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  1. Most excellent. Love his style/line choice.
  2. You most likely don't need to change anything about the bike. If it's got really forwards bars, I'd recommend pulling them back a bit (I found the goldilocks zone to be TT High Rise bars with the "rise" perpendicular to the floor, but that'll likely be for my tastes, on my frame/stem combo, so take that with an armful of salt), and do yourself a favour by keeping the chain nicely tensioned. Other than that, your balance point is always a bit more extreme than you expect. On the back wheel, you need to sit a bit further back than if you have a brake. On the front, you need to be a bit further forwards. Be prepared to spend quite a while back in the "fundamentals stage" before progressing again. It's weird because you know you can ride, and you know you can do certain things, but you have to do them all just slightly differently. I would advise: Learn to gap to 90 in both directions. I didn't, and it constantly limits my line choices. Spend a lot of time getting the feel of pedal pressure. Just face up a slope and try and stay on the back wheel without hopping. Squeeze the drive gently to move forwards a bit and let it roll back if you need. Waggling your knees can take care of a lot of balance issues. Obviously hops are pretty much essential sometimes, but they can be far less predictable than just correcting your centre of gravity if you can. Not necessarily, but I found everything improved with firmer tyres. I like the direct feeling. This is personal preference, with the exception of larger gap to 90s. With low pressures the tyre can tear off the rim. Knowing where you are is very beneficial, so removing squidge can help with that. Without wanting to sound too touchy-feely, brakeless is far more intimate than riding with brakes. I think that's part of why firm tyres feel better - the bike really starts to feel like an extra limb, and having soft balloon tyres makes it feel like riding with big squishy gloves on. You can never really tell what's going on, and when the lump you're using as a stopper might only be the crack between two slabs on the floor it's really useful to have that feedback. Ask anything specific, should you have questions. But be sure to quote or PM me so I get a notification. I'm not here so much any more so will probably miss standalone comments.
  3. From a strictly mechanical point of view, could having the stem mounted there result in a stiffness increase between stem and bike? (Assuming both were using the same bar/stem combination - for argument's sake let's say a regular 165x35 stem and carbon riser bars. The platform (steerer) being held fast on both sides of the lever (stem), rather than it having one end loose, with a bloody great stem/bar combo as leverage feels like maybe it would?? I appreciate they mount pretty much touching the top bearing these days, and that the steerer is probably stiffer than the stem clamp anyway, but still. I don't know engineering well enough but in my head it seems like that could reduce some small amount of flex. ...And if it does, would it be an actual, measurable amount, or technically true but of negligible value? Just curious.
  4. I personally don't like footplant stuff, but putting that aside that was the first Triboulat video I've ever enjoyed. Just... actually... good!
  5. If it's any consolation they have deer in woodlands on the bits hidden by shoe.
  6. I was going to start filming again, but I don't really care anymore so here are four clips from Bradford.
  7. Just awesome. Loved every second of it. Such a beast of a rider
  8. I'm pretty sure it was the same except for 5mm in the BB? Can't remember if it was higher or lower though Something around 1035, 380, 72, +30 I think. I loved mine at the time, but on hindsight it was horrible. Haha.
  9. Edit: Riding-wise, that was really cool.
  10. "What a lot of things I don't need... to land." - Socrates, 2017.
  11. The rock clips, yes
  12. If turquoise and purple turtles aren't compensation enough, this isn't a world I want to live in. I mean... I already knew it isn't, but that really slams it home
  13. I was going to make a video of the "festival season" (namely the Tarty Weekender, Dressler Camp and a few rides around the time), but I accidentally filmed ridiculous amounts in the past couple of weeks or so and filled the time of the song I wanted to use. Decided to make this one, and then another one for the events. Mega thanks to Tarty, Trialtech, Alias, Industry and Aaron!
  14. Last line...