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  1. Same race course with an equally crazy end. The kind of racing that F1 needs.
  2. This truck gonna be a game changer for sure if it can back up those performance figures.
  3. Wtf carnage at 01:50
  4. Rawisode 13. Plenty of sweet lines on this gem
  5. LOL on the outtakes at the end.
  6. Not part of the Vlog, but cool slow-mo stuff on Hero6. Loving the up-to-front nose bonk stall thing over the rail.
  7. Cool watch.
  8. Additional footage probably won't be as cool as this 360 degree footage of the Bloodhound test run but still worth the wait whatever they bring out
  9. Given the all whole setup of this record attempt, it's a pity we only get the onboard footage. Would love to have seen the drone footage.
  10. Insane run
  11. Ace watch, and very much on par with his previous 'Black Bike' videos. Can't imagine time and effort he put into getting the set up right for all those night shots.
  12. Matt Jones killing it Flowstyle.
  13. Highlights of Rampage 2017 finals.
  14. Ben and Ali sharing virtually mirrored bikes and riding styles. Sintaro guy so good. Vinnie up-to-frontwheel monster.