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  2. I live in a land where marijuana is legal. On occasion I end up writing a long reply. These two facts may or may not be related.
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  4. fair enough, I was thinking about multi city as well, but it was cheaper LA-SF-LA with an extra day in SF with a car Have a great trip! **and now I am going back to lurking mode**
  5. Haha, cheers Hippy. I spoke to Silvercar yesterday, unfortunately they don't do multi-city rentals, and once we leave SF we won't be returning so it doesn't work out but really appreciate the heads up. Nice cars and great prices as you say! Apparently they used to do multi-city, but it was a $350 additional charge so for the few days we need it probably wouldn't have worked out anyway!
  6. Sorry to hear about the Formula D part, great fun silvercar actually have a %30 off sale, A4 with insurance for £45/day. I dont want to sound like a salesman but it was easy and great and minimal human contact (not sure if I can post links here, but just add .com) I will post something happy as well: I had a lovely date with a lovely Portuguese girl on Friday, and she is coming over on Friday to taste my carbonara
  7. If you're on Chew and you like house / techno, subscribe to her. She's really good. Plays long sets too.
  8. Sounds like a serious build on the way, look forward to seeing the progress on this one!
  9. Hoping to 4 link the back end too in winter and go for a Ford 9inch rear axle if I can find one for the right money but I'm not too fussed if I get hold of one. I just want to build a car that'll be capable of taking some reliable power in the future. A nicely built 289 and supercharger setup or something for mild power but not unusable.
  10. May be over that way during the spring visiting family. If I am I'll thrown the bike in Ex Dublin, Wicklow area rider - lots that way too, but again, few riders.
  11. So. Much. Win.
  12. Just ordered a new front beam for the Fairlane compromising of... 4pot 11"vented discs, rack and pinion steering, new hubs with 2" lowered spindles, tubular top an bottom control arms, proper air bag perches and shocks. Gotta wait around 8 weeks for the batch to build up then shipping from the states but it'll be worth the wait! Gonna try and buy Granada rear discs and calipers so I can swap them all over at once. Tempted to use a wilwood pedal box so then I can fit a clutch pedal at the same time for the manual conversion that'll be coming next winter!
  13. I also had the upgrade from 7 to 10 pretty much as soon as it come out, windows basically forced it on me, but i didnt loose a thing, and albeit, was quite happy once i got used to the original w10 build. But apart from security upates, i made sure no others downloaded like any beta/creator updates also removing the twatana folder so it doesn't try and use that heap of bing shit, to search for files on my pc... and used spybot anti-beacon to stop any w10 spying, which has been fine, no issues other than whats been patched out like the start menu or calculator bug for example. The issue come when it forced through an update to bring the creators fall update, which it tried to keep all the files. The disconnect from what i can tell, is where 'the standard user' has only one drive so it created a 'windows.old' folder with all desktop shortcuts (i have three things on the desktop, recycle bin, games folder and apps folder, each containing about 20-40 things) it set the path for these shortcuts all to be, for example, C:/users/troy/desktop/games/Doom(1).url rather than E:/.... the (1) was the windows.old copy, but that was what replaced every drive 2 or 3 shortcut, including the start menu, so i was left with a drive full of dud shortcuts and loads of (1) apps that done nothing. Even changing the pathway to the correct line, or using regedit to do it, just created windows error popups. Even startup tasks such as wallpaper engine or cam, refused to load, but all windows reg settings remained correct. Even re-downloaded steam games, path links didn't work at all and im too lazy and too ocd and anal to have a computer not working how i like it. The 100% fresh install deleting everything (3 times) for the main C drive is what put me in the usual situation of having windows packaged apps, also IE11, which i have always used chrome or mozilla(back in day) and that has to be downloaded from the web, somehow. trying to get the installer form mobile is a tough and pointless task. love it how Edge tries its hardest to say other browsers are worse as you go to download chrome die. I know fresh installs mess up drives a fair bit, but upgrading and keeping files setting when first moving to 10, seemed to do a pretty good job.
  14. If it hadn't been sat on the shelf already I wouldn't have considered it. We also found some old Wilko own-brand stuff in the garage when we moved in 3 years ago, consistency of water, which I tried. It was more effective... If I need to buy anything I'll get Starchem, or take up TB's generous offer of sharing his fluids
  15. Friends don't let friends use new Nitromors. They basically took the active ingredient out - Starchem is your friend.
  16. Yeah, so close to holding it - still would have been a change of underwear needed I reckon
  17. No worries dude
  18. Last week
  19. In contrast I upgraded my 4 year old installation of w7 to w10 as soon as the upgrade was available, it's been solid as a rock ever since. I recently put a fresh install of w10 on as I happened across a 500gig samsung evo pro and Reuben had my old crucial ssd for his pc (christmas present) installed and running fresh as a daisy, stonkingly fast and stable - i5 2500k@4.6ghz all day long. Your fault for even considering using a microsoft browser Also, as far as I'm aware a reinstall of windows has always broken any software installed on secondary/tertiary drives, the only example I can think of that is otherwise is steam libraries which isn't quite the same but hey ho!
  20. TB's stripping fluid is of highest quality, got my skin all pink and tender!
  21. Dirty Manhole? Buy me a drink first...
  22. Slided in2 ur DMs
  23. f**k windows 10 forcing updates. God forbid you have a second or third hard-drive, all pathway links are GONE, all related second drive apps are inaccessible. Reinstall a 100% fresh copy of shitdows 10, allowing it to format the main drive, and so on. Nice clean install... IE11 doesnt work, and crashes non-stop Round 2, reinstall. IE11 doesnt work, any time a link is opened, boom, freezes with 'state repostory service' pinning a 5ghz oc 8700k to 100%.... Round 3, reinstall Same as before, but i have a split second window before state bullshit service freezes IE11, after much trial and error, i got it!! Plug second and third drive in.... E:/ is happy.... D:/ isnt. f**k SPYDOWS 10
  24. Nitromors (c2005 "new formula") is exactly as abysmal as I remember. Would have had more success rubbing it in Nandos Lemon & Herb...
  25. As a result of incorrect spokes, I only currently have half a wheel's worth I can lace up so I now have half a front wheel stuck together. Also gave the freehub body a quick buzz with a file as the previous owner had been running a narrow sprocket which had dug in. There were actually a number of marks as you can see here, so either the cog had been moved about a bit or, perhaps more likely given the regular spacing, there'd been a narrow cassette on here at some point. Rear rim arrived. It's a 36mm wide, undrilled TryAll. I don't really remember these from yesteryear and can't find much mention of them online either, which is a tad strange but should suit the Hex pretty well. Was in two minds as to drilling these rims but can't be fecked. Unsurprisingly, I am introducing it to this: Perhaps less surprising still is the fact that "New and improved", "faster", "super strength" new formula Nitromors is just as shit as I remember and doesn't appear to be touching the sides... Edit: I roughed everything up with coarse sandpaper prior to applying Nitro. Have now wiped off and given it a buzz with a flap wheel, see if that helps.
  26. Cheers for the replies guys. I wasn't expecting it to go scientific. Lots to think about.
  27. Also shocked / impressed at how good the 135 freewheels have been. That would be my choice if budget allows
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