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  1. First tap on the drum beat. YES. Loved that you even spotted that rear wheel on arm rest line. But! Jabbing your brake like that on manuals is as bad as BCs.
  2. That was all for the camera. Bigging the line up like it was massive or something... He could probably hop manual it - up the way.
  3. I don't ride with anyone.
  4. Total characters! You just don't get that anymore. Its either loud mouth chavs or introvert shy boys.
  5. YES! I was never really sure on that song but I think its a grower. In addition to that...
  6. DP
  7. Tell that to Ryan Leech.
  8. Nice guy...
  9. So much for a photo contest. Its a popularity contest. Wankers.
  10. Just to let you, and everyone else know. Marino has just employed a new frame builder, and just the other day completed 15 custom orders in a shift! His English/communication is improving, so now is a better time than any to get in touch. Ill also be able to help out, so message me here or find me on facebook/instagram.
  11. Just sent him a message about his pad knock.
  12. That echo. Curtis forks, smooth alex rim and dem carbon eastons which felt like there was down sweep.
  13. Hoodie under over game completed it mate.