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  1. Tyre recommendations for the mx5 ? got some hankook Ventus brand new x2... need another 2. For “spirited “ road driving , very occasional track use. 195/45/16 and around £50 each ideally .!432!3!209143367941!!!g!!&ef_id=WyemtwAAAJPj61m2:20180618123359:s
  2. Thanks man it’s coming along slowly ; boost is on the cards once it’s taken off the road again ( assuming it makes it onto the road this year ha )
  3. New ME221 ECU
  4. Posted Today, 11:28 PM A few parts back from sandblasting. Engine mounts Also started stripping the calipers apart for a set of new seals. Drilled and tapped the banjo bolt out at M6 to suit a grease nipple, used a spacer to block the banjo holes and a grease gun to force the seized pistons out from their bores. Rear piston in need of some scotchbrite Also managed to get all the exhaust manifold nuts removed, copper greased and replaced.
  5. Posted Today, 11:17 PM The old gearbox had a tendency to jump out of first, unfortunately the new box that was purchased had suffered from water ingress. Pulled the new box apart to figure out how it all worked, then tackled the second. Turned out the synchro for first gear had loads of instant gasket sealant stuck in it preventing it from fully engaging, Hopefully this will remedy the issue.
  6. engine bay sprayed in 2k PZ gloss black
  7. Decided to get the engine bay sprayed first so got everything masked off , 320 grit wet and dried the whole lot with some small rotary wire brushes for the awkward areas then put down some MIPA Etch Primer for the bare metal parts.
  8. Inlet Manifold got treated to a few coats of VHT Paint Gave the rotors a quick wire brush and hammerited the centres. Started to do some body repair on the mk2.5 NBFL bumper Sideskirts also needed some TLC
  9. Changed the clutch for a new Exedy unit and did the rear main crankshaft seal at the same time.
  10. Is anyone keen for a big London Ride then ?
  11. London sounds cool akin to the big 2009 ride
  12. I'm keen but Manchester is a fair jaunt for me in Cornwall
  13. Been a bit too long since the last update, but this what has been achieved since the end of February: Started a wire tuck on the engine bay as the engine itself was well out of the way Ran the cable through the indicator routing holes ( had to enlarge to fit the bigger multi plugs through ) Engine bay before starting rust removal etc prep work Engine bay during prep Front hubs were looking terrible, so wire brushed them with the grinder and gave them a few coats of hammerite. After paint Noticed a fair amount of corrosion on the coils of the BC racing coilovers, so going to give them the same treatment to try and protect them. Stripped the rear lights down to do the halo LED ring mod, and add a red filter to both sides so the backend is more symmetrical. Bought a donor shell for the windscreen, rear quarters and some other little clips etc. £50 + 40 for the next door neighbour to transport it for me. Drilling out many spot welds. Some damage to the drivers side quarter Unfortunately found some rot too New gearbox also sourced from the same place for £30 Grotty rusty calipers after wire brushing Painted the calipers purple to match the cam cover. Plenty more updates to come once i get some more pictures from my old phone. Hopefully having a flurry of activity to get the car done for Summer!
  14. I would say so, goes on really well and has good coverage. Managed 4 x subframes , 4x wishbones and one subframe to 1 litre. Time will tell how well it wears!
  15. So got a few hours in on the weekend ; wire brushed the subframe and gave it a couple of coats of raptor. Also cleaned up the entire length of the chassis rails, some small patches of corrosion near the brake lines / front subframe mounts and gave it all 2 layers of raptor. I REALLY don't understand how anyone can repair the chassis rails without taking the engine out!