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  1. We had an open group for a short time, but it soon started to fill with crap, hit the add button and you can view everything or follow the page if you just want updates. https://www.facebook.com/offthetrailofficial/
  2. Thanks dude! its new, but building a good following on facebook!
  3. I'm to cheap to buy one, maybe one day when i pull in the big bucks.. edit:after a quick google, turns out there not to bad.
  4. Who’s excited? Were covering as much as we can over at Off The Trail on facebook & Instagram I’ve never watched the cape epic before and after last weeks UCI XCO race I imagine it’s going to be pretty intense!
  5. This forum will continue to thrive as long as us old people continue to piss and moan about new social media platforms and the good old days
  6. those of you who have listened to the HKT podcast will know he has left inspired to ride full time for santa cruz, inspired best update there website
  7. Anal! what the hell are you doing with a bmx, Don't be silly. at least buy an inspired! Kenny, I've done this every year for the past decade, it kind of stuck 2 years ago, but i eventually stopped progressing and just began to get annoyed, it was a lot of fun though, I'm quite happy on the old MTB train nowadays.
  8. what a belter.
  9. on that note: Danny Mac will be on the HKT podcast this week
  10. think he bounced back just fine
  11. i have no idea what your on about, i only provide useless and well informed links to deals for fellow cyclists
  12. hmmm mediocre.
  13. can confirm, does not ride this one. EDIT: if/when you get bored i might have those MT7's for the MTB if you decide not to use them.
  14. nice vibe to these vids
  15. new series, brilliant