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  1. Few snaps from yesterday
  2. Not leaving too much to the imagination there Good vid boys. Looking forward to the next!
  3. Just enjoy the joke Ger-man.
  4. S'what he gets for buying 2nd hand off TF.
  5. I agree! If I had more time, everyone of those shots would have zero unnecessary hops!
  6. Thanks for the kind comments guys. Its such a fun place to roll around! I hope that comes across. The Line @Rusevelt mentions I must have tried about 20 times before I got it well enough to use the shot. Hey, @benruddock89 yea, it must have been! Good times man. Would you fancy it again? @Stu R and I are planning another trip up before the end of the year.
  7. New bike, Go Pro, amazing location.
  8. On-off, don't count.
  9. Never seen any of the Desmicables. Am I missing out? Might go see Baby Driver next.
  10. Liking the lack of noise from the green hexs brake.
  11. Got out riding some rocks at the weekend. Much happier with this set up too.
  12. Depends on the state of the components on the PX. Like Matt, Id go for the PX, for the reasons he mentioned and also because I believe you, coming from a mtb back ground, would maybe be more suited to the larger 26" wheels. Old bikes like the PX appeal to me more than the new super generic 24s you see everywhere these days. The PX will have much more character! Although may be dripping with issues, like, a shit pick up on the hub, sticky magura pistons, tubing on the verge of cracking, narrow tyre-folding rims, begging to be snapped 25.4 BAAAARS AHHHHHHH! For sure, the 24 will feel more solid, more confidence inspiring with regards to the drive train and brakes but the geometry difference between the two wont be wildly different, after all, 24s were designed around streety 26s! Infact, after Edd Tongue tried 24" wheels on his Pashley, the Ashton Edd tongue frame was born!
  13. I've always found that when grinding a rim, its better to do with the tyre and tube still on. All the white talc shit you get off a tube and rubber from the tyre bead gets into a grind and can make it useless!
  14. Still boring A F.