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  1. What is going on with that BB shell?!
  2. It was a bit weird as the guy said he saw me but pulled out anyway. Says he was indicating (I didn't see but regardless if it's not safe to pull out then you obviously don't) and didn't I see him... Well I saw him after he bloody pulled out! I was in a high vis jacket too. Didn't think it would go through insurance but had a missed call today from LV following up a police report of a crash so I'm assuming that's as good as a claim anyway so not sure what to do now...
  3. Yeah, very lucky really. They took me to hospital to carry out a couple of X-rays but as far as they can tell it's nothing more than some sprains and bruising. Could've been a lot worse! Got the bike back on Sunday and that's ont too bad either. The crash bungs on the frame, forks and swingarm did their jobs and apart from a small dent in the tank, slightly bent bars and a broken footpeg it's basically in one piece.
  4. Awesome. Loved some of the framing of the shots as well making use of some of the street furniture etc. Very nicely done!
  5. Ah f**k. 2nd day riding the bike with the Karoo's on and someone cut me up on the A31 (I was doing about 70 in lane three, he dashed from lane 2-3 at about 10mph 50m ahead of me). Cue heavy braking, losing the front end and me and the bike skittering down lanes 3 and 4 at 40mph or so!! Thankfully the lady in the Insignia behind me stopped and didn't just run me over!
  6. Just paint them the same colour as the interior and ziptie some foam padding round them and they'll look suitably racecar rather than unfinished.
  7. Shame about the swear filter.
  8. I was very briefly involved with that through work (advising on the scene where they open the airlock and try and vent the atmosphere) and watched it the other day and thought it started off well but got a bit silly to be honest. Entertaining for sure though.
  9. I watched it last night and was fairly pleased with the mix of throwback and continuation of the story.
  10. At least we me may see the end of the evil dinnerlady drawn by Quentin Blake now... She's even less photogenic than Trump.
  11. If Labour do at least close the gap in terms of seats I can see a non-majority government (is that a hung parliament? Can't remember) which I'm not sure would be better or worse...
  12. Can you not just run it like that with two right pedals until the new one arrives?
  13. It may turn out to be a bit of a mistake to be honest... M27 at 85 on them commuting could get a bit tedious! Having said that part of the reason of doing it is to make it a bit more laid back in terms of riding so I'm less likely to kill myself!
  14. The ER6 isn't mine, just an example of the sort of thing I'll end up with. Unfortunately I fitted the 150 tyre and I've ended up with 1mm clearance either side if I'm lucky . That won't fly... Will try and return the 150 if they'll have it back and arrange a 130 instead.
  15. Jeez, surely there's a better way to do that?!! For some reason I've decided that trying to turn my ER6 into a kind of Mad Max scrambler type thing would be a good idea... To that end I've got a pair of Metzeler Karoo 3's, 170 rear and 150(!) front. Think I may have to sack off the front and change it for a 130 though as I think I'll end up with like 4mm clearance either side on the forks (if I'm lucky) which I reckon won't pass an MOT and may be bloody dangerous... We'll see. I only paid £100 for the pair (brand new 170 retails at something like £180 and a part worn second hand 150) so not the end of the world if I have to mess about. Also spent a day at work welding up a tyre bead breaker so will be interesting to see if I can change the tyres myself!