adam - so weird seeing a picture of a 26mhz in that quality.
  11. Managed to cobble together an exhaust for the coupe today but Im really not happy with it Its far too loud, and the exhaust manifold I have sits both too low and too far to the right which throws everything off center. I'm going to hold out and buy a better exhaust manifold and take it to some one to make me up a track legal custom jobber that both sits and sounds right.
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  13. My work playground for winter, when it's cold and rainning outside
  14. No DCD!?
  15. Awesome as always.
  16. Recognised a Manchester spot in there and it was definitely summer so yeah, old clips but good all the same. I agree, the 24 Street (four play?) Is definitely the more interesting of the bikes on there, liked the line on the table tennis table, hopping up onto the central blade was pretty precise.
  17. That was cool. I still get twitchy when I see riders go to rails. Made me want to drag the bike out that did.
  18. It's really weird seeing a photo of that bike in really high quality... haha. Looks ace.
  19. Been running billies b14 for two years now and they're really good for fast road and occasional track use. Anything more hard-core and you'd want something harder. Ill probably be getting asts in the middle of the year but they're over a grand.
  20. it's all pieces from his old videos, rearranged into a longer one. superb riding as always. mod-stuff is way more interesting than 24!
  21. Great riding, though I feel it's very similar to your previous videos content wise. Still cool to watch, I much prefer your riding on the 24". Watched on mute, assumed Linkin Park was playing
  22. Ive had 2 gaz dampers fail on my mini. They probably don't make them for your car but i'll be getting Protech's when they die again.
  23. Yeah, Gaz are turd. OE manufacturers for the win.
  24. Really cool! Rear tyre must be tight?
  25. Fandabydosey. Suits such a small bike for being so lanky.
  26. Think I might spill my pint.
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