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  1. F1

    Baku Azerbaijan might be a boring circuit, but the race itself was anything but boring. Gutted for Bottas having a certain win snatched from him near the end. As for the two flying bulls!
  2. The outtakes of this must be brutal. What rear hub is Fabio running during that rollback chase segment?
  3. Another level!
  4. Unreal watch for the time.
  5. No words for this, just gravity defying madness. You might wanna fast-forward to the point where he does back flip off the kicker.
  6. F1

    One of the best races to date.
  7. Knowing that our country is safe whilst another is being devastated by our leaders. Such is life..
  8. Something better to watch than looking out the window with the pi**ing rain.
  9. In some ways, l am happy for Tyler Super T Klassen that he is able to look back at the highlights of his earlier career but also sadden how his career nose-dived by a sequence of bad crashes and sponsors not fully supporting him. Seeing his face and just reminiscening the stuff he pulled off in the JIB video, RedBull Rampage 2002.