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  1. Freestyl'Air in India

    But no Inspireds or Ozonys? They're doing it wrong.  
  2. Best looking 24" street trial bike?

  3. The Angry Thread.

    Had the Norovirus. Royally f**ked me up for a few days there. Time to start catching up on my eating.
  4. Custom Console Pics Added

    I think they're made more for carbon cranks to stop rock strikes on mountain bikes but yes, full length rubber booty things would be a good idea.
  5. Custom Console Pics Added

    I take it you're running the boots because you like the look of them? I cant see any other reason for using them. Unless they were kinky boots and ran the full length of the crank to protect them from bashes.
  6. Custom Console Pics Added

    Ah, I do remember that now yea. Silly me.  Thinner at the clamping area? 31.7?
  7. Best looking 24" street trial bike?

    Must be the best, it's Eds. Watch you don't choke on his cock while you're at it.
  8. Custom Console Pics Added

    Not a fan of the seat post or bars. I'd have both black. Looks cool other than that. Why the Tactics over Arcades?
  9. Allan Phillipson-Inspired Hex

    Awesome dude. You've got all the skills of a bi-King-masta.
  10. Suggested forks for Pashley 26Mhz

    Pulling up for hops it would  
  11. Some random pics innit

    I love this boy. He's like a living breathing, 'what shit trials riders would say'.
  12. Suggested forks for Pashley 26Mhz

    Inspired forks look pretty good on pashleys. And MHz did have disc mounts at some point  
  13. 24" rims

    Do share?!