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  1. Agreed. Print it solid to increase the amount of material 'sharing' the heat and it should be good.
  2. I'm about your height, possibly a touch taller, and find it fine. Obviously as a mod it's always going to feel smaller than a 24 or stock but it's not stupidly small or anything.
  3. Neil Lemon. I have a feeling he raised his head up not that long ago either on here or on Facebook talking about trials but not 100%.
  4. I could watch Dak Roche all day long.
  5. Nope there's something wrong in that picture... I think that's the first fat bike I've ever seen actually being used somewhere that's it's designed for. Apart form the odd promo videos I've only ever seen them being ridden on normal trails or on the road!
  6. Some seriously awesome riding in some sweet looking spots! Very jealous of your ability to throw barspins in anywhere on any bike!
  7. I kinda disagree there. They're both trials riders, of a streety orientation (though both bloody good at natural when they want) and both can push out impressive videos on whatever bike they fancy riding. Like it or not Chris's MTB videos are in the same genre as Danny's MTB videos but this one was just proper stale.
  8. I was bored watching that I'm afraid. Nothing new, could've been one of his many similar videos shoeing very similar riding in similar locations on similar bikes. very, very meh following Wee Day Out...
  9. Watch the chainstay bashguard mounts on that. I had two of those when they were available and on both the mounts dented into the frame the first time I came down on the bash...
  10. Just make sure he hasn't been an utter c unit and drilled a hole in the water tank or something equally dickish...
  11. My brief investigation makes me think that it just says 'picked up by the Italian Post from 13 Arturo Martini Road in Oderzo' (,12.4754501,3a,75y,320.54h,82.46t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1shfTwi9hhECla-2-G0BeqfA!2e0!7i13312!8i6656?hl=en).
  12. Set fire to it and claim the insurance?
  13. F1

    Would love to see Verstappen get the seat but I think it's probably fairly unlikely.
  14. F1 Did not see that coming!
  15. The one I had a go at was ally and I blew a hole in it faster than you can say 'shiii...'. I had already bought and fitted a replacement so that was just playing to see what would happen.