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  1. One minute, one morning and one camera. And a lot of positive vibes from Kharkiv
  2. Hello all Is anybody going to visit Eurobike 2017 (Expo Day) which will happen on 2 of September in Friedrichshafen, Germany? I'll be very happy to make new contacts and friends. In case if you go with bike, it'll be also possible to perform a ride around Friedrichshafen
  3. It can be called Kharkov or Kharkiv, official Ukrainian title is Kharkiv.
  4. Thank you new videos are coming in August and in September (after the trip to Eurobike 2017)
  5. Short edit from lost clips after Eurotrip from Ukraine to Paris on my Smart Fortwo back in 2015. 25 days, 7000km and 4 countries. I'm eager to make this happen again. Hope you enjoy watching. Great thanks to for editing.
  6. Finally the video about our trip from Ukraine to the Belgian Trials World cup was edited. Great thanks to for the edition. For more riding and travel videos to come subscribe on my Youtube channel or Instagram Will be grateful for any response and comment
  7. Light video from summer trip to Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine. Thanks to for support.
  8. Thanks for all comments. I wear helmet from time to time, especially when trying new or dangerous tricks.
  9. Video for the VTF Movie 2012 video contest. Special thanks to Alex for editinng.
  10. thanks also thanks for useful advice, with straight arms front manual feels really great
  11. Video from 1 day trip to Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine. Big thanks to: Special thanks to Alex for editing. Vimeo Video -> Original Video
  12. Max is trying to get some money for honey, cos as he said he is winnie the pooh.
  13. Great Thanks!!!!!