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  1. Rude boi. I read somewhere that the extra weight causes pretty bad understeer?
  2. I love them! Fancy a project one at some point but for now I just want to keep them nice. Fitted my bluetooth stereo and wired in a mic last night so I can use the phone through the stereo now. (So useful). This is my third one. Had a green 1998 1.3l GX 5 door, then a 2001 1.0l 3 door poverty spec thing (very gutless when towing my bikes on the trailer), but then the other day a 2002 1.4l 5 door SE+ came up. Every option on it you could get, and the underside has been painted with oil every year to protect it. 50k miles on it so I'm made up to get it for £300. Many years of life left in this one! Only downside is the paintwork, but I can live with that. It's pretty quick with 85hp or so. Just need to get the towbar swapped from the old car to the new one and it's ready to go! I've seen a few use the SR20 engine, but they end up very front heavy. From what I've heard there's a 1.6 engine from an almera/primera which is a better match and can be turboed...
  3. Sounds like too much effort to me. I'll leave it looking ratty.
  4. Heyup chaps! Thought this was a good place to ask. Just picked up a gem of a Micra for £300, it's mint underneath and has the mighty 1.4l engine, but it's really badly faded and the lacquer is chipping in places. Are there any quick and easy ways of sorting it? I've seen what T-Cut can do (even though detailers seem to hate it) but I believe it won't do much to this because it's lacquered?
  5. Nightmare, I've had a few moments like that but never actually been hit, so been pretty lucky really. Glad you're not too bashed up though. This picture got taken of me at the last track day, I love it!
  6. You lot didn't (chit-chat regulars) because you never rode your bikes. It was the random people I'd never met before shouting it at me to put me off at competitions that was the final straw.
  7. It was the main reason I gave up trials comps and groups rides because I couldn't go 5 mins without hearing it, mentioned it to my mate who made it the next time I saw him and he felt that bad he took it down. He might still have it but there's no way you f**kers are getting hold of it again.
  8. Bloody hell chaps there have been some upgrades round here! I can like things and tag people and everything! @MadManMike @Dave Anscombe
  9. Back to save you dippy twonks from yourselves by the sound of it?
  10. GREETING FRIENDS. Popped back for a gander recently after not posting for about 2 years and doing other stuff. Nothing appears to be happening on here any more? Shame.
  11. Finally got myself a bike worth taking pictures of. 2004 SV650 with a GSXR750 front end and rear shock, and some green paint. I bought it as a streetfighter and added clipons and rearsets because I've started doing a few track days. Also use it for commuting to work and planning on doing some touring over the summer (although might put the big bars back on for that).
  12. I took this approach last time I did one of the bike track days there, pretty liberating.
  13. Oh behave. It was a good film, and seemed like a strong start to the new trilogy, but I find myself thinking more than once, "come on now, this could have been done better".
  14. RSQ

    Just this one now. Old thread was just full of consoles and shit anyway...