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  1. some old tricks
  2. Mainly riding rocks!
  3. Thanks for the comments :-) . I didn't notice his bar angle at the time, it does look rolled forward a lot.
  4. That was great, love the bar spins!
  5. Thanks Ali, I think I might have a go when I next ride my bike. Hopefully I won't end up going over the handlebars.
  6. That's cool, just wanted a rough idea, amazing! I'm really rubbish at straight bunny hops. My excuse - I think having a really high bottom bracket doesn't help with stability at speed. It's better for me when i'm going onto an object.
  7. Can you reveal how high Danny can bunny hop? I watched one of the Drop and Roll tour videos and looks like he has ridiculous hop on him. I like how you angle the bike in the air to get extra height.
  8. Thanks Andy
  9. Thanks for the reply's. I made a quick edit without music - I posted this in today's riding thread so thought I would put it here too.
  10. Yeah it seems video never shows how difficult natural terrain is, that rock still looks on the large side though! Thanks.
  11. That was a nice video, are you using an Android phone to film and edit? The attempts at getting up that rock reminds me of when I ride :-) .
  12. Thanks Ross, i'm enjoying making short videos at the moment :-) .