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  1. Obviously that method is full on ghetto, so what I'd suggest is, whatever you do to one side, do to the other. Don't want to be miss-aligning your back wheel (too much ).
  2. Shit quality control? My echo was exactly the same but I had post mount callipers so all I had to do was fire a wee washer under to raise it slightly.
  3. Btw, just check your retainer is properly engaging your pads. If they've slipped out, the pads may be rubbing because of that.
  4. Cut bits of coke can and layer it up in your dropout? (Other fizzy drink manufactures are available) That'll lift your frame away from the bolts slightly to clear it. With that IS fitment, there's pretty much no other way, short of filing the outside of your disc or inside of your calliper.
  5. Always good feels in the dudes vids..
  6. Mostly just because I wanted to build another bike but partly because I had a go on a jump bike while I was riding a pump track on my Trials bike and thought, this is way better!
  7. There was always small pockets of riders in certain areas, all it needed was a Facebook event to bring everyone together. Im really kinda hoping people from further afield may want to jump in the car and come along to one of the next organised rides.
  8. Come on! The Scottish series had a full set of rounds this year, and has done since the Fort Augustus days. There's a British series as well as Tyke Trials, so if anything there are more competitions? The sections are mostly always natural too... I know you've been out the game for a while dude but that doesn't mean ill let you off the hook for talking shite. As for the range of parts...Out goes Deng and in comes Jitsie etc etc. Still the same amount of variation, whether you like it or not.
  9. That seemed like a lot of effort for something not that great. The Champagne spray was Glad I watched it just for that.
  10. Cheers Chez. @Brodie F is your man.
  11. 360 tyre tap gap near the end. Good to see that trick being used like it should.
  12. Cheers guys. Getting riders introduced and pushing each other a bit, riding new spots is what it's all about.
  13. Yep, anyone with half a brain could work out its a Santa Cruz Carbon trials frame/fork/rims... Heard through the grape vine he's working on a San Fran edit as a welcome to the team video for SC. Heard some other stuff too that ill keep shtoom about for now.
  14. Sorry for the shit edit.
  15. Love it when like at 0:09 you roll back slightly but manage to hold it. Ultimate control. Unless it wasn't meant I have no idea how you ride with your front end so low all the time. Your front wheel looks like its about to hit the ground all the time.