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  1. The trials scene down south bout 5/6 years ago was great, people riding most weekends and having a good time. I bmx also but just miss riding trials. Me and 2 mates have got bikes again and just doing it for a bit of fun.
  2. Just picked up a bike again and didn't know the trials world had gotten so quiet. 2 maybe 3 locals left around my way. Dorset. But that's bout it: used to be loads around.
  3. ever thought of trying to make a plat the shape of the gusseting you have there so you can place that in first the befor the bolt so it will not slip forward at all.
  4. I couldn't stop laughing when this happened. I was standing on the raised area. Still laugh like no tomorrow when I watch it back on here, the video doesn't do it justice.
  5. i liked that but i would say you should be on a 24" set up.
  6. Sorry to sound stupid but I gap the same way, left foot forward and tilted to the left a bit(not as extreme as he is though) I do side hop the other way though lol. Why do you say to learn doing things the other way. Back on topic, nice work but for some reason every time you went to do a big gap it kinda jumped.
  7. Boscombe is ok.rode there earlier today.
  8. There's nothing in Christchurch dude.
  9. Reminded me of a BMX DVD.
  10. Hold up lol.i used to ride BMX so not all tgs at all lol.
  11. I think its rubbish, rides like a dog and weighs a tonne. Looks like the colour of stuff that comes out of my dogs backside lol. Joking lol, its not to bad lol.
  12. Really enjoied that dude.still an animal of a rider like always. i really enjoyed the artie style edit too...maybe something like that envolved in a longer edit with more of ur powerhouse things too.
  13. nice video dave lol im just annoyed that i ran out of memory... it was an enjoyable day.
  14. Thought you were going to do it lol.
  15. Well best be getting some more paint stripper lol.