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  1. Love this. Not something you see every day! Respect man!
  2. Given the mad amount of interest I'm getting I thought I'd give you all a quick update Fitted the hose splitter and cable guides to tidy it up, ground the rim again and replaced the rock blues with some TNN ADM's. The feel of the brake is incredible with the splitter fitted, it feels much more responsive, and the new pads with the fresh grind are working perfectly. I love how simple and clean it looks at the back now without the crossover, I'm finally satisfied with how it looks and rides. Any comments are welcome if any! I know it's probably not what's appealing by today's standards, but it's bang on for me and what I'm used to, and I've always wanted to be able to spend out on a bike to get it looking exactly how I want it to. Thanks for looking!
  3. It's bad enough that you can see it without spinning it if you know what I mean, it's fairly Pringled as such. I was just curious as to whether there was a "go to" method as such for straightening them out or if my best bet was to just hammer it I'll have a go at bashing it back straight, if not it'll have to be a new rim. cheers guys!
  4. Hi all. Decided to take my friends front wheel apart to replace the nipples, as it was horribly buckled and I had no way of truing it. I've pulled the wheel apart and the rim itself has remained buckled. Is there any way of getting it a bit straighter prior to rebuilding? Or is there a technique for building the buckle out as such? Thanks.
  5. Quite liked that. Tree move at 0:30 was cool.
  6. So I thought it was time for a new frame as I've recently got the bug to ride again. First ride was great, felt nice and flicky, got a few issues to sort like the rear hose length and the tape holding it to the frame. will post updated photos with a tidier setup, I plan to use a hose splitter to get rid of the crossover, and some stick on hose clips to clean the routing up and get rid of the tape! Spec is as follows. '09 Echo Lite Frame Echo Urban forks Trialtech hi-rise bars on a Trialtech forged stem Echo SL headset Front wheel: Echo Urban rim on a Hope Pro 2 hub Echo CNC Cranks and specialised platform pedals VP Bottom Bracket Rear wheel: Echo SL rim on a Chris King hub Kenda front tyre Maxxis rear tyre Front brake is a shimano deore Rear is a hs33 with CNC backed Rockman Blues I think that's everything. Thanks for looking!
  7. Yeah I had the forks and front wheel, not a the back one though! Miss it like mad, haven't found anything that rode that well since
  8. Dob magnesium with a load of (at the time) weight weenie parts, loved how flicky it felt, I progressed the most on it. had to stop riding it when it inevitably cracked though, which was a shame!
  9. If that's the case then you could post in the freecycle thread in the for sale section, although being a new member might restrict you from doing that too as it's still in the classifieds. If you can post in there then by all means go for it, if not you could post about it in here but I'm not sure how well a giveaway post will go down in the beginners section, I'm not overly clear on the rules. (it's been a while since I had to look!)
  10. I'm sure there's plenty of people on here who ride mod, myself included. If you have some stuff to get rid of then you can sell it in the for sale section, although being a new member probably means you can't sell here just yet! (Provided the rules are the same from when I joined!) I'd suggest the likes of eBay etc. for now mate
  11. Believe me, they've saved me more times than I care to think! Turns a nightmare job into a fairly simple one in most cases.
  12. Your best bet would be easy outs, you can get them at a small enough size in a set, and should fit in the Allen key hole quite nicely. Failing that I'd go with the Torx method, I believe a torx 27/30 would be the right sort of size for a stripped Allen key, (provided its a 5mm head)
  13. Got some bits for my inspired build, I had to order them myself for the missus though
  14. I remember there was a lad who lived in Scotland called ZHI Chris, he used to be able to get hold of these frames, along with most other cheap frames from Asian origin
  15. Yeah like bikeradar, I just need two independent reviews on the same or similar things, frames, bikes etc. This is good, exactly what I'm looking for! Thanks