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  1. Weather

    i hear that! rode in pretty much a downpour the other day with a mate, well til i punctured and we had to trek back to the car
  2. Sic Neutral Gear

    the current crop of bmx freecoasters are getting pretty snappy and positive now plus they are pretty reliable. i dont know how they'd fair up to full on trials riding but for street they are a cool idea (only ridden a bmx with one but the possibilities are awesome and endless) but they are definately better then just having a gap in your gears would be interesting to get one into a 24" with the right spacing at the back (is this available?) to test the water
  3. New Member? Introduce Yourself Here!

    Hi i'm Sean Just getting back into trials at the age of 19, after a 2 year layoff from the sport, due to the wonderful temptation that is bmx street Currently having to ressurect my bike, because i snapped my faithful mission after a week of riding again. I ride in the plymouth area with very rare forays into the wider world like dartmoor other interests are climbing, motorsport (almost anykind but i love trail ridng on my honda), bmx still, i do a fair bit of jogging as well. Thanks Sean
  4. How Many Teeth!

    just a suggestion but instead of buying lots of different rear singlespeed cogs why not get a cheap road casstte block (in v. close ratio) then you can swap between ratios quite easily until you find one that works for you! (i've just tried it and found that 22-18 works for me but maybe not for everyone will be getting a singlespeed setup soon!)