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  1. Don't remember this, so it does not count...
  2. Am I that bad....?
  3. Been awhile since I have been on here....need any marshals? Always keen for pints at the MacDonald hotel...
  4. eeheet
  5. yag
  6. Did you get my PMs?

  7. Im going to move back to aberdeen, but not just for you, but for kerrie aswel...!

  8. Hey mate, just noticed you live in edinburgh, and me and a few others, ride in edinbuegh and were trying to get a a bigger group of trials riders about edinburgh, would you be intrested in riding sometime?

  9. I may be jump on you, when I see you, and I may bum the living day lights out of you!

  10. I think some got vaildated?

  11. Im stalking you....on Th that is...

  12. I may try and kiss you next time i see you...but in a manly way!

  13. heyllo! I know you!

  14. did you try emiling me about my onza cranks and bb?