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  1. I actually had the suspicion that this was a fake account and the video was a mash up of G's videos that someone had downloaded before they were deleted. Still think the fakie on the rail line is one of the coolest things ive seen anyone do. Sweet vid dude. You've got serious skills.
  2. Really cool! Rear tyre must be tight?
  3. Fandabydosey. Suits such a small bike for being so lanky.
  4. Thought exactly the same.
  5. Gym is lyf nw you burly warrior.
  6. Quite funny. A "wee surprise" too. I can tell when he's been given a line.
  7. Anyone who stops riding for the sole reason of "no one else does it in my area anymore" doesn't deserve a trials bike in the first place, IMO. For me, trials isn't a trend. I'm no fashionista.
  8. Funny how many times this question gets asked on here.
  9. Ha! Yea, if you're shit gtfo.
  10. Them forks won't last long with how ba-heastly you are!
  12. No bash. Nice.
  13. Video dropped 2 hours ago and its still not landed.
  14. I use Shimano Am41 flats. They are super stiff and quite hard to get used to but after a while they feel great. Almost like your pedal is the size of your foot! They're not quite as grippy as the 510s I have but they do have a strap that covers the laces, warning off puddle splashes, keeping your feet drier for longer compared to a shoe without the flap.
  15. How many chickens do you have for breakfast?