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  1. How does the pedal box work out height-wise? Looks like it's designed to be floor mounted so your heels would be level with your 3mm plate but they're now elevated by 2" or whatever does it put them a bit high?
  2. (Google/Youtube searches Stormzy)
  3. Water- pour a bit of water over the calipers/rotors and ride around dragging the brake for a bit. Rinse and repeat a couple of times and you should be 90% of the way there.
  4. Lol Ah, I see the problem. You need to match the seat angle to the stem!
  5. Haha, fair enough. I thought Eskimo's Triton almost pulled it off...
  6. I still think they deserve a saddle...
  7. Yup, pretty much!
  8. But not in a logical sense surely. In the knowledge that there is definitely one boy the 'two' outcomes represent the same answer so should be treated as a single scenario. You know one is a boy, it makes no difference which one it is. The two possibilities of the second child is it's either a boy or it's a girl. Again, the boy/girl vs. girl boy is irrelevant since you know the boy exists therefore the order is already determined/irrelevant. Edit: And the plane takes off, damnit.
  9. I know the guy who was chief engineer on the car and they were basically 95% through the final design stage when Mr Musk, in his wisdom, threw his toys out the pram and demanded it had gull wing doors. That set the project back months and costs the company millions but what Mr Musk asks for, he gets...
  10. Those doors though? Elon Musk needs to get his head examined.
  11. But girl+boy is the same as boy+girl, particularly considering you already know that the boy exists and that only leaves you with that combination once and the boy+boy once so the probability is 1/2 of each event...
  12. And then spend most of the time on strike anyway so win win
  13. Ok, Vans Illustrated. I'd like to see it and am even happy to pay for it but what I'm not keen on is to pay £7.99 or whatever and have to have an internet connection to watch it on selected devices through Youtube or whatever. Really I'd like to be able to download it to watch it on what I like, when I like or have a DVD so I can then do with that what I want. Any thoughts?!
  14. I still prefer the army green one... talking of which, what are you doing with yours?!!