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  1. BUMP, Any riders near Wimbledon? Really want to ride, however everything seems flat and boring round here. Although I am still new...
  2. Hi, Going to be moving to Wimbledon in few weeks. Any active riders around the area? Thanks, Ed
  3. Nice ride! Come out and play in Gravesend sometime! It's only 30min away and there are few decent places to ride. Just let me know! Ed
  4. Some sweet riding. Please continue!
  5. That's sweet edit and moves! More of that!
  6. Soundtrack was pretty sweet. I am sure you can ride well enough to at least do something more than gaps and sidehops? That's not even TGS . Do people not roll up stuff anymore?
  7. Sweet!
  8. All over the place. I am sure Hans Rey at his age can do it better....
  9. Great rider! There is that video...
  10. Definitely some nice lines there! Fount the stock video in the channel from few years ago, that's also pretty sweet! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y7bjmGbNYXg
  11. His bikes are such sluts!
  12. I am almost sure he is german... He is better of sticking with mod!
  13. Got a clip from few days ago. http://youtu.be/VxlCqqnEHww
  14. Drop outs are just scary. GT BIKE=Crewkerz BB system + Impulse frame shape + echo tensioning system (almost)
  15. Ah! Thanks for the info!