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  1. The fact they've made them look like that, are still running on road car tyres and appear to have reduced how much downforce they'll produce makes me doubt it unfortunately.
  2. Technically it just depends on the freewheel/sprockets. If you get a 1/8" it will work on anything whereas a 3/32" might be too narrow if you do have 1/8" teeth on either end.
  3. I think if they tried running at Silverstone or Monza or somewhere they'd only last a couple of laps at race pace so would have to be cruising round like grannies to make the charge last. Even on the street circuits they seem to spend 50% of the time off the throttle coasting. They really should be embarrassed!
  4. Definitely in the wrong thread. That crap's so slow it makes me angry. Future of motorsport my arse.
  5. that sucks too! Ours do at least let us use it whenever. We've also split them between two places- the first school Ash will go to uses 13 hours I think over three days and the other nursery uses 17 over the other two.
  6. Thankfully Finn's now at school and Ash gets the 30 hours so our bill has gone down a good chunk. They do take the piss though. We also have to pay an 'additional charge' per hour for Ash's funded hours as the nursery reckon the government rate doesn't cover costs. Fairly sure they're not actually allowed to do that but do anyway!
  7. Totally painful isn't it?! Now try it with two kids! Childcare vouchers stuff helps and 30 free hours is great but only kick in when they're 3...
  8. Welcome to two weeks ago...
  9. Martin Hawyes works for Moore Large but I don't think has anything to do with trials anymore really. Not sure about Danny. I got an email at work from Steve Kitchin the other day (Team Animal in Chainspotting) who's now a Marketing Manager for Vitus at Wiggle now.
  10. Oh no he isn't. You'd be mental to let a thieving fanny like that use your camper. Tell him to buy his own frickin' camper.
  11. You can never have too many bikes! I've still got an Echo 20", Arcade 24", full sus MTB, hardtail MTB, road bike and a BMX. The full sus is the only one that gets used regularly but it's good to have the others and each occasionally gets to come out for a play!
  12. Looks pretty good. Not as good as orange would've looked of course but does look good.
  13. Can't go wrong with orange.
  14. Spill the beans... my 3 year old has a belter on his forehead!