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  1. happy birthday buudy i see youve got some rebos now hehe
  2. yeh boii nice riding
  3. wrong acount >>>cheers
  4. any one no the best way to raw a frame ? nitromors or sand blast ? cheers james
  5. such a good ride that day mate glad we caught it on camara
  6. nah its 1000 weel base ice is 1025
  7. that was my first ride on it haha it feels so long compaired to the limey
  8. cheers kyle cracked it buddy every time ide hop it would creak haha yer bluddy onza ices have that in frame cable thing and had no zip ties yer mate it sucks love that frame just cant wait for the new onza frame to come out
  9. thanks for the comments guys really appreciate it
  10. i love that frame just wish they made it in maggie
  11. hi guys :)had some clips on my computer so decided to make a vid enjoy
  12. wicked video paul gettting to bluddy good for your age and nice edit flip
  13. that was sick kyle make more vids
  14. doesent work for me either