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  1. Cheers! If anyone's interested, this mk5 is (with Inspired forks) 1010, 393, +5 and I'm guessing 73deg. BB is higher than I remember.
  2. I think I had every colour except the plain black one lol.
  3. Frame is brand new, cheers to Herbert Lemon man.
  4. That looks too good lol. Just like my old Jamaican one. I had an F519 too, problem is the mountain bike world doesn't use rim brakes anymore and Mavic never catered for trials riders. So most rims now are disc only. A D321 with a braking surface would be a dream. Dmr dee vee is not a bad rim at 32mm. It'll pretty much take the same spokes as a 521 too, and it's way easier to find than a Backline. You're probably best trying to find a new old stock Mavic. Brave machine and fire eye did some decent rims too if you can find any.
  5. Same, got a Zebdi coming this week Mk5? You can still get D521s, they're just called EX721s, same rim different sticker. The DMR backline is good for the rear, 35mm wide and not stupidly heavy and it's basically the same depth and shape as a D521 so you can use the same spokes, but they're really hard to find now. Same goes for the old Spank stiffy, 40mm and a braking surface (later one is disc only).
  6. Preferred the curvy one Martin Kleivard had in Evolve. Look how short that back end is for a bike that's almost 20 years old.
  7. Had these as well. But the white one had a special something.
  8. Cheers, yeah that was probably my all time fave bike.
  9. Kept listening longer than I thought I would, I like. Edit, ended up listening to the end!
  10. Na they had unnecessarily long chainstays.
  11. It was an absolute machine, I had 4 or 5, was my first proper frame after Konas, DMRs and Saracens. But the chainstays weren't great, you can see the chainstay repair in the other pic. ^^ The bottom pic is my first one, pic from 2002.
  12. Can't decide. The Norco was the worst for trialsy stuff and I broke it from new in about 6 weeks, but it was special. They all gave me excellent times. Probably the Zebdi. Those cranks & mech went a long way.
  13. Well I wouldn't put a 205 Saint on it. If you've got rim brake mounts too at least you've got a backup. From your riding and brake description you might be alright for a little while, but the rim brake will be the long term solution.