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  1. Few of us Cornish headed up See you there
  2. For the bottom bracket height of the stock the front end is likely far too high as mikeee has pointed out, hence... lose most of the spacers
  3. This ... Also, I'm the same with the 6-7 pallet scenario and I know a few others who top out also. Seems to be going above bar is quite a mental barrier.
  4. If it were me I'd run 1t heavier maximum than on pure trials bike. E.g. 18:14t with 175mm.
  5. Mx came out with the Echo
  6. New roof went on the MX5 yesterday night, got a mohair with heated glass for £50. Also hopefully sorted out a sticking front caliper piston. Ibiza's all been MOT'd just waiting for a dry day to machine polish some marks out and get her listed and sold
  7. Congrats Mr. Rain bird ! Ibiza failed its mot ; brake pad seperate from its backing on the way to the mot tester , cv joint gone and excessive tyre wear on inner edge. Shit Managed to fit the aux belt in the Audi in an evening , bit of a shitter taking the front end off to get to it.
  8. b*****d alternator belt on the Audi just shredded itself due to aux tensioner pulley collapsing , and the MX aux belt is now squealing as soon as I started it ! Fuuu....... ibiza now has a working handbrake , and new wiper motor so fingers crossed for MOT tomorrow so I can get her sold and make more room for the Mx work
  9. The disc tab is machined down because the NDS Spacer has also been machined down.... keeps proper alignment
  10. Oh fair enough mate
  11. Oh fair enough mate
  12. I don't know then haha sounds the same as the YouTube version above to me
  13. So... bought myself an Mx, far earlier than anticipated but it was cheap and very local highlights include a minidisc changer , leaky roof , hole in rear wheel arch , welded diff and a slightly dodgy first gear but apart from that it's a cool little car Jasper Conran ltd edition mk2 1.8 Love how it drives , but makes the Audi feel like pure luxury haha now got to pull my finger out and get the Ibiza through an mot to get some space to work on the 5!
  14. That actually is Enter Shikari
  15. 3.57 is in Falmouth mate