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  1. Too much green? Maybe! Brand-X dropper, green el-cheapo silicon grips, Nukeproof pedals, 3D printed ISCG mounted bashguard are the recent additions:
  2. The pictures of the paramedics helping the attacker... I just couldn't do it. I think I'd just be repeatedly punching him in the balls until he bled out!
  3. I think it's asking for trouble telling people to clean their bikes with WD40... Shame on you Kenny
  4. Boil the pads in some water/ bake them in the oven/ spray them with brake cleaner and set fire to the f**kers to clean them up. Sugary drink remnants won't have contaminated them badly.
  5. Threshold brake booster ftw
  6. How does the pedal box work out height-wise? Looks like it's designed to be floor mounted so your heels would be level with your 3mm plate but they're now elevated by 2" or whatever does it put them a bit high?
  7. (Google/Youtube searches Stormzy)
  8. Water- pour a bit of water over the calipers/rotors and ride around dragging the brake for a bit. Rinse and repeat a couple of times and you should be 90% of the way there.
  9. Lol Ah, I see the problem. You need to match the seat angle to the stem!
  10. Haha, fair enough. I thought Eskimo's Triton almost pulled it off...
  11. I still think they deserve a saddle...
  12. Yup, pretty much!