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  3. Well considering he's two years younger than the recommended age and 3" shorter inside leg for the frame I don't think it looks to big for him! Stripped it completely yesterday, cleaned the frame up with some cutting compound (it was covered in scratches and scuffs). Soaked the chain in phosphoric acid cleaner to get rid of the surface rust and properly lathered it with oil and hung it up to drip. Cleaned, lubed and setup the brakes and slung it all back together. Fitted the azonic risers that he had on his old bike (4" wider than the stock frog bars) and sent him on his way. Took to it like a duck to water, really comfortable on it and not bothered an ounce by the wheels increasing by 6"! Only down side is that the frame is too narrow to take any of the knobbly tyres I have in stock, but having only paid 90 quid for it it's not the end of the world
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  5. Some interesting factoids ill use for in depth knowledge whilst furiously competing in my next pub quiz. Thankyou Jennyhunxo
  6. Last week for anyone to have a go at this. I said I would and technically I have, left my cameras on a train so my intention of making a better one of looking pretty far fetched at the moment. This was the attempt though, already posted in Instagram thread.
  7. Still young (42)...rides a ton, now the kids are older, it's easier to go some dad time...been on the 24" arcade for a while such a fun all round bike...great you back at it...good luck with the knees...
  8. That emoji ain't fooling me, Jenny - everyone loves my Speedos
  9. Is it possible to take a standard sealed disc front trialtech hub with the pinch bolts and 10mm axle and change out the bearings to suit a 15mm bolt through? If so which bearings do I need and will it require new cone spacer things? I saw the cheaper arcade on tarty had a 15mm trialtech so I wondered if it could be done as an aftermarket upgrade? Thanks!
  10. Tight swimming trunks , including those made by Speedo, have been rated as the UK's most hated piece of clothing. The male swimwear - often simply referred to as Speedos or budgie-smugglers - is essentially a waterproof pair of briefs which are very fitted. Also get all the Lenovo Support for your Lenovo laptop. In a YouGov survey, more than two thirds of Britons said they disliked the trunks, while 74% of women shared an unfavourable view of them. Only 13% of the 3,277 people asked said they liked them. You can also get Brother Support Number for Brother Printer. Out of the 25 pieces listed, leather trousers were voted the second worst item while Crocs - the popular rubber shoe - came third.
  11. Superstar components. I got one for my CX bike from there, I'd be very surprised if they don't have something for you
  12. Got a photo of this Ed? I would quite like to try it!
  13. @DavetrialsI prefer another brandnew bike and girl Video: Special AndyT Warning: "DONT OPEN IT!"
  14. So I've certainly bit off more than I can chew with the chainring. 50t with 12-25t on the back is too high geared. I mean it's great for mild hills and on the level, but any kind of actual real incline and I'm toast. I'm deciding between 38, 40 or 42t. Probably gonna go with a 40t. But can't seem to find anything that isn't crazy high priced, in 130mm BCD, that isn't in China. Any ideas?
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  16. "thin ones like shimano and hope" *thin ones like shimano - UNLESS its a 203mm. Even then make sure its not a "hollow" one. Seriously just get a Hope one.
  18. Conceptually it makes a ton of sense! Let's see how it works. Like so many other MTB concepts, even if it works better and is genius, it'll take a fairly large portion of the market to adapt the tech for it to stick more than a year or so.
  19. When it all gets too much then you know where to go...
  20. im looking for the one with craig pearce featured heavily on a white brisa mod with another dude on a yellow monty -if anyone can help edit* This is the one i was looking for <3
  21. Rickieeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  22. Cheers dude ,i remember all of them either being on dailymotion ,youtube or vimeo ,I can only find a few ,Never mind Agreed ,andy t vids are legendary
  23. Bristol ride from a couple of weeks ago.
  24. forgetting to untick the subscription box on a previous order finally came in handy! Haha
  25. Said to myself before the bail of the final clip "fair play if he rides down that" Great vid as always. Props to you for continuing to produce the goods.
  26. Im worried he isn't getting enough recognition. he's really f**king good.
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