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  1. Thx for hint. I will add some disclaimer Yes, sam on ebay etc ...
  2. Yes. Via FB is more secure, safety, and you know/you can see with who making business. If will cheat you, simply you can track him down. Via other via, do you want to track down "Mickey mouse" as his nickname ?
  3. Hello Just I made a Facebook page about Bike Trial Market. Place where you can put your ad for sell or wanted about bike/street trial stuff. I hope you will help me to promote this group and please don`t forget to join and post your ad ! Enjoy !
  4. crazy man Cheers mate
  5. wrong rubber suppose to be from inside, not outside.
  6. you must catch me i sent few days ago my mobile number.
  7. Some girls were really fat, Hugh is getting old.....
  8. haha nice one
  9. Hey I think carbon fork is good only for competition. Second thing is that, when you buy carbon fork you don't have any warranty for this. Which for me, it is not good. ROFTL Cheers
  10. Hey Take a look on pictures, if you want some detailed picture, let me know i will take a shoot
  11. last part of pictures I made today 10 km by my bike
  12. Nice job mate !
  13. Yes I know that, I only tried go to rear wheel and thats all, no jumping, sidehops.... all the time i was only riding. I made maybe 1 km distance. Today i want to make 4 km.