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  1. Am I missing something? Have we seen some of these clips before? Have I somehow, weeks ago, had a premonition?
  2. Falls asleep till he arrives?
  3. oops double post!
  4. Yea, and intimadated is where you belooong nigga!
  5. Now take that front brake off and change it for a IS to IS calliper and change the rear maggy mounts to washer ones to feel the old school setting up pain! You'll enjoy riding it more as you'll appreciate how hard it was to get just right.
  6. Wow. Is this all brand new? (looks like the rear brake has maybe seen some action) Good effort for sticking to your guns and building an old school TGS bike. No holding back with the tensioner, square taper middleburns, flatter than flat bars and those pedals I tip my hat to you.
  7. Thought that first one footed side hop was a fluke but noooooo! Those rocks look fun.
  8. That was mint.
  9. There's worse things you could be doing. Riding trials for example.
  10. Such a nice bike in the flesh/pressed and welded aluminium.
  11. Liked pretty much everything about that.
  12. Or you could do what everyone else does who wants to catch my clips, and "follow me on Instagram". Shudder. I hate saying that.
  13. Funnily enough, my pub quiz team name back in't day was called, Buster Hymen.
  14. As I said the other night though, on the echo I cant get on with pure solid tyres, I need a slight bounce from them. Having the skinnier rims makes the tyres fold easier too. The DH tube sorts that right out, and the weight isn't that noticeable after a while.