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  1. He hasn't used many inspired logos on anything or technically promoted them for quite some time, even while riding a Skye. I don't think that's anything new. I'd imagine that'd violate quite a lucrative contract!
  2. That inner mount bit is too thin to be trials proof. It wouldn't take a tank or a basher to break that. Also surely the arms pointing straight out from the centre would be much stronger than having them like that, leant over like a disc rotor, sort of pre - collapsed.
  3. Cheers, yeah it is, 2006. It's my fourth, I keep leaving them (crap electrics, poor battery life) but I always end up going back, it's much less comfy and more track focused than the GSXR, and in general just feels much more special. It's not as fast in a straight line obviously but that gets boring after a while. Japan make great bikes but all the inline fours feel the same when you've had a few, just pick your favourite colour. The Aprilia just feels unique, the power delivery, the tall seat height, narrow overall width. If you have a good battery and keep it on trickle charge you'll never have problems. But Italian electronics will never compare to Japanese.
  4. Cheers. Yours looks a bit more mental than mine lol! I think the rear end would look good chopped too.
  5. Did some improving.
  6. Well the later welded ones were crap so you're not missing out!
  7. Nice! That's not the late one (too big) that Trialskings and Akrigg ended up on so might be a '98. I think you'd want the RC30 forks (not T), the later ones with the neater cnc crown. But be aware the legs are long! I cut a good 20mm off mine and they were lovely. These aren't as nice but might match the finish of yours better.... I remember Akrigg's one with an Azonic shorty stem and double wall bars. basically everything silver.
  8. You can usually get a DMR dee vee in 36h on Ebay for £30 - £40, they're fairly decent. The odd Atomlab pops up now and then too.
  9. Depends how you ride, I could never get away with 180 rotors. Ever done a gap drop to a rail?
  10. Have you got big feet? I have mine in about the same place, if I have the pedals closer to the toes then on drops and stuff it puts a lot of strain on my ankles, although it definitely feels better towards the ball of the foot. A 13 year old photo, but relevant, never really noticed.
  11. When backwheeling stuff with the back brake locked there's a lot of room for error, you can be pretty sloppy and get away with it because as soon as you hit he edge your job is done. But you'll need pretty good manuals to do them up stuff and hold it. As soon as your tyre touches down you need to know whether you're too far forward or back and adjust accordingly. Maybe the mod geo exaggerates it but you seem to sit quite high in a manual, try bending your legs and leaning back more.
  12. Your front looks a bit high, you'll always have to adjust when you land on something but you're not really moving. That means you're not struggling with height, you just need to have the front a bit lower then if it drops just pump your legs a bit. You're basically approaching it like you're backwheeling it, but without a brake. You need to be more careful if you're manualling, especially on a mod where it's so small and twitchy. I'm assuming you can already manual properly, just move your weight about more to react to what the bike's doing.
  13. That's surprisingly short lived for a Hope one, they can't be bad but it's still pretty machined out and light, can't beat a solid cast one.
  14. He's obviously great and that, but why not just do it better on a more suitable bike? I think I've seen too many "wrong tool for the job" vids.