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      1. General rules. Within the classifieds section you are agreeing to the following: You may only sell your own personal property, so no selling for friends or other non forum members.
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      No topics for 'Testing the water'. You're either going to sell the item or you aren't.
      All correspondence must be kept within the thread until the deal is agreed and personal details are to be exchanged either via email or pm.
      When an item is sold please update the original post to say the item has now been sold. Do not simply delete it from the thread.
      You may not sell: Any type of counterfeit goods. Items that may be deemed unfit for family use or require permits for use. As example and including any actual firearms or replica firearms, drugs or medication, alcohol, knives or other weapons. Any items that may be illegal within the uk. 2. Advertising items within the classifieds section. Only one thread per person at any one time. You may have a single thread open in both the for sale and wanted sections at the same time but multiple threads in either section is not permitted.
      A price must be outlined within the original post. Threads without asking prices will be closed.
      All adverts must describe whether the price includes postage or not. If not it will be assumed the listed price includes the cost of postage.
      All goods must be described accurately. Items that are sent out that do not match with their description may be raised for dispute by the other party. Offending parties will be warned and may receive a permanent forum ban.
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      I'm slowly making my way through various articles in the wiki which I believe members will find useful and transferring them onto here in the form of How To Guides. Some of the info in the wiki however is getting pretty old now so isn't 100% accurate and needs the odd tweak so I'm trying my best to get them to make sense and still relay the correct advice. If anyone spots something wrong with the info I'm providing, thinks there should be bits added/changed feel free to drop me a PM and I'll try my best to edit or incorporate these as best I can! Cheers, isitafox
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      Hi Everyone When you get an email notifying yourself that you have a new PM please note the text at the bottom before hitting reply: If you simply hit reply in your email client the email comes to us (Me/Tom) and the person never gets the message. Thanks Danny
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      After a number of requests I've started to put together a list of known scammers and forum users who have been banned as Blacklisted Traders. All I've been able to do so far is go through the dispute section and I've limited it to the last 2-3 years, if there are any people I have missed and you have sufficient evidence to prove they are a scammer please PM me and I'll add their names to the list. Please bare in mind some of these users have or may use a family PayPal account (parents, siblings, spouse, etc..) so look out for a familiar surname. Obviously this isn't foolproof so it's always advised when making a purchase to pay via PayPal as a purchase and not a gift payment, I hope this saves a few people some time and hassle! Finally, when opening a new dispute try and include as much info as possible such as real names and locations. Email addresses would also help (though these can be sent via PM) as I can check them against the ones the member signed up with. Thanks, isitafox Connor Whitehead - CONNOR WHITEHEAD, X-ray 92 Dan Waddon (may use Julie Waddon for PayPal) - rcdk Lee Fletcher/Lee McGuire - Lee Fletch Fletcher, lee mcguire Alex Ederkin - montyboii Ollie Hazell - Ding_Dong Daniel Donnelly - hypermobilty Liam Hannah - Theleroyhuk James Peter Fraser - jamespeterfraser, jamesakajimmy, trialsforlife Alexander Dunny - AlexD Alex Cross (Romania) - AlexCross Charles Greene (USA) - ST101 Blake Campbell - mista-neos Brad Johnson - BradJohnson, BJ., Freewheel Display Team Scott Mitchell - ScottyM26 Gary Sanderson - Plymouthtrials, Plymouth Trials Adam Stephenson - Adam Stephenson, TrialsMad, trialsbeast (registered as his brother Shaun so be catious), streetweapon Jack Harmer - harmertrials, onzatproboy08, Dorey-man, JDaley Jack Dickinson - jack dickinson, Disc.Jokie, Zakd


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    One way ticket out of the uk
  2. 7 likes
    selfie with the go pro and remote.
