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  2. Not available anymore.
  3. Yeah as much as it sucks, what 'bird said. Unless you dumped her, in which case you may have changed your mind and it might work, otherwise it's more than likely leading to another pain session for you.
  4. Today
  5. I'm in Bracknell, anyone want to meet up in / near this area I'd be interested in that.
  6. Was fun times for sure, so many good places to ride! Thanks for putting it together Albert.
  7. I was going to start filming again, but I don't really care anymore so here are four clips from Bradford.
  8. Don't. She's an ex for a reason, stop being into her.
  9. Ex who i was/still am really into, got back in touch with me. The conversation was a f**king eye opener. I have 0 clue to where this is leading.
  10. In fairness the pizza was only a cheap supermarket one, but yes it was late and I was hungry. The carpet is already ruined from cars and bikes, but now it's bright orange and nothing will shift that lovely tomato shade. Ended up cooking some fajitas instead, so not all was lost.
  11. My car is SORN'd, parked on a driveway in front of a window and a bush. I suspect the adjusters are seized too, as they didn't move an awful lot. I know how to adjust them, it's just one screw at the bottom, but I figured the garage would adjust both horizontal and vertical and they'd get it right, rather than just "pretty flat"
  12. Looks beaut what the brakes like ?
  13. |_____________| 'bout that.
  14. @forteh as said, 1.37 x 24tpi is BSA BB's and screw on cassette/freewheel thread. @monkeyseemonkeydo is correct in saying that a cassette lockring dia. is a larl bit smaller. @CurtisRider I had forgotten that. Still, the point of the exercise is to attempt to repair something that is otherwise shelf art, so a 7spd (or even smaller maybe) would be just fine. FWIW I checked a cassette lockring with a thread guage which said 1mm pitch. So I double checked by nestling a m6x1 bolt into the freehub body i already have (the one that is going to get the salvaged parts from the fecked pro2 driver that's on the way) and that [the bolt] fits like a glove. Just need to get the diameter sussed now.
  15. Id be pretty upset if my MOT place charged me to adjust them. Unless the adjusters are seized and screwed.
  16. I think that's a personal thing - I think the Tech 3 feels really weird and don't like it at all!
  17. And they feel better. Somehow firmer.
  18. A screwdriver and a wall? You don't have to be mega anal, just make sure they are pretty flat, certainly not pointing up
  19. Console V2 painted any other colour than green .
  20. maggie mounts swell rather than v mounts
  21. wow thats very cool must be a prototype model??
  22. No point bitching, who cares. They're all good frames just personal preference. Jason's just throwing out another option, I rode for Marino and didn't get along with them. All personal preference but do I say his frames look shit? No. Could I? Yes. In fairness Boni Toe (Great name by the way) you need to be looking into the geo's of these more and deciding on one that best suits you. Small difference's I know but makes a huge impact in the long run. Obviously there's loads of edits from the inspired team on all different frames in the range. There's some really cool videos of John Shrewsbury and Ross (get creative one being a favourite of mine) on these Marino's which show them off really well also. Link: And a self plug: There's a small section of me on a Silex here at 3:10.
  23. "instead of making it wider, you just make it better". Excellent.
  24. Yah boo sucks to far east manufacture, keep it homegrown How long before they develop their own suspension so they can have a 100% hope product?
  25. This makes me happy. Ill be there and ill try and bring a couple of peeps.
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