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  1. Oh no he isn't. You'd be mental to let a thieving fanny like that use your camper. Tell him to buy his own frickin' camper.
  2. You can never have too many bikes! I've still got an Echo 20", Arcade 24", full sus MTB, hardtail MTB, road bike and a BMX. The full sus is the only one that gets used regularly but it's good to have the others and each occasionally gets to come out for a play!
  3. Looks pretty good. Not as good as orange would've looked of course but does look good.
  4. Can't go wrong with orange.
  5. Spill the beans... my 3 year old has a belter on his forehead!
  6. Wifey wanted a spiralizer so I've bought her a spiralizer recipe book and a 50p potato peeler with 'peeler' scored out and 'spiralizer 'written in biro in its place. Will see how that goes down and eventually whip out the electronic spiralizer after a bit I guess...
  7. I ran one for a while in my old Fourplay with a custom axle on an Echo fixed hub and messed around with one on my Arcade but because of the disc it was never going to work!
  8. My guess is they're too close to the axle to provide sufficient support for a disc mount unless you can brace it back to the rim brake mounts or something. Is that a peg I spy as well? Touche!
  9. I've got it set up to ignore Dave Anscombe's posts and it works...
  10. I think I'd be taking the rotor to a grinding wheel and whipping off a bit of material to get it to clear. That or open up the dropouts and adding a bushing on the screw to suit and drop the axle in the frame a little to move the rotor down in the caliper.
  11. Instead of a 'like' button can we have a 'f**ktard' button especially for Guillermo?
  12. Currently on iPlayer- very good and well worth the watch if it tickles your fancy!
  13. I preferred season 2 to season 1 for some reason. Go to film would probably be either John Wick film though I did watch The Accountant last night again which also ticks my boxes.
  14. I seem to remember leaving the BB alone and adding a spacer on the axle between the BB and the crank arm... Will have a look when I get home tonight as I put it on a long time ago! Edit: Ok, may be lying but it is an option: Linky. And another discussing the issue: Linky.
  15. We're pretty light users it seems. Currently with Co-op Energy paying £64 a month and still £180 in credit at the moment. Bulb says it could save a bit of monies but the actual rates are higher than Co-op (unit price and daily standing charge jobbie) so not sure how that works! Will have a look again in February though when our fixed deal finishes.
  16. I do wish he wouldn't use such OTT sensationalist titles for his videos. 'I NEARLY DIED!!!', 'INSANE PITBIKE!!!', 'CRAAAAZY MTB CRASH!'... chill man, chill.
  17. Brake cleaner + a lighter is always good for a laugh. If I've had contaminated rotors a good douse of cleaner and set it alight... do it outside of course
  18. +1 for@Mark W there. I actually went down from a 180mm rotor to a 160mm on the back of my Arcade when I changed to Trialtech pads on my Hopes.
  19. Just been catching up on a few of his blogs. Pretty entertaining and he's clearly got the skills and the bottle!
  20. I really can't tell whether Harry Main is a complete and utter bellend or just from Liverpool.
  21. Interesting that they managed to put 10,000km on it between the second fail and the pass test...