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  2. There's just one on the guitar
  3. Looks a bit dirty with all them stickers all over it.
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  5. Im dave been a member for 4 years but havent posted much. Currently ride a ddg shooter and in the process of building a saracen team mad trials bike
  6. Looks like they’ve come up half decent. I need to sort the calipers out on the daily. Looking for some satin dull silver like OEM if anyone knows where to get it.
  7. Yeah, I'd imagine mine has slipped between the cracks and just got lost in amongst the other frames he's doing. Anyway, got an email yesterday from him apologising and double checking what colour I want the frame and forks, and he's said he'll ship for free and put in a free headset too, so hopefully it should be shipped out soon. Unfortunately I'm taking on a work contract next month which means I'll be out of the country until November so I'll have to wait until then to build it up and ride it. Thanks for the help guys!
  8. Gave my spare Brembos a quick coat of Starchem paint stripper and a very quick wipe down with some scotchbrite earlier as I had half an hour spare. With a bit more time to get into the fiddly areas they'll be in great shape to throw some paint at
  9. Nextie got back to me about this and they said they would NOT recommend the setup I was seeking on their hookless rims (Holy Rollers, tubes, 40 psi). They didn't offer an alternate setup that would be more appropriate, however. No response from Light yet.
  10. Well im glad I got to ride it before it went
  11. Yeah that’s a relief, wanted to chuck some Ti bolts on it so it’s nice to know I don’t need to change the axle.
  12. Nice video cocky, good captures from behind the lense and a good flowing ride feel. best one I have seen of you to date!
  13. Looks like the days of riding at Matlock Quarry are coming to an end!
  14. Cool - just need a couple of bolts then
  15. I have started to play the guitar...i got some Clean stickers(finally!!), i've ordered a new bike and i'm planning a UK trip for the summer
  16. Cheers Mark, yeah mine is the same as the green hub with the button head bolts.
  17. AFAIK they've never made one that takes 8mm bolts. They did button head M10 bolts that required a 6mm allen key, and they did M10 bolts that took an 8mm allen key, but aside from a QR I thought that was about it. 6mm allen key/button head bolts: 8mm allen key/not shit bolts: Both are M10 with the same pitch (1.5 from memory).
  18. Quick question, I’ve just purchased an older Hope Pro 2 Trials hub that has the 8mm fun bolts can I change the axle to the newer Pro2 axle that uses the 10mm bolts?
  19. Stag do this weekend... LADS LADS LADS BOYS ON TOUR WEEEEEEEY LADS LADS. 3 days narrowboating in Leighton buzzard
  20. Bloody Vimeo! Welcome YouTube. Go viral now
  21. Bloody Vimeo! Welcome YouTube. Go viral now
  22. Last week
  23. How can you leave out Shawshank????
  24. 6 of them altogether although, they were both in the younger age bracket of the group
  25. This is less impressive if they were the only competitors.
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