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  1. Chainstay Protectors

    you can pick up frame protectors for about 3 quid, or make one out of an old inner tube and a few zip ties, but tape does work, just peals off after a while and leaves loads of sticky shizen on the frame ... i used to use a cut up old tyre for a frame protector ..... with a bit of cut down plastic gutter pipe on the bottom seemed to kind of work
  2. What Do Disc Mount Facing Mean?

    makes sure the disc mounts are parralel to the axle point, so everything is linned up erfect. it takes off the layer of paint, or defects in the metal so the caliper is nice and flat againts them (or washers). And like everyone else says, stops squel and makes it alot easier to set up ..
  3. Tricks And Stunts Video

    well i have 2 pashley frames, one of which I'm going to build up with some fox forks (100 MM) and make a beastly street bike .. getting extra gussets on the frame, will be interesting!! one bike i would like to try though is the norco moment. a ryan leech one hop wonder bike would be nice ... and his skill with that ha ha
  4. Tricks And Stunts Video

    just decided to have a night infront of the box going through all my old bike videos ... Sprung 3/Chain spotting/Dirt/evolve/revolution ... and i have to say, tricks and stunts ....... what a class video. This is the video that got me into trials ... and still watching it now makes me want to go and ride! where has all the bikes gone with seats, big frames, and suspension. Its on thing that makes this style bike standout. its that the two martins still ride short, street stle bikes .... BRING BACK THE OLD SCHOOL!!!
  5. Fork Troubles

    i've had alot of onzas in my shop, and i do find that the star nuts they use are pants!, if you fit a new star nut then i think that would be worth checking, the only other thing you could check is that the top of there steerer tube is not level to the top of the stem ..... if so could be worth putting a 5mm spacer in or there could be a simple bit of your headset missing, or bearings arn't to good!
  6. 24"

    that is just dam right rude, haha. everyone has there own views but mine looks like a bmx with stunt pegs, so i think that looks the nuts!!!
  7. Ryan Leech

    i like the no set up thing, i've started riding like that and find it more challenging
  8. Second Frame / Bike

    well worth 30 mate, do it .... push the boat out!!
  9. Headset

    KINGs if you can afford them, cane creek s3 is a good value money headset though!!
  10. 24"

    24" is the way to go, i really do think they ride well ... take a bit of getting used too, but there just the nuts. I have a leeson, so geo is slightly different to a zoot. But i do think its the best bike i have had over all of mine. what you riding at the moment??
  11. Ryan Leech

    i thought manifesto was a great film, maye a bit short, but some really good riding init .... so smooth and so clean
  12. Do You Class This Has A Trials Bike?

    haha see old school rules
  13. Music From Videos

    i would my friend but alos over the years the vid have gone missing, don't have any of them ... !!
  14. What Bike Do U Have?

    24" Leeson with stunt pegs, and a pashley with sus onit!!!!!!! steel street weapons and Trek 1.5 Road bike, and a orange 5 pro
  15. Wots So Special

    well i think yeh they might be over priced, but devide like the cost by how 3560 days (ten years warrenty basicly lol) thats how much its worth having .. .