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  1. Evening gents, could someone do my a Photoshop favour on the wife's polo.. Turn the wheels silver and approx 40mm drop? Much appreciation!
  2. Easy Lads, Had this stolen last monday night by some scumbag, took the door of the shed and left the screws < Very nice of them. Obviously seems like some random uneducated chav as i'm not known to anyone in the area and they left the BMX worth alot more I imagine they've seen me on it and thought 'Oh that's got no seat it must be worth money, ill have that' I know its pretty worthless, but I drove 4 hours for it because i wanted the 'older' parts for a retro build. I doubt anyone will hear anything. I'm just hoping to see someone riding about. Any info is much appreciated. Was stolen from DE11. some Burton/Lichfield/Tamworth/Derby maybe? Thanks Adam
  3. It'll be reet.
  4. Think I have it on my hdd.. I'll have a look and let you know
  5. Go stitch yourself up for HP?
  6. Family plans £2700
  7. Round Diamondback was awesome.. very zebidi look to them i think!
  8. Full of nostalgia.. always loved the t-mag/master! Short mods ***!
  9. I was gonna bid on that too! haha, but its not my geo for a mod, so I went with the proto T-mag, full of nostalgia thanks to @Herbertlemon102's thread, made me realise how much I loved my T-master when I was a youth.
  10. I think it's awesome :/ Looks like i'd really get on with riding it, more so than the average inspired!
  11. Between these 2, granted I couldn't really ride back then, and the jack flash in this pic was dead (Originally had XC/D521 rear wheel, power pro's and racelines).
  12. Awesome that.. mostly stoke?
  13. Not on your list but how about an Alfa 159ti 2.4JTDM in saloon or sportwagon form
  14. All lined up fine :/ , Im gonna try fuse out reset later, if that fails take the unit back out and put it back in see if it makes a difference, the only thing now is I genuinely have no idea how much fuel is in the tank, I don't believe its as low as it says, 47 miles to 1/4 tank, the way ive been driving is definitely not right.