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  1. You forgot #getthegrip and #lifebehindbars.
  2. Don't Vlog, yours and Andrew Dickey's vids are some of the only top vids that come out of nowhere and blow people away. No hype, no build up, it's just there one day and makes an impact. Vlogs are mostly shit due to everyone just wanting to be "famous" on the Internet and quantity over quality. There's never any riding that's pushing the rider, they're just dragging out some of their average stuff with a load of talking and repeats/attempts and filler. I watch Ali's now and then (I skip the talking) because he's a top rider so even his diet moves are worth watching. But now every kid with a poc lid wants to do the same. So we're drowning in 15min videos of half arsed riding and no one wants to take the time to make a proper 3 minute video. John Shrewsbury's last vid was the best I've seen in ages, we need more like that and the trials kings era. Basically everything that's released these days is forgotten almost instantly. Riders, take your time. Ride hard, make a good video, don't put spoilers and all this hashtag bullshit up. When you're just looking for likes, it shows.
  3. Really depends on the rider, bike, what you're aiming for. Upside down bars truly work well for a few riders, most people do it to be like those few, while actually being hindered by it.
  4. Street stuff wants the bars more upright, mine are angled slightly back so your weight is nice and central on the bike. If they're leant forward then so is your weight, you're pushing your hands away from your feet and bunnyhops and spins will be pretty crappy. Bar width is the least important of all those, stems are generally about 90mm & fairly stem for street. For hoppy trials stuff it's all 120mm+ and bar logos facing the floor.
  5. One of my favourites, just bought my 8th Can't stop.
  6. Yes. It's better that than the other way round.
  7. Those seat stays were way too skinny for a disc brake.
  8. Probably, none of it's significant unless you're gonna do every single bolt. Even then it's hardly gonna change your life.
  9. Probably not much in it, people were using square taper/Isis bbs, Middleburns, El Gatos, D521s, Hope hubs with ti freehubs, 25.4 bars and stems, HS33/V brakes, skinny chains, plus people weren't putting so much force on stuff with all the 270 tyre taps & post-Danny moves. No one needed rock hard tyres or 40mm rims. I had a Curtis briefly & it weighed a ton, but I don't remember the Pashley 26mhz being too heavy, the 26ghz definitely weighed a bit, my Norco weighed absolutely nothing. I reckon a high quality old school build could be slightly lighter. 24/25lbs was a good weight back then so it's about even.
  10. Sounds about right. I was looking for that chart lol.
  11. Yeah frame size would have been 14" ish. Thought the stays would be longer, I'm sure my old Planet X Zebdi mk5 was about 392mm, which was pretty short for its time. The orange Zero was about 40omm and the Pashley definitely looks longer.
  12. My main was problem was I bought a big bunch of the same bolts, yet they weren't all identical. Some of the heads were just deep enough, but some were really shallow, too shallow for something that has to be really tight. My tools are fairly shit but it's never been an issue with steel bolts. I've got the Stan Hope axle bolts, they're really good, I'd prefer if they were allen key so I didn't have to carry round an extra tool just for that, but otherwise they're great. But like above, for small bolts it's hardly worth it and just for looks really. Hope axle bolts are HEAVY, so that's your biggest saving.
  13. That's it! We had a show in Helston but we stayed in Falmouth the night before right round the back of that spot about 30 seconds walk! Had a big gash in my shin though so I didn't really wanna do it. Good line!
  14. Typical Trialtech stems are all M6, all disc mount stuff is M6, older style Magura lever clamp bolts are M5, rotor bolts are M5, Hope axle is M10. Not sure on lengths off the top of my head but you can just measure yours.
  15. Mainly bling. My 24 is covered in them, virtually every bolt. I've snapped one in a stem, but I was always pissing about with it and I do them up really tight. They'll round off easier than steel bolts, get ones with nice deep heads, preferably parallel not the domed type. With stems and brake mounts I don't take any chances and I've rounded off a couple.