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    Here is a pic of my new street trials rig! Traded my Hex for a Console. Still working on the final setup, but parts selection so far: - Inspired Console frame and fork - Inspired high rise bar - Chris King ISO Hubs front and rear (polished silver) - Shimano cranks (XT drive side, SLX non-drive - Hope Pedals - Hope Mono Trials Brakes (front regular pads, rear Jitsie pads, mono rotors 180mm) - Pimplite rims - Conti Tires - KMC K810 Chain - Trialtech arcade stem - Trialtech foam grips - Inspired Pivotal Kevlar Seat Weight: 11.5 Kg I will get a proper camera and post better pics soon. Second ride on it tonight.
  4. 5 likes
    I am sure this kido will out talent 90 % of the riders
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    Bit OTT for a No6 ph2 screw
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    We have finally set the dates for Dressler Camp 015. It will take place on 1-6th July 2015 (Wednesday - Monday) in Tanvald (CZE). We hope to see you there!
  8. 3 likes
    Smoke free for 7 days and feeling good. Usual cravings but staying strong. I decided to go completely cold turkey rather than the electric method, which I don't like the idea of.
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    I was watching a "Let`s Make a Spaceship" documentary about Skrillex and the production for the gigs, and I realised it would be a good option for me (I worked with lights and sound at school, I can work unhuman hours for days) and just told my teacher whether he knows some teacher who can help me out He is writing an email for the boss of The Production House, the largest festival and club electronic supplier in Northern Ireland so stoked, hope he gets an answer!
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    People like that restore my faith in humanity. What a nice man.
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    Here goes my trail bike Not going to bore you to death with spec list... Just some pics!
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    Just buy some black rattle cans from halfords.
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    Taller tyres is a good shout IMO.
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    This is bloody good.
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    Here is a pic of the non mod Tree Frog. I'll post of a pic of the mod one when done.
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    The Inspired Arcade and Console have the longest reach of any 24" streety trials frames so you'd be best going down that route really. You can always play with stem length too. Don't worry about the trials skills, they have short chainstays so are actually pretty good on the rear, plus if you get a modern trials frame you won't actually learn how to "ride", you'll just learn how to hop which could do more harm than help.
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    Best bet is to check Ebay, VAG forums and the Leon/VAG groups on Facebook; come up fairly regularly. Decided not to go with the Porka brakes? This weekend i will mostly be stripping Luke's old Golf to sell some of the parts and refurbing a set of LCR front and rear brakes. Best not rain!
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    It's you car n'all but that is really, really awful. Get it sent straight to the tip
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    I'd probably say 3mm off the top of my head from what I can remember but don't quote me on that, I reckon it could be done but probably more hassle than it's worth and I don't want to chop away at my new forks. I very much agree as a cycle workshop technician (that sounds rather glorified and wrapped in tinsel) in the mtb and road world standard seems to have been redefined to "fit's a few things you can count with the fingers on your hands therefore can be called standard."
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    New goggles arrived today. Meribel in 10 days!
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    Mounts faced and threads chased during a quiet hour at work
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    It's was more to do with being super bored and not being about to ride yet! and I know YouTube letting 60fps work is pretty sweet
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    Hi All Made this the other night from all the clips from 2014 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NvaCN3uexTA&list=UUeCwm3E6XhMVJQ3vsTaktgQ Thanks to My sponsors Dropbike Tribal Zine Stan Titanium Hope you like Thanks Jamie
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    Genuinely don't understand the point of putting every other video in to one long one just because it's the end of a year. The 60fps is a bonus though
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    Cliosport has just made my night. Posted a pic of my gasket for my exhaust the other day as it was looking a bit worn and squashed. Then just got this reply on my thread, I dealt with him aggggggggges ago so he must have my address. What a f**king hero!!
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    Flight comparison websites, travel agents, airline company websites with ambiguous baggage policies backed up with a "Yeah, that'll be fine, just sort it out when you get to the airport" contact system - all of these things can go f**k themselves. EDIT: A pre-emptive "Go f**k yourself" to my 55hr return flight, too.
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    On a Ska? Try watching this to see if it helps