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  1. that Brumotti guy makes me sick. everything he does makes me cringe and want to throw my bike in the bin, Akrigg couldn't be further from him
  2. you really didn't like that vid?, its part of a series called raw 100. stoked for a Akrigg video, exciting times.
  3. Opposite end of the edit spectrum.
  4. He's pretty young and has just been taken on by red bull, i don't mind adding a bit of humour to the videos, it breaks them up, maybe as angry 30 year old trials riders were so used to videos that don't have a massive amount of bants involved i them.
  5. Picked up a camera yesterday for the first time since completing my degree in 2013. didn't have a clue what i was doing, guess ill start from scratch then.
  6. Watched Death grip last week, its pretty good. Also unreal, is unreal.
  7. Hey guys, I'm looking at switching to a tubeless setup on my enduro, so I can run some lower pressures but unsure on which method to go with. There's the traditional method and the slightly newer huck norris set up, has anybody used both that can shed and light on any draw backs? I'm a pretty harsh rider so I was thinking huck norris may save my rim in the long run? Cheers!
  8. that looks awfully backwards, whats it comparable to?
  9. Cheers for the help ben, i was pretty lucky to find my Norco for as cheap as i did, else i would have thrown caution in the wind and gone down he direct sales route. either way happy days.
  10. The concept behind these direct sales companies are there, but the idea that if my two grand product dies i have to ship it to a different country scares me
  11. I did exactly the same, got a shiny new Norco now. no regrets.
  12. This should piss some people off then.
  13. Man if its not an inspired trials forum is just plain mean.
  14. Hey guys, In the process of jumping on board the MTB train, I've narrowed down my choices to these two, has anybody had any Dealings with either of them, or any experience with direct sale companies? cheers