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  1. My guess is they're too close to the axle to provide sufficient support for a disc mount unless you can brace it back to the rim brake mounts or something. Is that a peg I spy as well? Touche!
  2. I've got it set up to ignore Dave Anscombe's posts and it works...
  3. I think I'd be taking the rotor to a grinding wheel and whipping off a bit of material to get it to clear. That or open up the dropouts and adding a bushing on the screw to suit and drop the axle in the frame a little to move the rotor down in the caliper.
  4. Instead of a 'like' button can we have a 'f**ktard' button especially for Guillermo?
  5. Currently on iPlayer- very good and well worth the watch if it tickles your fancy!
  6. I preferred season 2 to season 1 for some reason. Go to film would probably be either John Wick film though I did watch The Accountant last night again which also ticks my boxes.
  7. I seem to remember leaving the BB alone and adding a spacer on the axle between the BB and the crank arm... Will have a look when I get home tonight as I put it on a long time ago! Edit: Ok, may be lying but it is an option: Linky. And another discussing the issue: Linky.
  8. We're pretty light users it seems. Currently with Co-op Energy paying £64 a month and still £180 in credit at the moment. Bulb says it could save a bit of monies but the actual rates are higher than Co-op (unit price and daily standing charge jobbie) so not sure how that works! Will have a look again in February though when our fixed deal finishes.
  9. I do wish he wouldn't use such OTT sensationalist titles for his videos. 'I NEARLY DIED!!!', 'INSANE PITBIKE!!!', 'CRAAAAZY MTB CRASH!'... chill man, chill.
  10. Brake cleaner + a lighter is always good for a laugh. If I've had contaminated rotors a good douse of cleaner and set it alight... do it outside of course
  11. +1 for@Mark W there. I actually went down from a 180mm rotor to a 160mm on the back of my Arcade when I changed to Trialtech pads on my Hopes.
  12. Just been catching up on a few of his blogs. Pretty entertaining and he's clearly got the skills and the bottle!
  13. I really can't tell whether Harry Main is a complete and utter bellend or just from Liverpool.
  14. Interesting that they managed to put 10,000km on it between the second fail and the pass test...