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  1. Hahaha no i was looking for a second hand bike to get back into riding and she was scrolling through a page i said not heard of that before jistie looks cool couple days later someone dm's me saying i have a couple bikes for sale she says you dont really need one blah blah blah.lol
  2. You have go to love your wife when she buys you a bike without warning
  3. BUMP
  4. BUMP Looking for more riders in hastings bexhill anyone?
  5. Yes pal it would be good to have people to ride with i have a wife and 2 kids so my ride days would more then likely be tuesdays inbetween 12 and 6 or fridays message me your number il add you on whatsapp get a little group going.
  6. sweet man thats not far at all mate only a couple miles we can meet up one day mate i have seen some nice natty on the seafront think you know where i mean neer the camping site.
  7. Can i trial this game please have always wanted to see a trials game out there i used to find glitches in games and post them on se7ensins to be fixed @kimosabi
  8. this looks good
  9. Hey all, I ordered a new bike yesterday and would like to see if anyone here rides in Hastings or knows of any riders in Hastings would be good to have people to ride with. Thanks.
  10. Hi all i just started trials again was riding for a few years and just bought my first ever stock bike so looking for riders in Hastings, would be nice to have people to ride with again :).
  11. That was some sweet riding there at the end love the 360 holding the bars and that was probably the best editing i have seen brilliant vid and a few people i know are watching it as we speak. keep up the riding and can't wait to see more vids.
  12. All you need to do is find the balance point on the back wheel, once you've done that start trying to kick the pedals and roll and break and stay on the back wheel once you have done that try jumping whilst letting go of the break kicking and holding the break again just keep practicing and you will be on your way. hope this helped
  13. Just messing around in spain on my new Echo can't get used to dd so look at my selling thread, also comment on the vid please .
  14. was at my local shops and saw some benches so rode up lifted my front wheel on to the bench pulled my front break and went to lift my back wheel on miss judged the height and my drop out hit the metal bench and slid out from under me. my mate was laughing something terrible and alot of people where laughing to, he said i did a complete 360 barrel roll.. is the only way to describe it was the no.1 embarrassing thing on my life's current list lmao was made worse as i knew nearly everyone there... this was actually a good post btw brings some peoples worst memories back and makes you laugh lol.
  15. Thanks all for the comments the video was made at a school in whitleigh , plymouth called Sir John Hunt i thought there was too many slow motions and not enough clips of me but my hands where killing lmao. i liked the music though