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  1. I'm going to give a QR a go on the front, for in and out of the car reasons. Haven't used one on the trials bike for years, but I don't remember having any issues when is was done up properly.
  2. Cool riding, cool spot. Loved it!
  3. Try again.
  4. You don't see many of those forks anymore. What a bummer! There are probably still a few of the red ones floating about though. Inspired forks also go pretty well on these, or Echo Urbans will do the job. I still have one of these frames in the loft and it's in really nice condition. I refuse to get rid of it.
  5. Didn't like it. I will accept a little bit of cringe, but not when I cringe pretty much the whole way through. But not being 12, i'm not exactly the target audience. Such a shame, because he is really talented on a bike.
  6. Check the chain line. It sounds like it's a bit out and biased towards the smaller cogs. I needed to use some narrow chain ring spacers to make it as close to prefect as I could, when I converted mine from 3x to 1x.
  7. It's London. I would be more surprised if there wasn't violent crime.
  8. They must love you over at Inspired HQ.
  9. Are those style tensioners tucked away enough, out of harms way?
  10. Black with red graphics and red seat was always my favourite.