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  1. Well? Did you? Instagram, for me, has been great since they upped the video length time to 1 minute. Short snappy 1 minute edits are more what I'm about these days, for a few different reasons. Plus, any trials videos I make end up on here. Full echo video wont be happening im afraid.
  2. Sounds like you've got your priorities in check
  3. Doesn't look too beefy to me?! Why the tensioner?
  4. There's going to be a wee (down stairs) mix up for 2017 so the echo is taking a back seat for now.
  5. Unedited clips
  6. That's why id rather not "follow" "athletes" or "fan pages". Its killing TF. Its all about the ########### now though. Gotta get with the times or get left behind. f**king buh.
  7. Preferred the look of the silver ones as they matched the stem well. Bet these are stiff though.
  8. Momma got some Trial Tech forks to buy. I've been polishing my coal in preparation.
  9. Like.
  10. Really liked this edit. Loved how quickly you built up speed into some things there. Such a good style on the bike too. When you strip back all the bar spins and stuff, your pure natural trials riding shines through. 5 gold stars.
  11. Holding you back in what way?
  12. Dave forget his Helmet?
  13. Wow. Took ages writing that I got snaked.
  14. I want to know the, 'there's more to it than that' part!