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  1. That’s a beauty John! Lots of love from @trials_bikes_with_saddles
  2. ODI longnecks if you like that BMX look and all day comfort, oh and they are very hard wearing. And they’re only a tenner.
  3. Hi guys some of you older lot who rode 15+ years ago may be interested in my new Instagram account @trials_bikes_with_saddles Take a look if you like older bikes and magazine snips. Ta Ben
  4. they are disgusting.
  5. ...what Ross said
  6. Try eurohostel, I stayed there on a stag weekend back in May and it did the job, £40 for 2 nights. You might have to share a room though with a random person.
  7. Any one know this? I mean the ones with the jungle/bones graphics as for sale by @Herbertlemon102
  8. EX721s here: although, what is wrong with your current set up?
  9. yesss! just off to ebay to hunt down a small zaskar, BRB
  10. Not my bike here but does anyone remember the sunn trials bike? Ed tongue was riding it before the pashley was born, there is an issue of mbuk with him doing an endo on the front and looking down at the camera, great intro article on the pashley in that one, I wish I could find a copy on the plus side, I have a sunn trials frame hanging up in my man cave
  11. Love it. Here is my pashley from many moons ago (early 2000) I'd love to know where it is now... Its what I'm riding in my little profile picture on here
  12. Haha yeah it's a bit different eh!! lets get weird! I think at some point maybe a more compy frame might be on the shopping list as and when I get better- but for now, this is how it stands. Marmite.
  13. Then this pops up in Instagram, FFS, can't please em all
  14. I'm yet to ride it! Just picked it up yesterday and it was hoofing down with rain, shame I couldn't get out today, hopefully will be able to give it a run before the weekend
  15. Haha yeah I had it ready to go on, not sure if I prefer the selle italia, I guess the inspired seat will be a bit more hard wearing... I literally just picked it up yesterday, Ben at trials addict sorted most of the bits for me, although the frame and seat came from tarty if anyone was interested it's a 120 stem and low rise bars