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  1. I know it's a shame! Didn't want to leave it all rusty though, might as well sort it out either way and ill be happy to sell it if I know it's going to a good home!
  2. Ah yeah that sounds like a few hard decisions! I love the brazing and the thin seatstay tubes at the dropouts. It's like the complete opposite of what's popular today!
  3. I'm really not sure at the moment, I don't have any parts really! Just seemed to be a waste to let it rot, I might build it up over time, if not I'll either sell it if there's interest, or keep it up on the wall I'll have a look tomorrow but it might just be a dark spot in the brazing. I don't recall seeing any cracks when I went over it but I'll have a closer look. edit: I've just noticed the bit you mean. That does look quite bad actually haha! I'll let you know what I find.
  4. Here's how it looks now, it's still raw metal but once I've finished shining the brasswork up I'll sort out getting it clear coated. Next step is the brasswork then sorting a logo out!
  5. So I had some spare time today to tackle the rust on the frame. I used 320 grit paper on this little DA sander, made the job very easy! Got rid of the rust in no time. A quick before and after. Love the finish it's left behind! I still want to brighten up the brass some more so there's more of a contrast between the dull metal and the gold bits.
  6. Had this frame come back into my possession recently, and as you can see it's been left in a shed, exposed to the elements I plan to attack it with a bit of 320 grit on a DA. I'm hoping for a patina effect from the rust, then to brighten up the brazing with some brasso and then clearcoat it. I have an idea for a leeson logo on the frame but I need to do a bit of research first. Watch this space!
  7. I think this might just end up on the wall too to be fair, I'm like 5ft 6" so it's far too big for me to ride, and I don't have the money or space to build another bike.. might have to sell some bits haha!
  8. Update! Decided to give the number on the leeson site a go, ended up talking to who I believe to be Clive and he told me what the serial number meant. The serial number is LB-584XXLCK12 LB-584 is the frame number. XXL means extra extra long, he said it'll measure somewhere around the 1100mm mark. CK12 means that the dropouts are machined to fit a chris king hub with a 12mm bolt through axle. He couldn't give me any specifics on the frame, but he was keen to know the condition of it and was keen to hear my plans for it. Lovely bloke, really helpful The more you know! Im gonna put a little restoration thread in the bike pictures section so check that out if you want to see it looking much better!
  9. Just found a picture of it in its former glory! Sorry for the bad quality, it was probably taken with a Sony Ericsson or something
  10. I think that's the plan. I want to keep the rough look with the brazing exposed and clear coat it. I'll get rid of the actual rust, but it's left loads of pitting behind for extra cool points I've sent him an email with pictures and the serial number so I'll post an update if I get a reply! Hopefully he still uses the email from the Leeson site!
  11. I've had it in my possession before, then I gave it away and I've managed to get it back. I do remember asking about it on here the last time to no avail. Haven't got a clue about it really but I know leesons aren't the most popular frames out there! Would be good to know more about it.
  12. Hey guys. Just got hold of a 26" frame and I'm not too sure what it is. I'm lead to believe it's a Leeson of sorts as it's a brazed steel frame with the 360° dropouts, and there's a serial number on the front that starts with LB, which I'm guessing stands for Leeson Bikes. Does anyone have any more info on this frame? Or does anyone know how to get in contact with Mr Leeson himself? I can get the serial number from it if it's of any use. Obviously I plan to restore it to its former glory and build it up or maybe sell it! Any info would be great.
  13. madness!
  14. Thanks dude! Yeah it's nice, a lot higher up than my old setup, I used to run a 150x35 with trialtech low risers, it's now a 180x35 stem with highrise bars. Its gives me a nice amount of leverage when going for gaps etc. Although I might try a lower stem as it's a little bit too far out for me. I'd recommend the bars either way, they've transformed how the bike feels!
  15. I go straight up to two wheels, I used Togo to front but when I started kicking to get up higher I naturally went to two wheels. I did have a go at this and it worked for a while, then the stacks of wood started slipping out from underneath me. Might have to get the drill out! Thanks for the advice guys.