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    herne bay

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    frame: dual disc czar forks: echo lite 07 cranks: trialtech cranks with gu bashring stem: echo team bars: try all risers rims: try all spokes: mutiny hubs: echo fixed disc /front echo disc front brake: avid bb7 back brake: 08 hope mono trial
  1. Herne Bay Ride

    hi yes me and a couple of mates will come if your still goin
  2. Bike Picks

  3. Problems

    il tell you what i do get problems with dierear hope ive helped many thanks harry
  4. are hope mono trial any good on the back?
  5. Kwik Bikes.

    harry marsh 14 herne bay onza t poo
  6. Czar Help

    hi i was just wondering if anyone has got a picture of a czar 20" duel disc complete bike thanks harry
  7. Herne Bay Ride

    is anyone up for a herne bay ride sunday?
  8. Stacks

    hi what is the most most ridiculas stack you have done, mine is when i went to hop of about a 5 foot wall and got my shoe stuck in my maggie on the back and went over the bars and landed on my mate lol thanks harry
  9. Who Are Your Idols?

    my mummy n pappa
  10. My New Vid

    hi this is my new vid hope you enjoy comments welcomemy vid
  11. Advice Needed!

    what is better on the rear Hope Mono Trial '08 or hope tarty trial thanks harry
  12. Pics Of My T Pro

    my bicycle
  13. Monty 221 Kamel Any News On Strength

    +1 (at the price there at they should be strong and if it does crack on you youll get a new FRAME on warrenty)
  14. Sugarpuffs

    look mate this is trials forum keep this sort of stuff to chit chat this is a s**t topic anyway thanks harry
  15. My T Pro

    no this is the picture i worked out how to do it