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  1. Currently on iPlayer- very good and well worth the watch if it tickles your fancy!
  2. I preferred season 2 to season 1 for some reason. Go to film would probably be either John Wick film though I did watch The Accountant last night again which also ticks my boxes.
  3. I seem to remember leaving the BB alone and adding a spacer on the axle between the BB and the crank arm... Will have a look when I get home tonight as I put it on a long time ago! Edit: Ok, may be lying but it is an option: Linky. And another discussing the issue: Linky.
  4. We're pretty light users it seems. Currently with Co-op Energy paying £64 a month and still £180 in credit at the moment. Bulb says it could save a bit of monies but the actual rates are higher than Co-op (unit price and daily standing charge jobbie) so not sure how that works! Will have a look again in February though when our fixed deal finishes.
  5. I do wish he wouldn't use such OTT sensationalist titles for his videos. 'I NEARLY DIED!!!', 'INSANE PITBIKE!!!', 'CRAAAAZY MTB CRASH!'... chill man, chill.
  6. Brake cleaner + a lighter is always good for a laugh. If I've had contaminated rotors a good douse of cleaner and set it alight... do it outside of course
  7. +1 for@Mark W there. I actually went down from a 180mm rotor to a 160mm on the back of my Arcade when I changed to Trialtech pads on my Hopes.
  8. Just been catching up on a few of his blogs. Pretty entertaining and he's clearly got the skills and the bottle!
  9. I really can't tell whether Harry Main is a complete and utter bellend or just from Liverpool.
  10. Interesting that they managed to put 10,000km on it between the second fail and the pass test...
  11. If anythings's going to make the Catalonians want to break free from the rest of Spain it's being treated like shit and told they can't do what they want to...
  12. Bike passed the MOT. Happy days! going to get the new seat modified to fit nicely and go as far as I can with getting things ready before breaking out the angle grinder.The main issues are where the numberplate and lights etc. are going to sit and what to fill in the hole under the frame with once the stock plastic parts are removed.
  13. Looks good :). I've booked my MOT for Friday so fingers crossed it's all good. I'm definitely thinking of chopping the back end over the winter and changing the seat etc. but need to have a play and make sure I know where things are going to fit before whipping out the grinder!
  14. Chickened out a little bit but might bite the bullet and chop the rear end over winter... Also got lazy and couldn't be bothered trying to fix then paint the tank so bought a (yellow) tank protector and sprayed it black with vinyl spray. Rest of the panels went matt black, fork gaiters added and headlight changed.
  15. That was section 4 you're talking abouit I think. Section 5 he got on the last log, did the ol' one handed wave then dropped straight down without going through the section exit. Couldn't tell if that was a genuine mistake or a finger up to 'the man' due to the decision in the last section.
  16. 1.2" x 24 tpi says this guy:
  17. Yeah that's BB. Think the cassette is smaller diameter.
  18. He's been taken on by Red Bull at least in part because he and his dad(?) have made it their entire life goal for the past 3 or so years to make that happen. Kinda fair play to that but at the same time it was all a bit forced before and that still seems to be the case even now he's been picked up. I hadn't picked up on the attention to detail side of things but you're right. It's very professionally made but the random people watching and in shot does detract from it. As does the complete pointlessness of Fabio making his way across Vienna to watch volleyball...
  19. I just find his videos somewhat irritating for some reason... The annoying little cheesy expressions, the weird horse thing in this one, the pointlessness of some of the clown moves etc. Just not for me.
  20. Just watched Get Out. Pretty weird/silly but still pretty watchable.
  21. Ah so is it an extension of the I-drive type thing but with the whole shell moving rather than just a separate rotating component? Looked like the frame designers forgot to put somewhere to bolt cranks and just chucked that cnc lump on the bottom!
  22. What is going on with that BB shell?!
  23. It was a bit weird as the guy said he saw me but pulled out anyway. Says he was indicating (I didn't see but regardless if it's not safe to pull out then you obviously don't) and didn't I see him... Well I saw him after he bloody pulled out! I was in a high vis jacket too. Didn't think it would go through insurance but had a missed call today from LV following up a police report of a crash so I'm assuming that's as good as a claim anyway so not sure what to do now...