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  1. Fast-Forward halfway through video to watch Elite Men's 20" and 26"
  2. I hope the late Carrie Fisher's tribute, is a good and meaningful one in this trilogy
  3. F1 cars in London. Thankfully no McLarens to cause a public embarrassment.
  4. F1

  5. Line at around 01:36-01:40 was sweet.
  7. Turning out to be an interesting stage of events after 4 stages. Cav injured and out, Sagan disqualified and out, Thomas retains yellow Jersey.
  8. Nearly 30mins long but worth watching every minute.
  9. What the heck
  10. Well judging by the recent protest marches, the impact of this event to local communities, is clearly not going away anytime soon.
  11. Good Watch from Duncan and Danny