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  1. It was 4 years ago, but that was just a plain Godzilla film, although it was great it was just Godzilla and one new monster. But King of the Monsters came out in 1956 and this will feature a load of others that were in the original too so it's long overdue. I'm a Godzilla nerd and nothing like this has been done in a long time. I've really tried to watch modern Marvel and DC stuff but it's basically all the same, over the top cgi, I can guess what's going to happen and I'm usually right, generic big Hollywood names in costumes almost being killed by the baddie then surviving and the world is safe, rinse, repeat. Couple of the Wolverines were ok, Deadpool was alright, Ryan Reynolds is cool. The Captain America actor has less charisma than my balls though, I find him unwatchable.
  2. I agree, the worst of all is anything Marvel/DC, they're just not even trying anymore, as long as it makes money. BUT.....I will make an exception for Godzilla, but every time America gets hold of him they make him extremely fat.
  3. Do more of this.
  4. Ah, you accidentally bought the Race 33 instead of the Spike 35 or the Stiffy.
  5. It stopped being a c#'t long enough for me to do a track day, it was good.
  6. Man on Fire is top of every list, ever.
  7. Did you polish the rim yourself? I've got a black Spank Stiffy on my bike and it's the worst baking surface I've ever had.
  8. Yeah that'd be useful thanks, I've looked for complete beginner's guides but even those assume a reasonable amount of background knowledge, I think I need a basic sheet of essential bullet points to get me going. Yes I was told Reaper is a good way to go, I'm on the free trial, I got as far as pressing record and I could see the graphic display bit going up and down but I couldn't hear anything. I'm starting to think my sound card might be the problem, as I get that weird thing where every other time I switch on it won't connect to the net, Google tells me that's a Windows/sound card fault. Sound familiar? Ok cheers, I was lost on even what forums to look for as no one really wants to give advice bit by bit to a complete novice, I can't blame them. I've looked for courses locally but every single one is online and I know I'll need someone there to give me pointers. I only know a couple of basics like record in 24bit, 44.1khz for electric guitar.
  9. Yeah that sounds a lot simpler, this Line 6 interface is supposed to do it all but maybe it's a bit much for me.
  10. Does anyone record electric guitar digitally? Reaper etc, I've got a Line 6 POD HD and I can't figure anything out, I thought I'd be ok as I've used plenty of video editors in the past but this has bent my mind. Ideally after tips or recommendations for other gear, I've watched tons of tutorials but no success.
  11. Lol, mental, endless suspension.
  12. I don't ride mod. 26" street with a pretty mtb looking 90 x 10 stem and 2.5" rise bars. Like Ali said, if a frame needs so much stem then maybe the frame's not right. Same can be said for 24" bikes, to a lesser extent though, I hated that I needed 35mm of stackers, a 35deg stem and huge risers but an even longer headtube would look even worse. I think the Skye is one of the best looking 24 bikes for that reason, it doesn't need much height in the front end.
  13. Rotating the flat bars gives you much less adjustment than with risers so you're just limiting your options, plus they just look really shit. You need a ridiculous amount of rise on a mod anyway, makes sense to share it out between bar and stem rather than a 2ft stem and flat bars. Plus they just feel nasty, regardless of the set up, blindfold me and I'll feel the difference. It just looks stupid.
  14. I was never 100% but they look identical to Raceline Ds which I think were HS24 (but some people still call those HS22 so I don't know if I can believe anything in life anymore), the HS22 might even have the same lever body, but the 24 looks like it had the fancier blade, the 22 had a cheaper rounded one with a ball on the end. Got a feeling the HS24 might haave been just the Raceline D (yellow) and Johnny T (red). These were all pre 98 before the other colours came out and they made the best lever, then went on to make each lever a bit worse than the last.
  15. These look like HS24, red version of the HS24 Raceline D.