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  1. That's mental that people wait 15 years! I've always gone twice a year since I can remember, thought that was just standard, I always brushed well but I ate and drank a lot of shit growing up like we all did, luckily they've naturally always been ok and most of the problems are out of sight. Best short term thing you can do is stop drinking fizzy sugary shit, Red Bull, Coke, Monster, Rockstar, it's all basically liquid cancer, despite how sick/rad/cool the stickers look. The people I've known with the worst teeth all love a fizzy drink.
  2. It's impressive how boring that was, given the location and potential.
  3. I don't think they've evolved, they've always weighed a ton and haven't been amazing.
  4. All bash guards are light lol. If that whole hollow machined out breaky bit was solid...it would still be light, and it wouldn't break.
  5. What was wrong with normal cranks and a normal bash guard? Never saw the point of the integrated stuff, you're just getting rid of 95% of your options.
  6. I think they really are just to shield the chain a couple of times, not actually take impacts, is that a revised version?
  7. Me too! Had no f**king idea for nearly 20 years now.
  8. Also found all the autographs from Bike '98/Chainspotting. I remember as soon as I got in the NEC I saw Martyn Wheeling his red Cannondale through the crowd between shows, I was like "fuuuuuck". Ashton, Hawyes, Hans Rey, Will Longden, Andrew Titley and I can't make out the last one!
  9. I could slip on a rail and it'd clear the tyre and bashguard to leave a nice big dent.
  10. Yeah it'll be basket or mudguard mounts for reasons above. Most general bike frames that aren't high end/really specific or custom will have them.
  11. Found these today. Fairly old. 1. Look at that mobile phone. 2. I only wore Nike. Pretty sure I'm wearing two watches and a watch strap....
  12. He hasn't used many inspired logos on anything or technically promoted them for quite some time, even while riding a Skye. I don't think that's anything new. I'd imagine that'd violate quite a lucrative contract!
  13. That inner mount bit is too thin to be trials proof. It wouldn't take a tank or a basher to break that. Also surely the arms pointing straight out from the centre would be much stronger than having them like that, leant over like a disc rotor, sort of pre - collapsed.