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  1. That park looks tremendously quirky fun. Where is it? Riding's stepped up somewhat since we last rode - manual control for days!
  2. Probably a 70:30 split in favour of the viewer. It helped me a bit, but it's largely because the camera isn't so good in low light. Considering a posher lens with a wider aperture, but they're expensive and the light was £2
  3. With uni last year and a few post-uni issues, riding really took a back seat in my life. A month and a day ago (according to file properties of the first clip) I finally got back into a decent place and started getting back into riding. I got the bug pretty savagely and started filming. I lost an awful lot of power during that time off, and I think you can tell from the footage that my subconscious tried to cover it up by constantly hitting full-tech-mode. I'm acutely conscious of the lack of magnitude throughout, and because I'm insecure about it I'd like to point out that whilst some of the wimpy-looking things are exactly that, there's a fair bit of oppo, switch and switch-oppo stuff in there. Also, 85% of the clips were filmed on solo-rides because apparently no-one rides anymore. I don't want the above to come over as false-modesty. I'm logically aware some of the clips in this are up there with where I was before, but I just don't FEEL it. Also - if you helped me out with uni stuff, there's one clip you'll recognise. I was just a few seconds shy of a full video and had a burning urge to make it right now - I still very much appreciate your help, and it isn't meant as a slight on you at all.
  4. All day long...
  5. Where abouts and what type of riding? There's quite a lot to go at for both rocks and street, but not a huge number of people to ride with. Leeds, Bradford and Huddersfield are the go-tos, with Sheffield, Hull, Manchester and Doncaster all pretty close. Then there's smaller places like Wakefield and Keighley dotted around. For rocks there's Shipley Glen, Harden Moor, Addingham Moorside and Flappets quarry. Lee Mill Quarry is really good - just up in the hills in Bacup, and just off to the south there's a huge amount of riding in the Hathersage hills. I've been starved of riding company for a long time, so if you're up for a ride sometime I'll snatch your hand off at the offer I'll PM you my number.
  6. I sadly understand what you're saying about feeling the actually-non-existent-pressure to outdo yourself, and I appreciate this may be you being candid but the sentence I've quoted just really upsets me. I really don't like that, even the people that try to give off the impression, or have a reputation for being innately progressive and good can only do it because they want notoriety. It's a tricky parallel to draw but plenty of people refer to videos they really like as "art". I'm not entirely sure on the point but it takes enough of a semantic root in me that I'd roll with it. Where are all the Van Gogh's that basically didn't show anyone a picture during ten years of practice and only really appreciated posthumously? And bought paints and canvases instead of food when the money was almost out. Obviously, with today's standards of living that extent isn't really necessary, and I'm not for one second you shouldn't strive to better yourself/your abilities, and the more people that CAN see it the better so don't pointedly not broadcast your efforts, but I find it most distressing that almost no-one does it in the avant garde sense and that now the market is flooded with... mercenaries. (Note that this isn't specifically directed at you - your sentence just summed up what seems to be 90-95% of peoples' approach so succinctly that I was kind of taken aback by it.) Sorry - I think I'm going to regret posting that, but I'm going to click Submit anyway as it's a point that's been floating in my mind for a long while. Edit: With regards to the vlog thing... I tend to not enjoy them as they're mostly filled with stuff I'm not that interested in. 20 minutes per episode seems to be the going length, but I feel that the majority of them could happily be condensed to 5 and be more enjoyable to watch as a result. ...But then I appreciate I'm not the type of person they're aimed at.
  7. I'd be very curious as to where you got that statistic from Whether more are sold or not, I used to ride with varying groups of people on Saturdays and Sundays, and often mid-week, and felt hard-done-by if there was less than four other riders on any given ride. Now I consider it a treat when I get to ride with ONE other person once every three or four weeks.
  8. I think it's high time people remembered Ben Travis has been really f**king good for a really f**king long time. Edit: Holy crap. This prompted me going on an old-video-binge. I really, really miss trials being about having fun on bikes, and there being other people around to do it with. And by all accounts it was already in decline by the time I started, so I never experienced it at its peak! It's really sad.
  9. Never seen a mod stem? Bit less extension out the top of the headset, granted, but way more leverage overall.
  10. I thought that was largely going to be a piss-take. Really refreshing to see someone actually giving it a proper go and seemingly getting quite into it Well impressed with how they managed. I dare say only a very few actual trials riders would fare much better than they did on those bikes, not to mention in the wet. Really fun watch!
  11. Only if they went full BMX look (bars and stem with appropriate geo changes to accommodate). I'd be on board for that (it's actually something I suggested at one point, but nothing ever came of it) and agree that would look nice, but then that'd be because it would look like a nice BMX The mod bar-and-stem with a saddle is the worst looking combination I've ever seen on a 20" bike, and the day it happens to the Alias will be the day I stop having any input or affiliation with them
  12. I enjoyed that. Sidehop to front and over was fun, especially by landing on the far side of it.
  13. .doublePost.
  14. I 100% expected that big grey wall which I think is in the uni to be a hook. Looked so, so weird when you rolled it straight up to two. Ace
  15. So much love. I guess it's because they were to thin walls so you were more worried about accuracy, but you look like you can sidehop to rear higher than to two wheels! Outrageous! Also: Portishead <3