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  2. drift the rim over by tightening the non-driveside spokes?
  3. Thanks Earl for all of your help!

  4. Nice!
  5. The fact they've made them look like that, are still running on road car tyres and appear to have reduced how much downforce they'll produce makes me doubt it unfortunately.
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  7. Hopefully the 2nd gen cars will be faster and provide a better racing
  8. That’s a beauty John! Lots of love from @trials_bikes_with_saddles
  9. The weather was really bad, but I'm too exciting about my new bike, so I went out and made a few clips:
  10. Technically it just depends on the freewheel/sprockets. If you get a 1/8" it will work on anything whereas a 3/32" might be too narrow if you do have 1/8" teeth on either end.
  11. Thank god for mrs wife being a stay at home mum / home educator / dog trainer / master cook/baker / decorator / garden designer / seamstress /herbalist and so on so forth Add washable nappies into the mix and the fact she eats anything apart from egg* and Persephone is nice and low maintenance as far as toddlers go! *although who has a baby that is allergic to egg! You try cutting egg out of your diet completely and see how much it's used in everything!
  12. I done gone made a thing! Set up the elu table with the kw779, mounted it onto some 3/4" mfc I had left over from an old vivarium build. Replaced the shonky jaws on my workmate thingy with the mfc sheet and now have a good height, stable router set up. Gives me a reasonable size flat area to build on and clamp to. Got a record underslung vice and marples mitre jig that I'll attach later for added utility. The whole lot will fold up to take less space in storage. Bought a 1/4" dovetail cutter (only a 10 quid screwfix job but all I could instantly buy) and with a bit of trial and error made a door frame with dovetail corner joints Rebated the inside to take the t&g planks to infill the panel and glued the frame together. Unfortunately I cut a couple of the dovetails a bit loose and the back split out of them but have been thoroughly glued and clamped. By the time the panel is glued and pinned in it should be a very solid assembly. Will sand and plane it to fit the slightly out of square frame (which is built on an out of square floor ) before slinging some hinges on there. I initially left 1mm clearance on all sides when taking the measurements, squaring up the outside should open some of the gaps up but should I be aiming for a little looser?
  13. Hi guys, ive been given an onza t-pro that needs a back wheel and chain, i have managed to get a pair of wheels buy im not sure which chain i need 1/8 or 3/32? Thanks in advance guys
  14. Hi guys, ive been given an onza t-pro that needs a back wheel and chain, i have managed to get a pair of wheels buy im not sure which chain i need 1/8 or 3/32? Thanks in advance guys
  15. RIP, £500 lens.
  16. I'd definitely advise getting a bike that's closer to the type of bike you're used to! That means avoid getting a 20", reasons being: A 20" wheeled bike will feel WEIRD! It'll not feel like anything you've ridden before and will ONLY be good for trials, nothing else! This means it'll be harder to transfer the skills from bike to bike. I'd recommend picking up a 24 or 26" bike, it'll feel much more like an actual bike, you'll adapt to it quicker and the skills are easier to transfer over to the MTB, it'll also be usable in more situations like pump tracks, skateparks and general transportation. They are slightly more expensive than a 20" but check on ebay and you'll find something pop up sooner or later, although if you have the money then Tartybikes have a decent range of bikes too.
  17. Ok thanks I tried uploading a video but it wouldn’t let me.ill get some photos and try that. Thanks ok so it doesn’t matter that the hub isn’t square in the frame. What is the reason that the right hand piston it out as far as it will go and almost hitting crank arm where s the left hand side has lots of clearance
  18. First brew in my new brewery is in the bag. Lots of mistakes but great to get it done after months of building.
  19. trials bikes aren't as symetrical and well done as you'd always like them to be. you need to find the tightest angle your drivetrain will allow don't go crazy tight or you'll hurt your freeewheel and chain. then just adjust the non drive side to make it run. it's never going to be perfect unless you'lve got 360 dropouts. if you want consistent chain tension make a spoke tensioner or buy one of those heatsink tensioners to make up the slack.
  20. Can't get onto the second page of a search..
  21. Very nice. Really like the colour.
  22. Took the go-pro out to film my local.
  23. just adjust the non drive side cam till the wheel is straight, its not too much of a problem, wheel is 3cross both sides and looks alright.
  24. Here is a few pics it won’t let me do video. It almost seems that the wheel is not built rite.
  25. I think if they tried running at Silverstone or Monza or somewhere they'd only last a couple of laps at race pace so would have to be cruising round like grannies to make the charge last. Even on the street circuits they seem to spend 50% of the time off the throttle coasting. They really should be embarrassed!
  26. Ok thanks I tried uploading a video but it wouldn’t let me.ill get some photos and try that. Thanks
  27. the chains tight spot is in the freewheel, they all have them, check your chainline, that can sometimes make it worse. as for wheel being central with the cams thats not necessarily the case, spacing/washers/cam type/position/odd cams/ inside outside dropouts/ bent frame/ dished wheel/ etc can all make a difference, a picture of your setup would be helpful.
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