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  1. Crashes video added...I spent quite a lot of time going over the bars...
  2. Cheers Joe. Glad it has had that kind of impact.
  3. It's only got reach adjust unfortunately, although the BAT adjuster (bite point) doesn't have a whole lot of benefit on the MT7's (just my opinion).
  4. YES! edit:
  5. I've used all three brakes, and put them in this order (first being my favourite) MT6 - MT7 - MT5. The MT6 offers slightly more pad clearance so doesn't rub as much, the brake holds really well (not quite on par with the MT7 / MT5, but more than enough) and from my experience, has more modulation than the 4pot brakes. I haven't checked, but would hazard a guess the MT6 brakes are slightly lighter too... The MT7 has a little more adjustment capability, so works a tad better than the MT5 (in terms of clearance). Also, when using the 4 pot brake, the MT5 has a two pad configuration (vs. 4 pad configuration on the 7), in my experience the two pad configuration feels more reliable / has less pad rock. If you can get one of the newer 1-finger levers then the brakes feel more 'solid' than the two finger levers (and more comfortable). In terms of pad choice, the Magura standard pads are excellent once worn in (which should take less than 30 mins), offer great modulation vs. power. I would highly recommend keeping them and giving them a try before you go straight out and buy some aftermarket pads. Finally, the price, MT6 is middle of the road (£130ish), with the 5 being the cheapest (£90ish) / 7 most expensive (£170ish).
  6. or better still...
  7. Thanks for the comments guys, much appreciated.
  8. I'm still trying to find my limits after breaking my elbow, but managed to get enough footage to pull together a wee video from my time in Bristol. I've tried my best to find new spots / put my own spin on the regular spots. Let me hear your thoughts Song: Can't you hear me knocking - Rolling Stones CRASHES VIDEO:
  9. So as i said, it's over 4.5k in some currency...(AUD for example)
  10. No currency mentioned, it'll be 4.5k in something...
  11. Trials-Forum has got a new tag line...get it in a banner... "Theres the odd kid who's got an opinion on forums that's pretty severe, but they probably had a can of coke too many that day, and they don't really mean it"
  12. @lifes-a-trial I'm from 'ull lad. Been in Aberdeen for around 15 years though!
  13. It's not todays riding, nor is it recent, but it's short & probably doesn't deserve it's own here it is just for @Ross McArthur
  14. The barspin from that super wobbly fence had me all