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  1. @TheChai is a super friendly (and talented!) rider currently based in Derby - maybe he can help? I'd be happy to help but I'm up in Leeds so not much good to you!
  2. Thanks guys Gradually getting back to where I was, I think. Hopefully I can get back on form just in time for there to be no good weather left >.< Ross: The MTTs are reall wide and I accidentally discovered they were making front wheel tech (g-turns/pivots etc) waaaaaaay harder than they needed to. Tried matching front and rear but the sidewalls are super wimpy so now run one of each Mark:
  3. I'll let you off for green pad compound as that's a non-optional performance thing. I'd even have let it slide that you didn't de-logo everything, which really should be done if you're chasing true stealth. Red backings. Not stealth. Red nipples. Not stealth. Not stealth; nothing lost; don't feel bad.
  4. DAWs aren't particularly user friendly to the uninitiated, but Reaper's a pretty simple one once you've got the knack. I can write you out a 101/CheatSheet if that's the one you plan to use? Is it just simple audio-in and simple edits from there, or will you be wanting fancy routing (auxiliaries/multi-hardware IO etc.), significant edits, MIDI etc. too? Edit: Youtube and Cockos forum searches for specific things are your friend. Most things are simple once you've been show which button to click
  5. Not dying as such, but certainly diminished (from my perspective - I've been riding ~12 years and from what I can tell it was already in gradual decline when I started). There seems to be more riders in the south than the north, but it's pretty quiet everywhere. It also feels very cliquey - possibly because now Facebook etc. have facilitated smaller friendship groups and isolation. If you're not a part of a group, you're pretty much on your own. I live in Leeds and the closest people I can count on for a ride live in Doncaster and Darlington. I haven't been on a ride with more than five people for about four years. I don't ride competitions and never have - that just doesn't appeal to me, but as a casual rider the scene is definitely difficult to find. I'm not a social media user and there's a lot happening on Instagram by the sound of it, but getting some actual, real-world interaction is tricky, to say the least.
  6. Scrumptious! Screw that drop-manny. Just HELL no.
  7. Let's not take things out of context, shall we? That's the gist of the conversation we had, but not the phrasing, nor does it describe the reasoning.
  8. I've been fending off a bunch of shit recently. Life handing over lemons and whatnot. Really keen to get back into riding - I feel so weak from lack of riding or exercise in general - but I hate riding on my own. I just suck at it. But I also really don't like the long drives I used to to, but basically no riders are around the Leeds area any more, or if they are I'm being completely excluded from the group. If anyone wants to come ride up this way, I'd really like to get in on it. Clips from the last three rides I've been on - two of which were on my own, and spanning nearly two months >.< Back on YouTube because of Vimeo's upload limit and my having uploaded ridiculous numbers of videos in the past five years.
  9. YES YES YES. Desperate for people to ride with! Not much recently because of the weather and other stuff going on, but I'm ultra-keen to get riding again. I head all over the city - mostly stick either to the uni (because it's closer to home) or the city centre, but often bob out to Hunslet etc. It's tricky of recent because they're demolishing/rebuilding so much. Got a bit bored of riding Leeds on my own in the cold and dark so most of the time I've managed to ride I've been driving off elsewhere to meet up with other people, but would relish a local riding buddy!
  10. Why can't people just... Get over this? Why is it specifically using cranks that's a problem? What about all the correction hops or sketchy landings? What about running uncomfortably flat tyres? It vexes me because I just don't understand. As far as my daily experience can tell me, people only care because (and beginning since) Ali cares (with a few exceptions), which is pretty weak reasoning in my books Maybe I'll take up leaving similarly belligerent comments about people feathering brakes in manuals. That, too, is totally unnecessary, but somehow people don't seem to care. It's Ok if it genuinely bothers someone, but could we not focus public comments more on things like the, frankly, massive up-to-fronts (in the street-bike paradigm)? We're supposed to be trials riders, damnit. Cranks are what it's all about! If doing things without cranks was the desirable standard, why did we give a special name to doing gaps without them? Haha. (I know that's a different situation. I'm just an argumentative little shit.)
  11. I'm way too small for big bikes, but they're very fun for some things.
  12. @TheChai is based in Derby. @JoshLeech is based in Loughborough but travels around quite a bit. There was a few around that area but I don't know it so well any more as I left quite a while ago. I know a bunch of people have stopped since I rode there often.
  13. Your videos used to be really painful to watch, despite often having good riding in them. With each one they're getting more and more enjoyable. They seem much more natural and authentic, which is a big deal for me. A smaller number of footjam whips and a larger number of actual riding clips definitely help. I enjoyed that!