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  1. Ah shit, I ended up changing adapters quite frequently, keeps them fresh. Yeah I grew a bit tired of rear discs, not a fan of them on 26" wheels so I didn't have a mount put on the new one. A HS33 is peace of mind if you get used to the noise. Yeah the bike's great ta, just starting to eye up stuff to film!
  2. Good stuff, looks like you're getting along with it. I still miss that paint.
  3. It looks like a Hope one. Don't know anything about mod stuff though. Looks like the next size up would push the pads way off the rotor. Dodgy fork mount? Might just be the clearance is too tight for a big caliper. Deng stuff probably wasn't designed with that in mind.
  4. Looks like a tiny adapter. +20 fork? Small rotor? Your rotor is on backwards and it's eating away at me.
  5. His crash vids are always great. I think he might be a bit big for a mod though.
  6. Cheers, yeah I'll dust off the Gopro soon. It's about time.
  7. Did a trackday too, 3 weeks ago at Brands Hatch GP, best one yet!
  8. I appreciate your input lol.
  9. Perfection, and that intro was quality.
  10. Ridiculous stuff as usual. Watched it a few times. Shame we couldn't see more of it at Tarty Weekender.
  11. I think I've got one of each, all I know is they've saved old worn levers that I couldn't get to work properly with standard pistons.
  12. Has anyone ever used a rim with a sandblast finish as opposed to a smooth machined/anodised one? Strictly after feedback from people who didn't grind the rims, obviously. Got a new Trialtech Carthy rear rim, it's huge and really light so beats my Spank in both those areas, but I know the sandblast braking surface will probably lose me some power, I use tar but I've only ever used smooth/machined rims, can anyone compare experiences with both? It won't be built up for at least a week or so yet so I've got some time.
  13. Cheers, yeah everyone was on fire that day. Mark Westlake and a couple of others were taking pics, fun was had. Never owned one of those so I can't remember the geo, but the closest thing I know of is a Pashley 26GHZ which I loved, it's old school but not too old, so it's loads of fun!
  14. Obviously lol.