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  1. F**k that drop gap attempt at the beginning
  2. Keen to see Martyn Ashton's latest riding video ahead of the Cycle Show 2017.
  3. That foot-plant 360 thing he does adds a neat twist to a regular foot-plant.
  4. If only if it was as simple as that.
  5. F1

    Arguably the best on-board pole position lap I have seen for a long time. For a moment when Vettel hit the wall with his left front and rear, I thought the pole was over, but he still continued to push right on the limit. Livestream link
  6. Curious how that steering column design works.
  7. It's Wayne's World Chump.
  8. Coverage starts Wednesday 6th till Sunday 10th.
  9. 24mins long but still worth the watch.
  10. Loved it from beginning to end.
  11. Yeah well you gotta give some love to Jack for being a true brexit for missing the gate at the end of section 5 lol!
  12. Observers giving Jack Carthy a five on section4 was the ultimate p*ss take especially over something so marginal.