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  1. @Stu R
  2. A statement? I'm good at those.
  3. Slow down eh, Marino cant keep up with all the colour changes!
  4. Depends how big your head is mate.
  5. Yea, I was going to say, where's all the "modern trials parts are so weak" brigade now? (Probably browsing boxing shoes on SportsDirect) Your prayers have been answered.
  6. Seems Jacks rant has been removed and a more well written statement has been released.
  7. Where's the read the thread emoji when you need it.
  8. A stickered up Arcade?
  9. Get some Cree lights on that bad boy and do some off roading at night.
  10. I watched your whole video last night dude. Cool to see you excited about your new bike, tools and apron. Theres also something endearing about your accent.
  11. Our very own Brett Penfold, ladies and gentlemen.
  12. Its worth what you're willing to pay big man. Dem Rulz of lyf.
  13. Wheel size? I wouldn't be paying any more than £800 for that. Less if its 26"
  14. Haha! That bar spin!
  15. I quite like it actually. Is it a Tioga pivotal? Dropouts look really similar to the Arcade ones. Looks like you could be doing with a link being taken out. Like the white.