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  1. Practice! The more comfortable on getting onto the back wheel either through hopping or just weight movement the easier it will be to stay on the back. It takes time to find the right balance point for whatever move you are setting up for.. Might be worthwhile having a play with your bar and brake position as well so that you are comfortable when you are up there and not trying to get yourself into a position where it isn't easy to adjust.
  2. I seem to remember a story doing the rounds that Hawzee was doing a roll down and got his nuts sucked between his tyre and Magura brace? Probably crap, just remember looking at the gap on mine thinking f*#k that!!
  3. My old bible for 26" frames I enjoyed riding
  4. According to this it is 406mm
  5. I think it's something like this: 400mm chain stays 22" top tube 74 degree head tube 76 degree seat tube 14" was the seat tube / height? I did have it written down as I was going to Marino one a long time ago..
  6. The quality of that video compared to nowadays makes me feel old! I remember watching it first time around on their site and thinking it was insane, along with Dirt and Chainspotting
  7. I don't think it was ever released, leaving the option of taking the audio from the DVD or YouTube videos with the talking etc. in it. As least the bonus of doing that is every time you hear it you reminisce about the riding
  8. Amazing! Loving the colour Video next?!
  9. Footjams, smooth lines, neon socks, epic riding!! Top video, AGAIN!
  10. I am just getting back into it, Reading based, know some of the spots and can drive as well
  11. I am nearly there, just a little bit of tinkering with the brakes, putting the Nukeproof pedals on and getting a bash ring (still) and she will be ready to go. Right in time for Winter! Very nearly had to sell it due to a multitude of expenses coming out the woodwork, but thanks to Thames Water owing me nearly £300 I am happily able to keep her. Spec is below, better pics once I am happy with it: Frame - Original WIP S-24 Frame, Fourplay MK2 Geometry - 1020mm WB, 375mm CS, +25mm BB, 72 HA - 360 dropout - disc and 4 bolt mounts - Clearcoat lacquered Forks - Custom JAF - 20mm bolt through axle - Clearcoat lacquered Cranks - Shimano SLX Stem - Thompson Elite 90 x 10 - Black Bars - Inspired Arcade - White Front Wheel - DMR D-vee 24" Rim - Draco 20mm DH hub in blue Rear Wheel - Sun S-Type 24" Rim - Halo 135mm hub in black with allen key release - 24/7 single speed kit Brakes - 1 week old Shimano M445's on 203 rotors front and rear, basically new pads Other bits - Brave Machine sealed bearing headset - Vans waffle grips - Kenda tyres - Inspired Pivotal seatpost - Blue Eclat Pivotal saddle
  12. Jeez that is nice! Love the curve in the down tube and how clean the lines look on it..
  13. That was a fun vid to watch, good vibes and some decent spots
  14. looking for cheap mod parts, all of them, for a complete bike, for cheap, cheers