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  1. British Trials Cup - Round 2 - Bob MacGregors, Glasgow

    Cheers for the great trial everyone. Chuffed there is now an expert senior category. No more being beaten by 12 year olds I posted this in the videos section but in case anyone missed it.
  2. Danny Kearns First Ride Back FT Adam Allen

    Once again, the TGS scene is thriving!
  3. Jimmy Ertzer - Spring break

    You have the same style as Jordan Leigh.
  4. Post A Video Of Todays Riding

  5. Leeson Bikes making a comeback for 2016

    Worn tyres
  6. Disintegration Agony

    CRANK FLIPS!!! Love an empty SP
  7. Ali C Vlog

    Its funny, because you don't understand.
  8. Ali C Vlog

    You know you could borrow 'that' bike in the flat
  9. "Training" for hopping on the front wheel

    Awesome post. Good effort guys.
  10. Best budget tyres

    Slight pointless point to make on those Race Kings. The World Cup versions are an even bigger 2.2 than the Supersonic 2.2s.
  11. British Trials Cup - Round 2 - Bob MacGregors, Glasgow

    Need to do this at home later. My works computer doesn't want to show the sign up page properly.
  12. A short edit - riding on rocks

    40 seconds. YES!!! More please.
  13. New frame...

    Or this.
  14. New frame...

    This is what you want. Think its for sale on here too. @tdubz
  15. The Happy Thread

    Who said anything about smoking? Sell that shit.