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  1. I assume they both moved from Tenby to Bora Bora, I assume that 1 Tartybikes banner pays for that. That being said id be reet cut up if it just disappears
  2. this is the best were getting
  3. i imagine alter will be decent again cause kenny takes over the whole thing, well hopefully anyway
  4. I get you, the sections don't seem to link up, seems there made of 5 big features, that being said of those 5 features every characteristic of riding trials is put to good use, power, balance ect.. bring back those hectic 1992 Japan itadori BIU sections, with ramps, rolling things, that was more like a game show
  5. "Relatively Viral" in the trials world being a 200 person view count right?
  6. Anyway, heres a teaser for the next Cycle ball game. http://www.uci.ch/indoor-cycling/videos/208-uci-cycle-ball-world-cup-teaser/
  7. When you consider that every other UCI sporting event has decent live coverage, even Bicycle football (what?) it just baffles me why trials doesnt get any, is it that boring, or that underground
  8. I love them, how you finding it going up hill?
  9. What a terrible viewing experience that was, why the f**k would they not use youtube? has anyone found a better stream?
  10. not sure, i imagine 3pm Austria time, so 2pm here
  11. For those of you who still dig bikes with no seats http://www.uci.ch/trials/news/article/live-vocklabruck-aut/
  12. Anyone signed up? I stupidly accepted an invite to a bike festival, thinking beer and lols, with no previous knowledge of Ard' rock, now that I'm a little clued up its keeping me awake at night, anyone else signed their life away? be cool to see some old skoolers on the big bikes?
  13. seriously, no likes for my its a tap meme..
  14. how the hell do we delete posts
  15. Seriously though i loved it, and i love taps.