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  1. I seem to remember people having to cut out part of the brace, to get hope brake callipers in there.
  2. I watched trainspotting 2 with low expectations, but I did enjoy it. I didn't feel that it was necessary though and would have preferred it didn't exist. Liked Logan a lot. The best of the xmen films, in my opinion. I thought that Mexican girl was great casting. And I liked what they did with Prof. X.
  3. Another unelected PM? When do we vote for PM?
  4. I took my youngest brother to watch wonder women this afternoon and I really enjoyed it. Much, much better then the last few DC movies.
  5. I would prefer more tax payers money being spent on under 18's education.
  6. I think if it were free, people would just go for the "experience". A system that rewards those that put the effort in and get the grades, would be good however.
  7. Politions will say what people want to hear, to get elected. I'm voting for my Conservative MP because in only a couple years, he has got stuff done that previous MPs haven't been able to.
  8. I don't like any of the parties and I really dislike the party system. My favourite person running for MP in my area, is a conservative. So conservative it is.
  9. I have a usb bluray drive and watch them with no issue on my computer.
  10. The Magura brakes that are on the Onza are keepers! Definitely move them over to the Echo. Personally, I would then scrap the Onza. The only other thing that I will mention, is the amount of spacers below the stem. Experiment with bringing the stem Lower. Much lower, in my opinion.
  11. @Ross McArthur It's a Tensile bash. So that you can run 22T, 5-bolt chainring on screw on cranks.
  12. Here's my new bike. Will be taking it out for my first ride on it tomorrow.
  13. If manuals, bunny hops and spins are your thing, this build was super playful. And was my favourite setup.
  14. They are more at home on the street, from my experience. I stopped riding mine about a year ago, when my riding turned from mainly street, to mainly rocks. A lot of my local rocks are tightly packed and technical. And for that, the justice didn't feel right. It might just be me, but I always thought they ride better with momentum. Still the best all round trials bike I have owned. A bit of extra info. They aren't light, if you are coming from a more modern bike. The back end isn't all that stiff and if you like to run the pads quite close to the rim like I do, the back brake often rubs. You can get a tensioner-less setup with 18:15, with a touch of dropout filing.
  15. @Tony Harrison I've always known the black and red ones as the mk2. I've got a silver one too, as a frame in the loft. That was 1040 with trialtech forks, if memory serves. I also want the say that the BB was ever so slightly negative. I may be wrong, I didn't have it built all that long. @Scott Gibbs Yeah, one of them was red. I have had 7 over the years.