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  2. For a report on The Southern Trials Cup - Please view Trial Magazine web site The Surrey Advertiser Newspaper / The Sporting M/Cyclist Magazine.
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  4. I read it as Ass cum, bit odd though.
  5. love the edit and your previous ones!
  6. TSG or Protec
  7. What's the difference between the Crane and the Crane Pure other than price? I couldn't find much info even on POC's own website. I believe the Crane has an additional adjustment system on the back while the Pure is just the usual adjustable straps.
  8. Corker, nice one dude
  9. I didn't like it. It was too short.
  10. I'm from wigan and there isn't many of us here (at least when I last rode), of the 4 or 5 I used to ride with I'm only aware of one that still does (although I'm halfway there with half of a bike). Did bump into a lad on a mod a year or so ago but no idea if he is still riding, where abouts in Wigan are you moving to? Some parts are a proper shit hole haha
  11. Toasty as ever . And that intro was a slick little find as I see what you was filming it on . Nice little touch there sir .
  12. Yesterday
  13. Picked up a Sparco fixed bucket jobber with side mounts for £70.00, bargain. I already had Corbeau rail bases so I've modified those to suit the sidemounts and as a result I have a very sturdy seating solution that sits me in a better position too. My idea of spending an hour after work this evening to finish a repair to my rear engine mount not only resulted in one repaired mount, but this: Before: After: No diff unfortunately but if I do manage to get my hands on one before Cadwell it's only a few hours work to get it fitted. Insurance starts next week. Can't wait to drive it again. 24mm rear arb on order too which should help things out nicely too.
  14. Good to know i know a few are up that way didn't know how close when i move up i'd like to try organizing something to meet a few people.
  15. I appreciate your input lol.
  16. Perfection, and that intro was quality.
  17. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Apparently most of the brands we stock have decided to bombard us with heaps of new products so they're the priority at the moment. Hopefully after they're up I'll get some time.
  18. I can't remember why but I looked for that a couple of years back and couldn't find it
  19. "Hey, what's your friends dog called?" "Askum" "I could, but I'm asking you."
  20. Nice
  21. I winged the whole thing to be honest Just a shame the camera only has a battery life of around an hour and a half, would have been neat to film more than 5 people riding. I'm happy with it though, thanks for the kind words boys x @Mark W I didn't realise he was 16 until last weekend! When is the official edit out? I saw you pointing your cameras at some spicy stunts
  22. The 2017 BIU British Championship will be held on the 16th July at Dudwood Farm near Elton, Bakewell, Derbyshire. Entry form attached, will also be on entry central soon for online entries. Also see the BikeTrial United Kingdom Facebook page for further details. BIU 2017 dudwood.doc
  23. UK team is 9 riders so far
  24. Really liked the way it was shot. Can really tell you knew what you wanted to get and probably already had a song and starting sequence in mind!.. Which was hilarious btw. DVDs! That was just yesterday, wasn't it? And Chai really suits those bars!
  25. Haha, that was cool. Enjoyed that Got some good riding too! Didn't realise Will Ackerley was as good as he is, dude's got skills.
  26. Holy cow !! New bike at home since few hours Already like this toy !!!
  27. A friend named his dog Askum. What's your dog's name? Don't pause after the first 2 letters....
  28. Someone's gotta have that still it was f**king gold
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