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  1. Dj Ride.

    all right mate i should be there on a bmx as my bike is still in the process of getting built. i am goin just for the fact to pay respect to dj and to see all my old mates who have not seen for over 5 months since my trials bike got robbed,
  2. hey I got a chris king classic and i want to know how much it is worth second hand but is in good nick. please help me please. thanks jamie
  3. Bikes

    Hey I had an old Gu stock but then it got nicked out my shed which was a bummer well its bin 5 months now and rebuilding a new bike ready for the summer which is goin to mint well the bike i have then will be a koxx level boss stock old frame.
  4. Best Value Pads

    I go with Heatsink Reds mate trust when i got my first trials bike thay had the old reds and are good plus on the good side they work bloody great in the rain. I was out ride and it was rain and my mates had to stop rideing but i just carryed on rideing in the rain and held.
  5. i still think i am Sponsored by selective clothing when i get a bike up and running and i got sponsored because its my best mates.
  6. My Bike Got Nicked Out Of Shed.

    yeah i will be for weeks it was my life but hay SORRY THIS IS MY OLD ACCOUNT
  7. Pooooole This Sunday?

    poooooooole ride this sunday people there is a load of us rideing poole so trying to get a lot more people goin because its goin to be a great ride. lets hope the weather is good. cheers jay
  8. London This Sunday (aka Children In Need Ride)

    rob about 15 for train fares there and back and for over 16 about 25 to 26 for us lot rob n 16 for you
  9. Portsmouth Ride This Sunday.

    o alex why cant u ride working again and try and make it because u never come on much rides now would be nice to ride with u in portsmouth and do you no if chris is goin. jay
  10. Portsmouth Ride This Sunday.

    has that made u happy
  11. hi some of us are goin to portsmouth this sunday anyone want to come, 11 guildhall like allways. cheers jay
  12. Children In Need

    hi guys i am up for it email me what day n time, my addy is and me and andy b from eastleigh are comeing all the way. right back jay
  13. On Youtube And Found This

    u need sound because thay ride to the beat
  14. Hampshire Riders

    me and alex and others from swaything
  15. Sunday Ride Southampton 28th.

    sorry man we all ways ride sundays well most of the time. most of the riders work saterday there is a ride tomoz with me n rob in southampton you are welcome to come with us. ring me one this if u want to ride tomoz and to check we are rideing 07951262106 ok jamie