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  1. Trial tech SL forks

    My fork has held up so far. Ive not been abusing it too much lately but still happy its not broken on me. Trial Tech F T W Also, that up to front, front wheel side hop really tickled my fancy. Love that shit.
  2. Can't we have the comp on the Saturday so we can get melted later on?
  3. How to overhaul a freewheel?

    Does that even happen?
  4. Ali C Vlog

    A few goes and you'd be reet.
  5. Post a pic of your non trials bike

    I've recently upgraded the cranks and ring on mine. Ill have to post a pic!
  6. Big wheel bike videos

    Me, following a few locals down the Aberfoyle trails. Few crashes in there to amuse yourself with too. Also, my decent from the summit of Ben Lomond.
  7. Ali C Vlog

    I have to say, I kinda agree too. But am I bovad?
  8. Welcome To Burrs

    You suit the bike a lot Luke. I think I prefer watching you on the Champagne though. Vid was sweet. Maybe lingering a bit too long on the end of each shot but that's my only gripe.
  9. Post A Video Of Todays Riding
  10. Big wheel bike videos

    Wee ride in the wet woods.
  11. 2015 Inspired Console & Arcade (Updated: 24/4/15)

    Yea, he got thicker tubing to make it look more like a full suss bike. Nothing to do with structural integrity at all.
  12. 2015 Inspired Console & Arcade (Updated: 24/4/15)

    What's the deal with Danny's blacked out Skye? I noticed in Ali's VLog from the Skye demo. Proto or what?
  13. My Take on Park

    Old King Billy had a ten foot willy and showed it to the woman next door. She thought it was a snake so cut it with a rake and now its only 5 foot 4.
  14. South - SHUB

    First manual line off the slope and last line with the nose manual was flippin sweet!