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  1. Just because you asked so nicely (and because someone else asked for them via a message a couple of weeks back)...
  2. Now to change/strip/paint that seatpost
  3. For security I've always stuck with bolt ups on my trials bike. Unless you regularly need to whip your wheels out to get the bike in a car or whatever I'd stick with bolts...
  4. Have you seen any of the pictures Bongo's stuck up on Facebook recently of his dawn jaunts up Snowdon? Very jealous!
  5. I can't see me buying a carbon framed mountain bike anytime soon. The way I keep my bikes in the garage, the use of bike racks, the way I use them on the trail I just don't trust the stuff. I've got a carbon road bike but it's not exposed to the same potential hazards.
  6. Pistol crossbows are surprisingly cheap you know...
  7. Also, considering the stuff Danny Mac has done on his 5010 which is still going strong (apparently) I wouldn't worry too much about the SC unless you're really casing the jumps.
  8. Cool beans
  9. They appear to be setup with downsweep (is that a thing?) which looks totally wrong. I'd have to run them so that they were at least horizontal (which looks like the rise would then be vertical relative to the ground). Are they the stock YT bars? Edit: Yarp
  10. What's with the bar angle?
  11. Is that the Dakar A2 everyone's raving about?
  12. Check your chainline. When I went to 1x10 on my Meta I ended up running the NW ring on the inside of the spider with some spacers to get the chainline better.
  13. No chain would be my guess.
  14. Produced and directed by: Fabio Wibmer. Well there's a surprise! Overtly is fine but when it's cringey and detracts from the riding it's just daft. Meh, cerrrazy riding nonetheless!
  15. Epic riding ruined by cheese. He really needs to chill out a bit and get someone like Stu Thompson involved to keep the riding nuts but remove the shite...