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  1. Reminds me of this Merido...
  2. Twinkle toes.
  3. New v12s feel great but Vaults a little bit better still, especially if you've got big feet.
  4. You'll see more of a difference when trying to clear an obstacle instead of just getting on top of it, to clear something you need a quick snappy movement, that's much harder on a long bike, if you're using a ledge and just getting on top then there's a lot of help/room for error. That's why your best bunnyhop over will never be as high as your best bunnyhop up.
  5. Which part? Well you're near Radical Bikes, not a bad start.
  6. Na, for a new 26, but if I was riding that full time I'd be after the same kind of bars.
  7. *Loses.
  8. Pretty painful watch.
  9. Yeah they're great bars, I've just never got used to them on a 26". Think I prefer a little bit more sweep back and up for trialsy stuff.
  10. Yeah they are pretty sweepy, but unlike most I use my upsweep to sweep upwards, so I want to know what they're like in a normal position. The only pics I can find is on pogo sticks and they're virtually upside down, but 260g for a bar that big gives me doubts. I just want something to match Azonic double walls.
  11. Got a 26 to build up soon and while I love the Arcade bars they don't feel quite right on a 26" for me, but they've made Trialtech high risers feel really low, plus for trialsy stuff I prefer a bit of upsweep, the Jitsie & Clean bars look a bit better suited, but will they be strong enough? I know I can totally trust TT bars but Jitsie and Clean look more comp orientated and the Jitsie especially is stupidly light. Any experience with these or other recommendations? Basically after a high bar, higher than a Trialtech but with equal or more upsweep.
  12. But I use bigger sprockets on 26" so it just looks terrible when the arm has to point down before the cage rises back up, even with a 16t yours has to bend down to clear the sprocket before the cage rises back up because of the chain length. This is how a tensioner should look. That's a 19t on there, the arm is all the way up in line with the chainstay and there's still no clearance issue. No need to shit around with spacers and all that crap. Yours is only a 16t and you still have to bend it down out the way, if anything hits your tensioner gently your jockey wheel is touching your sprocket. It's too small for your setup.
  13. f**k that. I couldn't even use a Rohloff on my bike, I couldn't adjust it side to side, so you're stuck with one position, which wouldn't work, then the cage was too short to use anything but a BMX size sprocket. I thought mine was pretty shit, the Trialtech one is 10x better.
  14. Undo the 4mm bolt, unclip the spring end. Rotate that and the silver protruding bar down to about horizontal, do bolt back up tight then bend the spring back up and clip the end back into its groove. It'll feel quite strained but the spring is really strong.
  15. Just seen this, looks brilliant! Miss it already.