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  2. I’ve got a few pallets. But what else have people made to get some nice stuff to ride on? Could do with a balance beam almost
  3. No worries, I can see how that might happen. I'm now officially a member, so I'll have a browse!
  4. We had an open group for a short time, but it soon started to fill with crap, hit the add button and you can view everything or follow the page if you just want updates.
  5. Lies! Haha looks great!
  6. All of the teasers on Instagram lead you over to the Facebook group and then it's a closed group! Would it make more sense for it to be an open group so that it encourages more people to view the content? I'm looking forward to seeing what's over there!
  7. Been watching the Aurora alerts, of course with the highlights being at night there means it's in the day here, bloody inconsiderate
  8. Recently moved from 26” to 24” and built this little beauty. Eventually will upgrade bars and brakes but for now it’ll do. Comes in bang on 8kg
  9. Last week
  10. Wish I was in Scotland to have seen the recent Aurora in night skies. Gutted.
  11. First thought would be to check the crank position sensor. When they're on their way out they tend to cause starting and high load issues when hot, plus they're cheap and easily replaced.
  12. I don't think power and raw speed is underlying issue when you watch them racing. it is just the lack of decisive overtaking opportunities as the cars look so tentative when going wheel-to-wheel. The battle between Jev and Di Grassi was almost a Mansell Vs Senna battle at Monaco 92. I understand there is no more drivers changing cars mid race with the next gen cars. Just one car for the whole race.
  13. I need some help with my LC please Over the past few weeks the car has been hesitant to start when warm (i.e. if I drive home and turn the engine off then try to start it again a few minutes later) It then idles high for a few seconds. I've also notice what I'm pretty sure is a boost leak when overtaking etc. I think the two problems are unrelated but might not be? My current thoughts are leaking injectors?
  14. The camera seems fine, thankfully. In the photo you can only see the smashed filter, which I've taken all the glass out of (I can't get the filter off, it's stuck on due to the damage). The actual damage is internal, the zoom sticks in three places, but seems to focus. I've sent a few enquiries around for estimates on repair cost.
  15. Lots has happened in a very short space of time with the Civic. Weekend before last saw the old shell stripped of all components I’d be reusing and building the replacement. Far too much to list but the replacement starts and moves under its own power.
  16. Wwhat happened to the clean Carbon bike?
  17. Hey, i'm going to leeds in exactly 10 days, we can get a ride if you fancy
  18. j'aime le style, j'aime le film. Good job
  19. Ouch Hope the camera is alright! Is the lens still usable for some arts shots? I managed to go to the dentist last thursday. I regret it. Only had my teeth cleaned. Got told to use small brushes daily to brush the gum in between the teeth. Didn't use them yet, teeth still hurt. Not sure if it's the gum or actually the teeth. It's fecking cold outside and I can't breathe with my mouth open because it feels like my teeth will split. I guess they do feel clean though, so there's that.
  20. They just have so little power. In the next gen it’s like 250kw for an 800kg car. Given the city hairpin circuit layouts I’d guess that my mates kit car might give them a good run for their money.
  21. You got a link @Ross McArthur? it seems to be working ok for me.
  22. Hey bud still interested in the frame ? 

  23. took this in Geneva the other week, happy thread because Geneva was incredible, at least the halo suits the formula e's
  24. just quoting him so he gets a notification. on such topic, you have any riding plans this weekend? its been a while.
  25. Ok cool thanks for the advice il get 1 ordered up.
  26. YES YES YES. Desperate for people to ride with! Not much recently because of the weather and other stuff going on, but I'm ultra-keen to get riding again. I head all over the city - mostly stick either to the uni (because it's closer to home) or the city centre, but often bob out to Hunslet etc. It's tricky of recent because they're demolishing/rebuilding so much. Got a bit bored of riding Leeds on my own in the cold and dark so most of the time I've managed to ride I've been driving off elsewhere to meet up with other people, but would relish a local riding buddy!
  27. drift the rim over by tightening the non-driveside spokes?
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