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  1. god damn it you got me to log back in here out of curiosity. Sweet vid guys! Adam, its like you never stopped mate
  2. If its just for filming go for the full manual one, although I couldn't comment on the quality of those lenses (probably best to google them).
  3. I prefer 16:9 because its a much wider scope, similar to how we see things with our eyes, it appears to us as if we were actually there. 4:3 looks quite un-natural to me, like looking through a keyhole. 4:3 can be used this way quite effectively though if that's the look you are going for. Saying that: if you really have that much difficulty framing shots in 16:9 (which I'm sure you don't), then I probably won't be interested in your video - regardless of its aspect ratio. Good luck!
  4. He needs to watch Manifesto.
  5. I'm guessing it was probably me you saw, as there's not many of us left in Louth! I mostly ride here, occasionally Skeg or Clee, but I never really have the time to justify driving there. I like riding at what used to be the Browns MG/Rover garage (next to Londis) before they knocked it down, that's a good place for beginners. Then there is also: The Cattle Market (really good for beginners) The Bus Station What used to be Quicksave carpark The Hospital has some good stuff too, if you enter it and head right immediatley, it will take you to some walls and gaps. The walls and steps around Kai's Bar (Wetherspoons now) The back of the building to the right of the police station (I think its social services, I've never paid attention) If you want to practise on some pallets, we used to go to Eastern Box on the industrial estate, just make sure you put the pallets back when you're finished! I can't think of anywhere else right now. Mostly just ride what you find! Its how we discovered most of those spots. If you ever see me out (purple brakeless 24") feel free to come say hello.
  6. I be leave now. Bai.
  7. Any sense of a 'revolution' was lost when they started setting arbitrary things on fire. The only thing of relevance is the first police car they set on fire (that picture was all over twitter.) It cannot claim to be a rebellion either. "Lets rebel against the government, and the police, by: vandalising, and stealing, the property of fellow citizens." I'd quite like to see a revolution, but I wouldn't like it to be associated in any way, shape, or form, with these c**ts.
  8. I love karma, but I prefer Tikka Masala.
  9. 01:27 - Flawless. As with most of your videos, the riding was great!
  10. 4:10 = Your balance is just unreal. Great video! PS: Your avatar looks like the amen break too.
  11. I can't be bothered.
  12. Mines no where near as interesting as Hannah's, I mainly use it to follow film blogs, and just post stuff when I have something to vent. I like Tumblr. Its a great idea, its just a shame that 10 million hipsters found it and turned EVERYTHING into pop culture references. For personal posts I think it has the same benefits of keeping a diary in a way, except that anybody can see it, so you have to be really honest. I mainly post video/film stuff that I make, but lately I've just been posting random crap due to procrastination
  13. I don't mean to sound like a salesman, but that's one of the benefits of Google +. You can sort people into 'circles' of friends, family, aquaintances, or following. Then whenever you post something you can decide which circles (or individuals) to share it with. I got it just before invites stopped, unfortunatley I can't really use it because only 2 of my friends have it The biggest issue it will have is drawing people away from Facebook. Most people use facebook to chat with their mates and see what they are up to, whilst this is almost an amalgamation of FB, twitter, and blogging- all features that your average FB user isn't too bothered about. And then if their friends want it, but none of their friends use it - they aren't going to join it. It will be interesting to see what facebook responds with...
  14. It would appear that you have ran out of bandwith on your PhotoBucket account
  15. About ten thousand pages of softcore pornography sandwiched inbetween two thousand pages of personal life, pop culture references, funny pictures, and occasionally something important/interesting. Its nice, because its a bit like a cross between blogspot and facebook. So you can see what people are posting without having to visit their page. Anyway, women: