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  2. Riding Stanford, warm and sunny, bump boost at an angle to make more distance from the first step.
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  4. MMmmm, sticky! I was always told that if you do something you already know how to do while stoned, it improves you, but if you don't know how to do something it has the opposite effect. It was great back in my snowboarding and MTB days, but haven't tried with trials. My dive partner back in the day when I worked on a dive boat always wanted to get high and go diving, but I never had the courage to try that one either. Riding in Venice, CA you pretty much get a contact high from all the smoke already in the air.
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  6. Loved that! It’s amazing that an event such as radfest can bring together so many different riding styles! So many great clips, such a great weekend! Thanks to team toasty for taking the time to film and piece this together! Roll on tartydays!
  7. Quick detail today for the mx5. Lovely, fantastic car. It's great. Serviced it the other day too, it genuinely took me 20 minutes from start to finish. Everything is easy to work on
  8. Spam fam
  9. So Radfest is done and Tartydays is on the horizon. I've not been to either before but was fortunate enough to do a Koxx Days when I was younger which was awesome. So who's going and where are you travelling from? Hopefully put plenty of names to faces and see some old ones.
  10. Class. Looking forward to Tartydays after watching this. I couldnt make Radfest too unfortunately.
  11. Go suck off Trump.
  12. Trials still exists does it? Good to see a well filmed and edited group video out. That gap to stoppie was sweet, none of that hopping around on the front business.
  13. looks like an awesome time... makes me wonder why im putting front maggies on my pogo after a decade of discs. if that was within a 10 hour drive I would go... sadly america is too spread out..
  14. Finally back on the bike after 8 months! Put a little video together of one of my first rides back. Would be awesome if you could check it out! Link to video: thanks Ben.
  15. It was 4 years ago, but that was just a plain Godzilla film, although it was great it was just Godzilla and one new monster. But King of the Monsters came out in 1956 and this will feature a load of others that were in the original too so it's long overdue. I'm a Godzilla nerd and nothing like this has been done in a long time. I've really tried to watch modern Marvel and DC stuff but it's basically all the same, over the top cgi, I can guess what's going to happen and I'm usually right, generic big Hollywood names in costumes almost being killed by the baddie then surviving and the world is safe, rinse, repeat. Couple of the Wolverines were ok, Deadpool was alright, Ryan Reynolds is cool. The Captain America actor has less charisma than my balls though, I find him unwatchable.
  16. this is three feet from my garage door holding many trials bicycles. Which came first? I’m not sure.
  19. Spamming f**ks are tag teaming now. Nobody gives a shit about your organic jizz.
  20. I really enjoy the modern marvel stuff, super easy watching, nice actors, interesting stories and just a good film. But Godzilla was remade what, 6 years ago? It's probably more but it hardly needs a resurgence now..
  21. I agree, the worst of all is anything Marvel/DC, they're just not even trying anymore, as long as it makes money. BUT.....I will make an exception for Godzilla, but every time America gets hold of him they make him extremely fat.
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  23. Hello everyone, I live in San Francisco and my girlfriend on a diet. Tell me where in San Francisco you can buy organic juice? I've already searched for a lot of things and did not find the juice that she would like.
  24. What Mark said - I was in exacty the same situation as you a few years back. I got incredibly depressed about riding, disloacte, recover, get good again, disloacte, recover, get good again... After the surgery though I took my sweet time recovering and doing the excersises every day. I think it was just over a year before I started trials again but I haven't had a problem since (besides being a bit precious about my shoulders when I'm riding). And the good news is joints stiffen up as you age, that's something 18 year old me didn't appreciate but it seems to be working out for me. Now what you shouldn't do it tear your ACL ligament, avoid that as mucho possible
  25. Why do they just keep remaking shit? It's getting super boring now.
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  27. No not yet man. Should be next week or so. Pretty damn excited to try it though.
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