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  1. Easy now, lets not start a love in. Carry on, it's just so predictable and means reading a thread around a fickle bit of name calling and 'your mum' jokes. Signing out again now, don't make me come back and spank you (although I'm not sure that would have the desired affect...)
  2. Yeah, I get the Internet lulz factor and you do post some funny, informative and well thought out posts/stories/accounts/duplicated photos etc. Whilst I generally find you amusing, it has been constant baiting recently and usually this is one way. Everyone will have an standpoint on this and I'm not going to push this any further, it just irritated me enough to sign in and comment. So then, as you were TF.
  3. Rare sign into TF today, I'm usually the creepy quiet observation type of member and I'm usually on the side of the person having a pop at jardo for being himself, but having had a lazy day catching up on some threads as my bike is broken, Dann570twelve you have recently become a total wanger! Nothing further.
  4. Totally off topic but I've Pm'd you Forteh, not sure how often you check them so thought I would try this as well!
  5. That's pretty frantic. Please forgive my ignorance but why are some of the shifts up and down clutched and others not? Also aren't the pedals normally adjusted in racing cars? ie your brake and throttle are central? Or is that just an angle which looks odd?
  6. How's a 405(?) to drive? The big Pug diesel estate, can't remember the model number. Or one of the legacy or outback estates? I know the diesel boxer is crap though. Focus estates seem to tick all the boxes but is it big enough? I would have one but wanted to change from the blue oval, plus I've never had an ounce of enthusiasm for one.
  7. Some of the most intelligent people I know, have awful handwriting!
  8. 21 in town, ~16 pushed and 34 on the motorway. Epic spewbaru (non-turbo) engine configuration. Dan, better off doing say 20litres from full, as fuel price varies and I've no idea where I could manage to run to empty safely/accurately.
  9. That would have been enough. stator coil might be worn/corroded?
  10. Along with his name, frape that's out of hand?
  11. 1 like = 1 respect It doesn't even make sense. What is a 'respect'?
  12. Battery?
  13. Putting warm and dry hiking boots on and lacing them up exactly right. Picking sleep out of my eyes Weird alert. Peeling scabs.
  14. Everyone walking was a miracle!! Edit: 9000th reply, word up!