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  1. Ross. Ali made no slight on Jack; in fact he said several things on the contrary and explicitly stated his comments didn't concern him as a person or rider. I don't feel you need to leap to Jack's defense on it, and this isn't me leaping to Ali's - I'm just trying to keep our painfully fragmented society as close to civility as possible. He was commenting on the video, how he felt it wasn't really a fair portrayal of Jack, and how it clearly wasn't made for the majority of other riders as the primary market. Nothing more. Please.
  2. So would pretty much any mod if you put a higher seat-tube and saddle on the frame, and a 20" rim/tyre on the rear.
  3. This is probably going to sound like I'm being a dick, but I honestly mean it in a good way. If you read it and think I'm insulting you, it's just because I'm not eloquent enough to put words to my thoughts adequately. Almost all of your previous videos have had cool aspects, but I largely found the riding to feel quite 'forced' - like you were sort of doing things because other people do or precisely because they don't in order to provoke a reaction/response - and that feeling prevented me from fully getting behind them. This time, as a video it didn't really click for me, but the riding felt really authentic, and like you're actually just doing your own thing that comes naturally to you. I really, really appreciate that. (Not to mention its being utterly bonkers.) Personal favourites would be the skid into the pole and nose hops down the steps, and the up-to-rear-to-front-down-to-rear on the concrete barrier. (Though there's a bunch of others I'm really, really into too.)
  4. I'll be sure to wear the yellow ones as often as possible, just for you
  5. Yes.
  6. 4bolt mounts put an added stress raiser and I hook really bloody roughly The bolts look bad but perform perfectly, so I don't feel obliged to get rid of them!
  7. I don't know, but I'd say it's highly unlikely.
  8. Alias Bikes have taken delivery of a new batch of frames in a new colour, and Trialtech Components and TartyBikes teamed up with them and sorted me out with this sweet little number. Same geo and features as the previous one, just a new colour, and I love it!
  9. 50-50 really. Depended on the wall. It's not really all that different - I think it would only be a problem now with really long bunnyhops over gaps. going up stuff doesn't take much speed.
  10. I used to really love 18:13 with short cranks, but then people stopped making 158s. Obviously get the speed benefit with 18:12, but it still doesn't feel quite as nice as I remember the old setup feeling (very possibly rose-tinted glasses). Control AND power were better with the 13 on the rear, but I haven't had it for years and years so it's hard to say. Wouldn't want to try it on 165s - think that would be TOO light.
  11. Front-wheel to sidehop line was mint ^.^
  12. Chai was coming up for a competition on the Sunday and asked about a Leeds ride on the Saturday.In the end he came up after work on the Friday, rode a couple of hours that night, and then on Saturday afternoon too.We decided making a video would be fun and to ensure we got enough footage self-imposed the rule of one clip each per spot (hence some of them being a bit weak ).
  13. I guess you know how it feels now then, huh?
  14. That was quick work! I like the ground-shot-section-separators
  15. That park looks tremendously quirky fun. Where is it? Riding's stepped up somewhat since we last rode - manual control for days!