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  1. That looks surprisingly 'right'! Crank length would be the only obvious issue with that BB height and those wheels. And those tyres.
  2. Ribble roadie, khe bmx, arcade, echo 20, on one 26 hard tail, Whyte t130 full susser... Think that's it for now.
  3. F1

  4. Unless something goes wrong...
  5. I think the main problem is acting like a condescending twat while talking utter bollocks in a poor attempt at English. Sure intelligence shouldn't be referenced against spelling and grammar but you've got to see that having poor grammar and spelling for one indicates that maybe someone who could've done gooder at school and therefore potentially has gained most of their information from the internet. It also makes it hard for anyone to really read what you're trying to get across and when every sentence/random outburst ends in an exclamation mark it reduces what you're trying to say to an inane rant.
  6. I agree.
  7. So you rode into a parked car?!
  8. Too much green? Maybe! Brand-X dropper, green el-cheapo silicon grips, Nukeproof pedals, 3D printed ISCG mounted bashguard are the recent additions:
  9. The pictures of the paramedics helping the attacker... I just couldn't do it. I think I'd just be repeatedly punching him in the balls until he bled out!
  10. I think it's asking for trouble telling people to clean their bikes with WD40... Shame on you Kenny
  11. Boil the pads in some water/ bake them in the oven/ spray them with brake cleaner and set fire to the f**kers to clean them up. Sugary drink remnants won't have contaminated them badly.
  12. Threshold brake booster ftw