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  1. This is crazy...still dont understand how you can get this high and far, incredible!,
  2. Enjoyed watching this!
  3. Love the look of the frame, big fan of the longer seat tube! Looking forward to some more pictures/ video.
  4. ^Yes!!! Really awesome Video, so many good things in there!!
  5. Practicing hops, summer is coming!
  6. i'm 6ft6 and the bike feels just about right like that. Never had any issues with the fork/stem, been riding this setup for about 2 years now!
  7. Gabriel (24" Because) and Peter (Hex Brakeless) having a bit of fun on Bikes in Stuttgart during last summer! Hope you guys like it!
  8. The metallic blue looked terrible pretty quick, so decided to go back to silver. Rawed the handlebar and fork as well, painted the rims black!
  9. Got tired of the blue pretty quick and rawed the whole thing, including forks and handlebars. Painted the grinded rims black again as i wont be running a brake anytime soon. I think it'll stay like this for a while this time :D!
  10. TGS!! Big stuff in there, last gap was huge!
  11. Love this!!
  12. Any news for the HEX in 2017? Cr-moly version :D?
  13. really liked that, lines were super smooth!
  14. Touched up my Inspired Hex with a tad of colour, metallic blue. Quite like it like this!
  15. that was ace!! Making the high stuff look easy!