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  1. Looking to see if anyones riding at radical bikes tomorrow if so i'l pop up.
  2. didn't end up going due to wet next sunday it is
  3. i looked around and cannot find anything with the same caliper and cannot find a guide or video of anyone taking a hope piston apart lol il carry on looking.
  4. I have surfed the web and found nothing to help me with hope trial zone caliper servicing can someone possibly link me something please
  5. i have no idea how to service a hope brake haha will look for a guide somewhere this is the first time ive really used dual disc's
  6. Hey all, Me and a mate are going to radical bikes this Sunday will be there from open till 5ish if anyone fancies joining us more the merrier :).
  7. Hey all i have a question i have some hope trial zones front is amazing working fine but the pistons on the rear wont stay in no matter what i do there is always constant rub on the disc ive re bled i thought maybe over filled it nope so let some fluid out made it slightly better but still the pistons are coming out i need some help please
  8. All freewheels do this mate don't worry about it
  9. it's normally down to riders preference pal.
  10. Think we are looking at standish area i'l be up for riding when ever i can nomally sundays.
  11. Good to know i know a few are up that way didn't know how close when i move up i'd like to try organizing something to meet a few people.
  12. Hi i'l be moving to wigan in January 2018 and wanting to know if there's many riders that way.
  13. Dave your bike is sexy! you need to hurry and ride haha with us
  14. not terribly far from me im in hastings and radical bikes park is sound loads to do bit of riding for every level