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    frame: dual disc czar forks: echo lite 07 cranks: trialtech cranks with gu bashring stem: echo team bars: try all risers rims: try all spokes: mutiny hubs: echo fixed disc /front echo disc front brake: avid bb7 back brake: 08 hope mono trial
  1. i just ordered my ice today, i think they sound and look so nice, i just have to find out if they ride nice. thanks harry
  2. hi all do you think you'd need a booster on the new echo lite 09 because it doesn't have a biult in one or anything like that. thanks harry
  3. hi guys so there is a herne bay ride tomoro and me and a couple of the locale riders were wondering if anyone wants to join us in a ride at herne bay, would be good if we can get as many people as possible to come. we will be meating at clock tower at around 10.30 - 11ish so fill free to join us. thanks harry
  4. here's the link to me video, enjoy thanks harry
  5. cheers mate, see here's a quality member helping someone. i thought this is what the forum's about.
  6. dont you think i tried that think about what you say, i wrote can you help me find it not find it for me.
  7. cheers could you help me find it please.
  8. hi all, i was just wondering if he brought out any new video's because i heard he got sponsored by onza. thanks harry
  9. Yeah i put it up on facebook a while back but people were complaining about not being able to watch it because their not signed up for it, so i put it on to vimeo. im 15 and bin riding for two years and a bit.
  10. my vid comments welcome good or bad. my vid
  11. can you tell me if the because simple 20" is nice to ride or any good.
  12. yeah mate i'll be there, looking forward to seeing you ride again mate.
  13. 32 chocolate fingers
  14. i need a new frame and the one i want is advertised on selectbikes does anyone now if there still open
  15. What bike do you ride czar 20" dual disc How long you been doing trials 2 years today woop woop What is your biggest flat to flat just under 7 n half foot What is your biggest sidehop about 43 What is your biggest drop 9 n half foot natty or street both realy preffer street though Where is your favourite place to ride folkstone