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  1. @Herbertlemon102 not quite
  2. It was going all so well...
  3. Ahh, I see what the problem is here. You only have one shin pad on.
  4. Ali C vlog debut! Woop! That gap looks smaller than it is!
  5. Commuter beast got new commuting friendly tyres...and a wash.
  6. Thing is, friends etc ask how each other are doing throughout the day. "Oh I'm on 25, you?" Kind'a thing. So unless everyone promised to keep it secret then it wouldn't work. As you say, it would add suspense, I just don't see it working.
  7. Just built this.
  8. Was surprised to see rocks. Last line was sweet.
  9. Might as well spell out what you mean, Mark. I don't do beating around the bush.
  10. 2:16. That knee. That there is style!
  11. Haha, guys I think you're missing the point. The problems bike trials has isn't much to do with keeping riders behind at the end. Its much bigger than that. My first comment was just a silly dig. That's all. Can you imagine feeding paper into your wee battery powered printer in a howling gale on an exposed hill side with the rain slashing down with Barbara sitting at her battery powered desk top punching numbers in for 30 odd riders to print a certificate out. Haha. Oh dear Dez, pat on the head.
  12. Did Danny have a major say in the colour of the Skye in the past? No Danny, no colour restrictions?
  13. So we can work out how much your mark up used to be.
  14. Sounds very silly. I normally take a photo of the score board with my phone.
  15. Nice but felt like it was another "I can flair now so ill make the video about that and pad it out with some other stuff" kind of video. I'd give the "shot of rider smiling" a good solid 6/10.