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  1. Camera Testing of an eves ride

    Quick Evening Ride - Filmed in the space of an hour, just a case of getting used to my camera and video editing software again, before working on a proper video.
  2. Plymouth 22nd Ride

    Yea ill be there!
  3. Plymouth

    Well i know its a bump to an oldish topic, but im to lazy to make a new one. As long as the forcast doesnt change to "complete shite" i will be out on sat from 10:30ish. forcast is currently "mostly sunny" so shouldnt be a problem. Neway hope to see you all soon.
  4. Plymouth Ride...again!

    Ill deffo be there just got in from riding, bike is riding nicely. and body doesnt hurt yet so im all good
  5. Not Just Another Trials Park, The Uks Best!

    Glad to see at least on council can keep their promise of a trials park. Will be good to see how it turns out.
  6. Plymouth Ride...again!

    Aslong as all my bits arrive and my bike is working, im sure i can pop out
  7. Ben_beynon_gu_teaser

    As i said on MSN teasers are shit, and this was no exception, teaser are just pointless was of space and my time and effort is wasted watching them. Just get a proper full length video out. *Angry Face* ohh and not bad editing, but feel like im having a fit watching it.
  8. Plymouth Ride?

    Rich sorry to disappoint but i wont be there, resting my ankle as its being silly and also my finger as list time i rode it hurt to told handle bars.... also need to sort my rear brake out and get my Vee, may pop out and take some pics. But no guarentee.
  9. The Game Reccomendation Thread

    Anything made by Valve pretty much! HL2, Episode 1 and Episode 2 are the best single player FPS gaes made for the PC so far, the action is amazing with breath taking enimies, genious puzzles and the plot is amazing. Also the way the story is told if fantastic. Also if you buy the steam Orange box, not only do you get these 3 awesome games, you also get team fortress 2 which is a uniquly styles class based multi player FPS, and also portal..... which is the funniest puzzle game ive played.
  10. Scott Wilson And Rich Pearson

    Dear Mr Pearson and Mr Wilson, I would like to express my feelings on your most recent video on and the my anger towards it. I Would like to suggest you remove your video from the interweb as it is proving to be a very harmful and dangerous video...... Im now missing my lower jaw!! Along with these feelings i would also like to say.... f**k ME!!! Haha. Nice video as always rich, love riding with you and watching you ride, and very impressed by Scott, nice style and im surprised ive not seen you riding before. Editing is seriously amazing, such quality is fairly found in the homemade videos of the web. Hope you had fun riding in the rain. Neway im off to hosp to get this jaw reattached. Much love Darren!
  11. Bristol This Weekend

    Im heading up to bristol today so should be a few locals and me out on both days
  12. Gear Ratio For 116mm Spacing 26"

    18:15 is harder and 18:16 is just nicer all round(in my opinion and im running 18:16 at the moment)
  13. In Tesco The Other Day

    Should go down there and pretend you never got your crutches back. Say you had to get you mum to pick you straight up as you couldnt find them and you couldnt find the security gaurd to get them back. And that no one in the store could find them either.
  14. f**king Pure!

    Wait thats not your bike Joe!!! Thats lukes bike!!!! wait...... hmmm Hahaha, looking as lovely as ever Joe.
  15. Ethernet Cables?

    @Eskimo Dude your trying to connect a USB modem that requires drivers and a USB connection into a console it wont work, you need to create a network using either internet connection sharing(what you have already set up) or by getting a router and setting it up that way. As kris said 6MB is more then enough bandwith for the incomming connection, but you need to be careful of upload speeds, thats where lag is more prominent, Make sure you have no file sharing programs running on your PC and also your not downloading pr0n while trying to play!