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  1. Hi i'l be moving to wigan in January 2018 and wanting to know if there's many riders that way.
  2. Dave your bike is sexy! you need to hurry and ride haha with us
  3. not terribly far from me im in hastings and radical bikes park is sound loads to do bit of riding for every level
  4. Im from hastings i ride with peter on the weekends i have kids and don't get loads of time to ride but more riders = more fun don't hesitate to give me a shout.
  5. looks sick!!
  6. ST Leonard's pal not far from the town me and peter normally ride the seafront in bexhill but will be riding hastings seafront at some points too let me know if your ever down on a sunday pal i work everyday apart from sundays.
  7. Practise pal all trials is practise lol
  8. sorry i have not looked at this in a while how far from hastings are you?
  9. what areas do you ride looking for more riders i am in Hastings so not to far i guess.
  10. Hahaha no i was looking for a second hand bike to get back into riding and she was scrolling through a page i said not heard of that before jistie looks cool couple days later someone dm's me saying i have a couple bikes for sale she says you dont really need one blah blah blah.lol
  11. You have go to love your wife when she buys you a bike without warning
  12. BUMP
  13. BUMP Looking for more riders in hastings bexhill anyone?
  14. Yes pal it would be good to have people to ride with i have a wife and 2 kids so my ride days would more then likely be tuesdays inbetween 12 and 6 or fridays message me your number il add you on whatsapp get a little group going.
  15. sweet man thats not far at all mate only a couple miles we can meet up one day mate i have seen some nice natty on the seafront think you know where i mean neer the camping site.