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  1. Unreal bunnyhop wall grind @ 01:13. Insane gap at the end!
  2. Cheese n Toast.
  3. Talk about picking your moments to bounce back from the haters in a big way, then this happens. If this performance doesn't launch Ali onto bigger things, then there is something wrong. With regards to Danny's knee problem, is it the same right knee he had operated on a few years back?
  4. Insane watch of Sam Pilgrim's Barcelona sess. You really get a sense of huge scale perspective from Pilgrim's helmet cam footage of all the rideable architecture of the place.
  5. Is the social media the enemy of my friend or my enemy. Ali you certainly found that out the hard way. I had trouble myself trying to pay for that exclusive vlog content. That was one social experiment that got way out of hand. Ps, you can't please everyone Ali, f**k the haters.
  6. That Inertia video was insane.
  7. Great to see Bersha back on stock bike as his laid-back style is clearly better suited than on the Inspired Hex. Also great to see Impulse Bikes haven't disappeared from scene. @Herbertlemon102 this double posting problem is really annoying.
  8. F**k waiting another 3yrs, I wanna see his level of riding this year.
  9. No need when you got baggage handlers to do the job for you. Checkout the spoke lacing on his bike.
  10. Don't know how this posted twice. Admin please remove
  11. My bad if already posted before, just don't remember seeing this particular video. Scary stuff being that high up.
  12. Toni Bou and co having fun on these.
  13. What's with the pallets on that ramped section? At 05:33, was that really necessary.