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  1. Level 4 wall rider Love your videos bud. Keep them up!
  2. Manny to hop line Bike looks and sounds solid!
  3. Everything from the riding, the colour of the bike and how fresh it looks, the super high stem, the stand out silver hubs, the brake noise and the totally individual style - was brilliant. The rocks looks fun.
  4. Are you asking to be Zoot'ed? 100% pallets.
  5. Aahh, thought you were going down onto the top of the net on the table tennis table. Leave that to -G-. Ticking the trick list off there. Good work.
  6. 100% demo. I never make eye contact with the crowd. Especially just after I've landed something.
  7. Avon skin so soft is the one.
  8. Get in touch if you need any parts. Got a few bits kicking around.
  9. I'd only buy it if he was in financial need.
  10. 20 years later and the bike only got slightly bigger. Really like this dudes moves. Enjoy that he's pedalling during lines too, its hard to make that look good. Wee things like the backwards hops down the stairs to side hop, side hop to wedge-front to back and the gaps down to front wheel swap 180s were cool. Really liking the look of his bike. Its making me want one!
  11. Slow mo taps! Yes Rich!
  12. Fantastic! looking forward to seeing it built!
  13. A wee story for everyone. Young lad buys a frame from Marino. Gets it, builds it, rides it, has a smile on his face. A year or so later sells it. The buyer builds it, rides it, has a smile on his face. A few months later finds a crack. Marino finds out and offers to build him a replacement frame, knowing full well of the age and secondhandedness of the frame. New buyer gets free frame with free postage. I'm not aware of any other companies who have that level of ah-hem, "customer service" Pedro for president.
  14. Waiting a few months for a Marino isn't anything new. Its been the same for years and will be the same for years to come. I agree, its f**ked up but the worst he's done is not reply for a while. He hasn't run away to the jungle with anyone's money, yer man will still get his frame, the world will continue to turn. Please, if anyone is having trouble with anything Marino related, don't hesitate to get in touch.
  15. I've told him to take that off his website. Stop everyone's knickers getting in a twist. He'll replace it with, it takes as long as it takes.