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  1. Danny MacAskill - This is Drop and Roll

    V.I.P m8 Just watched the making of This is Drop and Roll. The boys put a LOT of effort into it.
  2. Jake Deakin Seaside Shenanigans v2

    Nice (Y)
  3. Danny MacAskill - This is Drop and Roll

    Aye mate, so it would eh.
  4. Danny MacAskill - This is Drop and Roll

    Toes on the key board and balls crush have got to be the highlights! I was lucky enough to have witnessed Alis rolling endo off line, even if I was like a half shut knife. Cheers for dinner that day boys. Needed it.  
  5. The End Is Near

    Really liking following your progression dude. One tiny wee criticism Id make (wouldn't be me if I didn't) would be that, I think you could make the way you got onto those bench seats at the start look a bit better. Maybe a bunny hop to front and endo onto it instead of trailing your back wheel on the floor first. Cool vid non the less.
  6. Martin Direske - Marino clips

    I suppose it's a good way of keeping active during the winter?
  7. Inspired Skye Team V3

    Stunning.  Although the frame is 'stronger than ever below'  
  8. Martin Direske - Marino clips

    Ah crap is it not? My bad. Never seen it before and it popped up on facey'b.
  9. Martin Direske - Marino clips
  10. The Happy Thread

    Really? I'm famous! Go on then, who? 
  11. The Happy Thread

    I've got to say Jordan, I had to remove you from my friends list for pretty much the same reasons. The whole 'put your problems on Facebook to envoke reaction' was wearing quite thin on me. Maybe I'm just an old fart who doesn't get all this new age way of expressing your feelings. Things like 'I'm not talking to anyone for a week, I have my reasons....' Crap. What the hell kinda cry baby stuff is that? Im sure you're a nice person face to face but your online persona leaves something to be desired.
  12. Andrei B - Sooth Efrica baeby

    Since the skin has changed I can't reply/post on my works computer, only my phone. :(
  13. The Angry Thread.

    Even Facebook is going the same way. One of the only reasons I use Facebook is for Trials/general biking/BMX material. All it is now a days is terrorist shengis. I'd be interested to hear from Tarty about how quiet/steady the trials world is... To me it looks like it's on it's ars a bit  
  14. Andrei B - Sooth Efrica baeby

    Why is the start new topic icon at the bottom of the page?   Anyway.
  15. Films!?

    Life of Pi. It's just started and I already want to FFW it to the end. Wheres the tiger jumping in the boat?