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  1. No Iggy Pop?
  2. False alarm! After over a week of the buyer not replying to my messages, it turns out that he has received it and it must be a tracking error on UK Mail's system. Big sigh of relief! So I guess I can keep his money and get UK Mail insurance money? Haha!
  3. It was something I sold on ebay for £230. I insured it to a value of up to £250. So i'm hoping that there shouldn't be any problems.
  4. UK Mail.
  5. A courier company has lost a reasonably high value parcel of mine and I need some advice. And knowing that trials-forum is full of highly educated gentlemen, this is where I will turn first. I have never had a parcel go missing before and I fear that they are not going to pay out. Even though it was sent via a signed for, insured, next day service, I know that they will try to weasel out of it. Contacting them has been a real pain in the ass. All their phone lines are automated, with no useful options. I have had no response from their contact forms on their website. The only contact I have had with them is via Twitter and they have finally given me an email address where I can direct my claim. So I can tell that whatever the outcome, this is going to be a slow process. Should I also be contacting the police, trading standards or anybody like that?
  6. Just as a heads up and to gauge any interest, this may be up for sale soon. It's pretty much as is from the last picture. I have barely ridden it, so it still looks pretty fresh from the respray.
  7. The "sister" concept was ok, it was the execution that they got all wrong. The street gang aspect was very cringe and I think unnecessary. Just a revengeful recluse would have done the job better. And dedicating an entire episode to it was a bad idea. They should have stuck to the usual back and forth between story lines.
  8. Season 2 was great, apart from that sister episode.
  9. What brake cleaner are you using? I've never had any "residue" problems.
  10. @Ross McArthur No logos. Great looking bike!
  11. Looking back at it, I think the Truvativ direct mount design played a part. It looks a bit weak for trials use, compared to the Middleburn / Hope style spline and lockring.
  12. I would expect this from a comp bash ring, but not a street one, where things like rails are hit. Shouldn't bash rings be able to take bashes? Or am I old fashioned with my mind set? I've had several bash rings that I have beaten far worse than that, with no problems. There isn't very much material in the area where it has cracked. My unprofessional opinion would be poor design, with Inspired being style/weight conscious to blame. Inspired's Hope bash ring looks far more up to the job of street trials abuse to me.
  13. It's been a while since I have seen the "Scottish Muckers" title. Nice!
  14. I felt a bit underwhelmed.
  15. What exactly are you labelling? Is heat shrink worth the high cost to you? Have you seen these before? http://uk.rs-online.com/web/p/cable-markers/0554478/ They can be put on the cables themselves, or be put on cable ties and wrapped around multiple cables or a loom.