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  1. Just awesome. Loved every second of it. Such a beast of a rider
  2. I'm pretty sure it was the same except for 5mm in the BB? Can't remember if it was higher or lower though Something around 1035, 380, 72, +30 I think. I loved mine at the time, but on hindsight it was horrible. Haha.
  3. Edit: Riding-wise, that was really cool.
  4. "What a lot of things I don't need... to land." - Socrates, 2017.
  5. The rock clips, yes
  6. If turquoise and purple turtles aren't compensation enough, this isn't a world I want to live in. I mean... I already knew it isn't, but that really slams it home
  7. I was going to make a video of the "festival season" (namely the Tarty Weekender, Dressler Camp and a few rides around the time), but I accidentally filmed ridiculous amounts in the past couple of weeks or so and filled the time of the song I wanted to use. Decided to make this one, and then another one for the events. Mega thanks to Tarty, Trialtech, Alias, Industry and Aaron!
  8. Last line...
  9. Crash picture is just awesome. Haha. Not a personal fan of the saddle on long, low-standover frames, but the front end arrangement is cool.
  10. ...Just FYI: that's not a Hex
  11. It's not that you can't bunnyhop them, it's the WAY they bunnyhop. On a compy bike its a very slow process - pull the front up, manual for a bit and then hop. And doing them anything but up to the rear wheel feels awful because you're positioned do far forwards over the bike. A 'streetier' set up sacrifices some of the benefits of a comp setup in favour of snappier bunnyhops, and because you're in a more upright position you can do them to two wheels and not feel like you're going over the bars. I imagine it's a similar difference to riding a Harley Davidson and sports motorbike at very high speeds. Both can do it, but one can only do it in a straight line where the other is quite versatile whilst doing so. Does that make sense? People bunnyhop compy stocks, but I notice you got an Inspired... Same thing. It's just the feel.
  12. The new Alias 20.1 colour is here - go get yourself one Filmed in three rides, so if it feels a bit rushed that will be why. That said, really rather like this one Thanks to Alias, Trialtech, TartyBikes and Industry!
  13. An astounding difference can be made to how your bike rides just by changing the handlebar angle. For me (1.7m tall) on an Alias (585mm reach - your Echo will be somewhere near 600mm) with a 165mm stem I set the rise roughly perpendicular to the floor. Before spending any money, change your bar angle. On a longer bike like you have you might even want to roll them as far back as having the rise running in the same direction as the headtube. I did that on my Marino. It won't feel like a BMX, but it'll make a big difference and cost no money. I don't have it with me so I'd need a bit of notice, but I have my one remaining home-made frame that is almost the same geometry as the Alias. The next time I go down to my parents' place I could pick it up and you can have it for however much it costs to post to the Netherlands. The only issue is that it has no brake mounts. If you want/need brakes and know someone who could weld them on for you then you're welcome to it. It's just made from mild steel so there's no issues with heat-treatment or anything like that. You'd also need to buy an integrated headset, but they're quite cheap as they're pretty much standard in the BMX world. If you rode BMX you might already even have one, I guess. I'd say stick with the 150mm stem and tilt the bars back. If you're spending money, get TT high risers and do the same thing with them. (I also have an old and battered set of these that look awful but are structurally fine that you'd be perfectly welcome to, but given the size of them it would probably cost almost as much for to post them as it would to get a new set If you want the frame I can chuck the bars in the box too.) Don't listen to Daviesdt about bunnyhops and BB heights The Alias is +65 and is a bunnyhop-machine. If your frame is +60 then there will be no issue at all with that. You're right that I pedalled everything back then. This was mostly because I hadn't learned how to bunnyhop at that time But yeah, it won't be as streety as an Alias, though you can get it closer than it is now.
  14. Ross. Ali made no slight on Jack; in fact he said several things on the contrary and explicitly stated his comments didn't concern him as a person or rider. I don't feel you need to leap to Jack's defense on it, and this isn't me leaping to Ali's - I'm just trying to keep our painfully fragmented society as close to civility as possible. He was commenting on the video, how he felt it wasn't really a fair portrayal of Jack, and how it clearly wasn't made for the majority of other riders as the primary market. Nothing more. Please.
  15. So would pretty much any mod if you put a higher seat-tube and saddle on the frame, and a 20" rim/tyre on the rear.