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  1. There was another of him riding some logs, smoothly kicking about.
  2. There is the longer trialsy version too! Comes in 20mm longer wheel base. Cos that's what matters.
  3. Done a spot of track building myself in my day. It was mostly cutting the trail though, so loads of block and tackle pulling out tree stumps. That's as far as I got before "f**k this shit".
  4. Love all the 80s styling. But come on, just give the people what they want. A joint edit with ET riding trials bikes. Half Shipley, half street.
  5. Tattoos make me laugh at the best of times but these trials ones are gold!
  6. This is key in my eyes to drum up interest. Going to try and get 3 boys from here down. No idea what level they are at. Probably 30 odd year old green route riders.
  7. Trials tattoos. Anyone seen these?
  8. Na, embrace it. At least now you know for sure what'll die first!
  9. While looking for a garage on google maps I spotted this little guy on a Monty!
  10. See, fun for all the family!
  11. Does it feel light? Looks it.
  12. Yup. They are. Plus theres always the river bed.
  13. I advise using an aftermarket wrap round case instead of the water resistant bulky jobby they come with to make the sound better. I have yet to try a mic (I plan to get one soon) but the lack of clear case helped a considerable amount.