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  1. Don't remember this, so it does not count...
  2. Am I that bad....?
  3. Been awhile since I have been on here....need any marshals? Always keen for pints at the MacDonald hotel...
  4. Wow...just WOW, I've been left speechless, my favourite video up until this point was Ben Travis's entry but it's a tough call now(sorry Samuel)!
  5. Sorry lads, not going to make this, I have a race! Next time though, il be their to be the token fat guy!
  6. Brilliant, his best so far!
  7. To be honest there not really marzocchi, they are just sun tours, re branded and with marzocchi lowers! So they aren't worth very much, and probs not worth fixing....
  8. You'r such a scene kid now, Ben...! That was fricking awesome Ben, You've nailed your 3's I see! How long have you been riding brakeless again?
  9. yes yes YES!
  10. Count me in!
  11. That looks fricking awesome! Is a 24''?
  12. I got this built up at the start of the week, it's riding really well at the moment, but still needs some new forks, and few other little bits, just to finish it off.
  13. Holy F*ck Ben, that looks brutal!