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  1. Wee Jamie is rippin it!
  2. Its a crying shame but you'd be doing well to get £500 for it. Its certainly worth that anyway! Forks are Ashton or Base forks.
  3. Joined up when Scotland got internet.
  4. This thread wont make you feel as bad....
  5. Bit of tape, 1 or 2 layers on the back of each pad. Wrap the tape over the edge of the pad but be careful not to put the tape on the pad material itself. Can use electrical tape or similar. The piston beds itself into the tape and it stops the most cases. Have fun trying.
  6. Camping gear? Tait in Fort William
  7. This is still on my radar. Been super busy being cool'n'that so will get on it asap. Got an idea.
  8. When Monty and Inspired are life.
  9. Any differences can be checked by opening the Tarty bikes web site and doing a comparison. Easy peasy ma man.
  10. Order new spacer kit, then find my old ones. Oh well haha, spares'r'us.
  11. Bring Donny back for the gears one! haha. I'm hearing from Gordy that he is coming.
  12. It was the different techniques he used for set up and recovery from all those similar moves I enjoyed, not so much the moves themselves.
  13. Hold on ill check my pocket rule book. Its a bit dog eared round the edges... 1. 5 dabs and out. 2. No swearing. 3. 6 working gears. 4. Sharing your mates bike for good times 5. Bring cake. Yup, looks like its allowed.