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  1. Yeah, i believe they do come with instructions, although to be honest its simply a case of tapping out the pin that holds the lever in, replacing the lever, and tapping the pin back through. I haven't had to rebleed at all on installation of any new levers on mine, so wouldn't expect so
  2. I like this conversation :-D. When i'm filming, I'm firmly in the 'try until it looks as good as I want it to', and know its probably to the detriment of my overall video quality / quantity unfortunately. I will punish myself over small things, and go after things until i'm happy with it (or i can't ride along anymore). I do agree with Ali, BUT, its each to their own really. If you're happy enough with it that you've included it in a video, then I'm happy to watch it. I've dropped many clips because they don't meet my own standards...and really, thats what matters, your own standards. I'm massively impressed / jealous how you constantly progress, regardless of whether you think you're progressing. Can't wait to ride this weekend now :).
  3. What he said. So good Flipp. Love it. Especially the arse slide.
  4. EDIT: Ignore my post, i see where your problem lies now...
  5. Michael, Michael, Michael....
  6. Have you seen that counterweight of a seat?
  7. If you can't find an axle spacer, there are extra threads on the drive side cup of this BB to help as well
  8. If you like watching riders with great bike control and you don't follow Damjan already, you should...
  10. Worst thing is that the hull riders (myself included back int day) have been riding this place for YEARS! Bash guard marks all over it, and we always had crowds gathering to watch, with very little negative comments if i remember correctly.
  11. Do explain why?
  12. Keep Manchester up too :-D