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  1. Im not sure what to go for, saracen make decent looking ones, ive had a look at the NSbikes to, i want something super small and low
  2. My Norco Range, i love it. been a long time since i had this much fun on a bike, was a difficult decision to sell my trials bikes all together but at the end of the day, it wasnt fun anymore. Got my beady eye on a 26 hard tail street/park bike now. not sure what yet though.. any suggestions?
  3. Ill show you some love and jump on board that train.
  4. this slipped under our radar..
  5. Got offered a new job with very exciting prospects but. I currently live 300 miles away, and i've just moved in to a beautiful house with my mrs, 2 months in to a 6month minimum lease, the job is in the countryside, her jobs requires her to be in a city and neither of us drive! Also my new job offer happens to be in my home town i left nearly a decade ago, i haven't slept a wink. i have no idea what to do. This is a happy decision i guess.
  6. Your riding again?/still?
  7. Ill take one. or this
  8. I tried to ride again, hurt my self due to not being made of rubber anymore, got bored of that and sold them all and bought a squishy big boy bike. based on my previous decisions i imagine ill buy another one in 8-9 months, idiot.
  9. that Brumotti guy makes me sick. everything he does makes me cringe and want to throw my bike in the bin, Akrigg couldn't be further from him
  10. you really didn't like that vid?, its part of a series called raw 100. stoked for a Akrigg video, exciting times.
  11. Opposite end of the edit spectrum.
  12. He's pretty young and has just been taken on by red bull, i don't mind adding a bit of humour to the videos, it breaks them up, maybe as angry 30 year old trials riders were so used to videos that don't have a massive amount of bants involved i them.
  13. Picked up a camera yesterday for the first time since completing my degree in 2013. didn't have a clue what i was doing, guess ill start from scratch then.