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  1. 15 years?
  2. Was a decent bit of kit, shame the tensiles tried to kill almost every customer that daren't use them.
  3. Pace RC250T
  4. Those decals.. On a side note, the little television logo is now very similar to the 'TV' Emoji for apple devices
  5. Im feeling nostalgic, now that i own a bike with a seat again, so heres my little tribute to some of the more handsome bikes from the past, they didn't always ride very well, but they looked lovely. Dimond back racing, never actually saw one of these in the flesh, looked amazing with the hot S though Brisa B26D easily one of the heaviest worst riding bikes i've ever owed, but they were beautiful so its okay.. Orange Zero, what a hero. when trials was on the verge of getting taken seriously by the mountain bike industry orange dipped their toe in the water, then the french changed everything. bloody Koxx
  6. and the they were gone.
  7. thats my third suggestion for fire haha
  8. so after fudging my perfect rear brake, i installed a smaller rotor and began to make progress, bedding that in, i then use a water bottle which i assumed had only ever had water in it to douse my brake, turns out it previously had some kind of sugary drink which has completely ruined the pads as they now stick like shit to a blanket. so the BB7 now has a shafted rotor, and useless pads, I've done a full circle and put my 180mm bb5 back on the rear and I'm £45 lighter. fan f**kING tastic. oh well new month soon, ill try again then.
  9. Dan jones?
  10. matt was a beast
  11. Followed @Mark W's advice and gave 180 manuals a try. turns out there super difficult but pretty fun. give me a week.
  12. Finally bed my rear brake in, one day later i bash it on a wall being an idiot and bent it, put on a spare, need to bed it in again. fml
  13. have you got some pics of this set up? have you just set up the turntable to stream over a network?