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  1. Set up suits your style. Sweet spots and riding! Putting me in the mood.
  2. A true Bi-King Mastaaaa
  3. With the shape of my mouth being more upside down V than upside down U, my teeth are "crowded". Had 4 removed in the past and went through 2 years of braces on NHS from about the age of 16. Over time they've shifted back to where they were and look a bit higildy-pigildy again. I recently had a consultation with a local orthodontist and I'm about to put down 2k to have them straightened again. Like Tom says, it'd be nice to have the confidence to grin away for photos at special occasions etc.
  4. I suddenly want to take a Stanley to a Der Kaiser.
  5. 29" long stem.
  6. hahaha. Nice crash dude.
  7. Looks boss.
  8. Because he's a...
  9. 115 times National Champ, tries a half cab. Its fine, we'll cut that bit out.
  10. Delete
  11. Just make sure he welds it on the right way round. He has previous.
  12. A wee bit of sick came up at 0.32. Broken freewheel or reeewiiiind?
  13. With or without a sus fork?
  14. New Hex Orange!
  15. X-up?