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  1. Great topic, even greater the fact it’s not been created until the 21st. I’ve booked a cottage on air bnb for us to go away to near Sooke BC. It’s for mid January when there’s a new moon, hoping for a clear night to see the stars on the beach with no light pollution. Few other bits like choccies, wine, bath things and probably book a day on the mountain for us to go skiing too.
  2. That was sweet, you're ridings never failed to amaze me. Loved the tyre slide over the bench line at arundel gate and that drop gap in Sheffield
  3. Been riding this for just over a year, it’s been incredibly good. It’s literally done everything, 4000ft climbs, bike park laps, train gaps, beer runs, lake cruises, big days in the saddle, shuttle days... Kind of a bit peeved the new nomad is so radically changed, not that I’d go out and buy a new one anyway. Currently got it setup in full enduro mode, water bottle, tube taped to the top tube and New clever one up pump with the edc tool system. Got an absolute steal on some enve wheels too, torn wether to sell them to make profit or just ride them. I’ll post another pic soon with the new setup. It’s iteresting to see how many people on here are on mountain bikes now.
  4. Im managing a painting business, everything's made of wood and painted here so there's lot of work and it's generally big high end stuff. Im on the mk 3 nomad I think, it's a 2016. I had a 2015 bronson previously that I switched out to the nomad due to me cutting out the downhill bike and going down to the one bike. Its been great, the vpp linkage on Santa Cruz is awesome, pedals so well and tracts the ground I always leave pedal assists off, I had a fox x2 on the bronson which really made it come alive too. Just bought one for my nomad and some 36s that I'll be setting up this week. If I was in the uk I'd find the bronson perfect. They're so capable and I can imagine the nomad being a bit overkill in the uk. There's some big rough stuff here though.
  5. Been back living in whistler for just over a month and it's going great and working back here has been sweet, the guy we work for is great and looks after us and it's essentially a crew of my good mates, I got a bit of a promotion and a payrise too. Very happy with the girlfriend too she's just great, it's been a while since I saw her due to her new job and it being kinda long distance but seeing her tomorrow, exciting future ahead and moving in together for winter. Running a Santa Cruz nomad at the moment and I'm really happy with it, been slowly accumulating bits to get it exactly how I want it and it's going to be sweet. Currently writing this sat in the sun on the deck of a secret cabin that's nestled at the top of a mountain in the middle of nowhere with an amazing view. Bonus is we get to descend to the valley bottom down an awesome fresh cut loamy trail. Got no complaints and just quite content at the moment.
  6. We've been trying to move to Whistler from Vancouver for a long time trying to sort places. There's a bit of a housing crisis going on and it's been super difficult to find a suitable place or even be offered a place due to competition even with the help of my boss willing to sign leases for us, offer free work and he was even going to buy a place for us. We then got offered a place that was perfect for us and were about to sign the lease and the guy then decided our group was one member too big so now it's up in limbo again with a stalemate if he'll have us. Currently we are going to be homeless from May 1st when our current lease runs out. It's getting to be a very worrying situation.
  7. Right I fixed one fuel leak by changing the fuel delivery line but I put a bunch of fuel in and parked pointing downhill and the main leak has shown itself. It's fairly accessible but it is leaking from the seam of the tank where it has corroded. Now I'd much prefer to not have to drop the tank and replace it as it is a big job on a forester and there's lots of rusty bolts under there while I'm also on a budget. Is there anything that I could use to seal it that anyone knows of from the outside? It doesn't have to look pretty I'm just looking for a cheap quick fix for my beater of a car.
  8. So I had a rummage underneath and it looks fairly easy to sort. Think the main leak is coming from the fuel line. It appears the metal line has corroded. Any tips for the best way to rectify it? Thinking along the lines of chopping it out and replacing it with a rubber line if that's easy enough. Picture hopefully shows it better. The other area of leaking mainly mainly seems to be from the drain plug which I was thinking along the lines of just taking it out and using ptfe tape around the threads? It doesn't seem to be coming from above or anywhere else. Hopefully nice easy fixes.
  9. Got my own first car in a long time out here in Canada. It's a Subaru Forester 2.5x 2003 and I paid the grand total of $650 dollars for it . It drives incredibly well, main concern is the fuel tank leaks above half full. Hoping it's the fuel lines or I can easily seal it cause taking the tank out is a big job. Any tips for things to seal the tank with? Any tips or mods for the subie too?
  10. F1

    I usually have to put up with a super crappy quality stream of sky sports f1 over here in Canada. Although the girlfriend came up trumps and found it on TSN which has the sky sports commentary anyway. Might be worth finding a stream for that somehow. I've not watched it in HD for over a year. It was like a revelation
  11. F1

    Big balls move overtaking in the pit lane? Hmmm As big a Hamilton fan as I am it was refreshing to see vettel win. I am however very concerned for the overtaking abilities that they have this year. Hopefully it will prove better at other races but unless there was a huge performance difference between cars it just didn't seem like overtaking was possible. Also not good to see red bull not in the fight, hopefully they'll make up ground.
  12. I've done the trip from the UK to Canada with bikes a few times now (direct). It mostly depends on the flight company, I've flown with air transat and they allow a bike package up to 32kg for just £20. Always been easy to sort, just shown up at the airport a little earlier. Ive only ever used cardboard bike boxes myself, they've always been up to the job and survived doing a return trip, reinforcing certain areas with gaffa tape helps. Actual specific bike bags just seem to be very heavy and my friends that have used them have always been close to the limit even with just their bike in. In the cardboard boxes I've been able to put loads of extra stuff in and effectively used it as an extra suitcase.
  13. I'm pretty sure that the 550d and 7d shared the same sensor. Just that the 7d was a lot quicker and more powerful. The 7d mk ii is supposedly similar in terms of image quality and iso performance. (I have a friend that was kind of disappointed when he traded up.) It is obviously quicker and more powerful again but I think it wouldn't be worth the cost difference where as something full frame would feel like a worthy upgrade. I rock a 5d iii, I love it, I can't see me having any need to change at all for a long time unless my circumstances change. I came from a 7d and it felt lightyears ahead. While I lived in England last winter my dad kept borrowing it and eventually when I left he had to get his own full frame canon. He got a 6d but he only had it 6 months before he sold it cause he was frustrated with the autofocus capabilities. He's now rocking a 5d iv and not looking back. Not sure what the price of 5d iii's are at the moment but that's what route I would recommend going down. Although it also depends what lenses you have?
  14. The best colour so far in my opinion. Wasn't too much of a fan of the green colour to be honest. Did the previous batch sell out way quicker than expected? It doesn't seem like that long ago since the green ones were released.
  15. That would explain it, the new single piece caliper looks very similar if not the same as the mt6 caliper. So unless there is some weird difference to the lever I presume they'd be similar performing to the mt6 brakes.