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  1. Nearly spat my tea out at Ali saying "great "
  2. Riding a bit of skate park myself these days. Its good to whizz around to get back into riding after a winter of not doing so much. Do you ever get the feeling that you cant help but put in a BC manualing into quarters? So annoying.
  3. Much prefer this to the grey. The orange hubs suit it much better and its good that you've sprayed the seat post and taken the boots off. No conti logos too! Don't get me wrong, I quite like the look of the conti logos but without looks stealth.
  4. Thought Id start a new topic to post Sams Vlogs. Seems to be getting on well. No hench pad knock either The kicker at the end was cool. Id like to give that one a go. Even if its as gay as a skate park quarter fly out lolz. Would be cool to see him do bar spin lines and whip gaps etc. You know what to pressure him into when you visit @Ali C
  5. Yip, as simple as that! Although, if you don't have lock on grips, I'd keep the water etc away from your grips if you want to ride straight away.
  6. Double post..
  7. Or you could get caught up in the hype and use these?
  8. Then certainly, cleaning your chain would be beneficial. More because it will give you a chance to check for any cracked links etc. If you find you have a problem with your chain, the KMC610 is what most riders use with a single speed set up. As for the rest of the bike, I just use fairy liquid to clean off any dirt and grime. Its as good as any bike cleaning degreaser solution you'll get. Plus you can make a rocket once its done. I give my discs a clean first before using the brush/sponge/cloth on any other part of my bike.
  9. What sort of bike are we talking here? Motor bike or pedal bike? Push bike chains don't tend to use grease, just a light oil.
  10. Was the LED for you or the viewer? So many cool things in there to mention. Front wheel endos looked like you were on strings.
  11. Haha. cheers. Stay tuned for part 2.
  12. This one?
  13. Including me.
  14. Yea, now that I see it up close like that, there's no doubting that what it is. Just looked like something more interesting.
  15. Entries can be found on the new Facebook page. If you don't have facebook, jump straight to the Entry Central page here.