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  2. amazing build.. spot on! Azonics!!!!!! had one of these back in the day, along with the et 24, both were brilliant fun bikes.. well done, very jealous.
  3. Surprised you haven't grafted a carry handle onto that bike by now...
  4. You've got the "standing on a rock with your bike looking steely" vibe down to a tee Lots of spots like that on Dartmoor if you find yourself down south at some point.
  5. Endless dad jokes. Speak to Ross. I phrased him above for what he does for Marino. Last time I got one it took 4 weeks and 2 of those was me getting the cheaper postage option because Yorkshire.
  6. Beautiful rock formations at the roaches in the Peak District, GREAT FOR RIDING! In hindsight I would have chosen a less windier day for the riding lol. Anyone else know any good spots like this for riding?
  7. Hilarious! Got any others? I've been considering going to Marino for a while now and reading this has put me off? 5 months is ridiculous.
  8. Thanks for the help will order one up
  9. here's the planet X zebdi I recently finished that my nephew is having now. He's a short arse hence the stem.
  10. Last week
  11. Just stick with a 128mm
  12. Ive recently picked up an old school saracen team mad trials frame forks and bars and i know the bottom bracket is a 68mm but i dont know what length spindle it would have had when originally built. I know the bash plate below the bottom bracket is a 100mm wide. Any help greatly appreciated.
  13. I did a search and found @Burton trials boys
  14. Considering I paid less for my custom Marino frames than I would for any other new frame, and the quality was spot on, it was worth the wait for me. I always wanted to try different geos and do something custom, but typically the price is astronomical. That being said, I think it would help if he updated his website to reflect the actual time frame.
  15. I tried googling for local mobile aircon regases, to no avail to match your description of a old dude who does it manually. So went onto Groupon and get a regas+clean for £40 at ats PLEASE DONT BE LEAKING :S, just hope its been neglected like the rest of the car apparently.
  16. It's a shame really. His frames are pretty good these days (compared to when he first started) but the service side of things is a real let down. Don't get me wrong, people often expect too much given he's still "just" a bloke in his shed in Peru knocking out bike frames, but there's a whole load of expectation management which is way out of whack.
  17. It's put you off ordering from Marino in the next 5 months? That like a punishment sentence? That'll teach him!
  18. Well, that's put me off ordering from Marino! 5 months?!
  19. I love RockAuto, order 300 quid worth of stuff, over 20 components and they ship them all individually. Even single gaskets...
  20. Only ever used normal internally bearinged BBs with them, sorry.
  21. Is there any clearance issues with the chainring or chain line with the cranks being an external BB?
  22. Surround needs repainting, but I love the look in black Also, the incredibly messy job of fitting the windscreen ended up ok.
  23. Used to run it years ago, yes, why?
  24. Hey folks has anyone tried using the Middleburn RS8 cranks with the Cloud 9 bashring?
  25. Hi i think the arcade has a more "solid" feel due to the steel frame, and I'm more used to that due to 20+ years on bmx bikes. So for the street park I find I trust i more...the arcade bunny hops really well, where as the hex has a "bigger" feel to it which i dont like. This "bigger" feel in turn makes it better for static moves and rolling over stuff. The fourplay is a bread of its own. Fun and stable but not as lively as the others. All are killer bikes, so really hard to give recommendations. ..but you know some days you wear sandals, some day boots..
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