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    basically a pitbul simple as cba 2 go into details
  1. where i live you do get the occasional moan but more people are actuali intrested in the bikes and regularly ask where you can buy them from. i find if you are polite to people they will be slighly more polite to you even if they are grumpy old sods matt
  2. Thanks for your help but how do i do that?
  3. Not a bad idea... Thanks
  4. heard a song on an advert for the new seat ibiza i think it was. I was just wondering if anyone has it and could send it me? I realise i haven't described it very well so chances are you wont have a clue what im on about but any help would be great thanks matt
  5. R.I.P buddy
  6. thanks... well i only left high school a year ago so meh. i like them still there newest one is mint.
  7. usually meet just over the road from the New Street Train Station. Then move onto Victoria Square If you know where any of that is? Matt
  8. Isn't there a Birmingham ride nearly every weekend? Seems like it anyway. Thanks for all the comments so far but more would still be appreciated. Matt
  9. blatently... stock is the way forward. no offence to mod riders though. I have alot of respect for them.
  10. Just to let any one who is interested no im 16 and have been riding trials just over two years. one year on a mod and under one year on stock Stock helped me improve alot quicker !
  11. Cheers for the comment. i take it you like the pink bits then... the bike rides like a tank its horrible but meh cant afford new parts so i just cope with what ive got.
  12. Thanks mate... its... the little things give you away - Linkin Park
  13. Hello Thought i would release this footage of me riding. it was filmed over two days. One day in Worcester and the other in Birmingham. Any Comments would be appreaciated. Thanks Matt