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  1. Thanks for the comments) Making this video I had not strict plan what to do and how final result will look like. Only thing I knew, video should be smooth and dynamic at the same time. It was important for me to hear positive feedback. Cheers!
  2. Just found that almost 10 years had passed since I had my last video on 20" trials bike. Building an 'experimental' street trials bike I did not expected that I will enjoy the result so much. I won't argue that my riding is hardly influenced by bmx, but on this bike I can ride whatever spots or obstacles that I can find in my quite small city. So here is my first profile on a street trials mod. Cheers!
  3. Changed rear tyre (Eclat Predator 2.3), seat (BoneDeth Vibrator), bb bolts, rotor (G3), added an extra headset spacer and a booster.
  4. Yep)
  5. Over 10 years estonian trials riders are holding the tradition of opening a new season with a street jam. Back in the days this event gathered up to 80 riders. Over the years most of them gave up, but trials still ain't dead out here. We were glad to ride together again and had a nice jam. Cheers!
  6. I liked how the video is made, especially its warm colors. Nice work!
  7. Awesome! Most of the jibs were like "whataf@ck has just happened".. Liked different wallride variations and that front to back to 270 gap was the best.
  8. I am not sure about those black and white stickers on fork, but I like graphics on the other parts. After smashing a rotor today I had same thoughts about all disc brakes I would glad to ride with a v-brakes on front but ain't gonna buy a new fork
  9. Even if this one had not "do or die" stunts I liked it very much. Was nice to see more technical tricks. Good work!
  10. Haha, what bmx do you have?
  11. Or may be mods used to look like a bmx without a seat
  12. Back in the days when I rode trials I used to f*ck up my bike in by beginning of a new season. This year I am glad to start with a "brand new". For a long time I had an idea building a mod that would have advantages of a bmx bike on the streets, but was still suitable for some trials jibs. I was not sure what geo and parts it should have, so build it as an experimental bike. After testing it for a month I can say that I reached my goal. I can do things (on same level) that I did on a my mod bike 9 years ago, plus I got a bike with pretty close geo to my bmx. Frame: Haro (wb 940mm, cs 340mm, bb +65mm, 580mm) Fork: Echo Lite Bars: DaBomb Tactic 690mm Grips: BoneDeth Burning Rubber Levers: Avid Cables:Odyssey Barends: Odi Stem: Jitsie 135x35 Headset: Integrated Seat: Mongoose pivotal Seatpost: Macneil nub Cranks: Jitsie 170 mm Cog: Trialtech 18t Bashring: Handmade, Alu Chain: KMC 710 BB: Echo ISIS Pedals: Eclat Alu Front wheel Hub: Echo Rim: Echo, Single wall Tyre: Animal GLH 2.25 Noname tube, Eclat rimtape Brake: Avid BB5, 160mm Rear wheel Hub: DK Megawatt, 12t (120 engagement points) Rim: Blank, Double wall Tyre: Animal GLH 2.25 Nonename tube folded in another tube. Rimtape: Blank. Brake: Shimano Pads: Salt Propeller
  13. Missed this message, sorry) DK bicycles Megawatt hub 120 points of engagement 110mm, 36 h, 3/8 bolts You can find some on eBay.
  14. Thanks) Ghetto areas are the most comfortable to ride, chill and film)
  15. First session on my new 20" street trials bike. I did not expected that experiment with this kind of bike will have any success, but I was wrong. It feels definitely better than my old 24" bike, may be because I used to ride on small bikes all the time. Anyway spring has came and I started working on a following video profile. Cheers!