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  1. Still got the Front wheel for sale mate?

  2. Hey dude, you still interested in the wheel at all?

    im only free on thursdays and sundays as i work the rest.

    let me know

  3. Well considering the cost it would be to build new £60 was roughly half that. It also includes the rim tape and hope quick release. So cost would be the same. I'm not around today sorry but free tomorrow.

    The up and down doesn't affect the way in which it rides and it's only slight. I never had a problem even running a rim brake.

  4. Alright dude, fair fair!

    do you want it or just after some details about it?

  5. Hi fella's any chance anybody knows Dave W a member on here im interested in buying his front wheel in the for sale section but not being a full member am unable to pm him personally my Email is hawkesy226@hotmail.co.uk Cheers Chris
  6. haha nice one mate was just searching on youtube for that
  7. Cheers fella's Hope I win the a pair on ebay sometime soon then, no special tools needed to bleed then?
  8. bought a Da Bomb trials bike just a cheapy to start practising on, have the cash to buy some hydraulic rim brakes just not sure wich to buy and how to bleed. looking to get some HS33's Got around £40-50 for a pair bidding on ebay is there much difference with the HS33's to the HS11's? and is water bleeding have better results then magura royal blood. and wich pads are better? really new to magura's
  9. Cheers For The Welcomes, yeah my mates bought a Onza Bird so wanna get one now missed a couple on ebay bought i'll keep searching
  10. Hi im chris from birmingham, looking to get into trials biking joined the forum today if anyone knows of a cheap beginer 20" trials bike email me know, hawkesy226@hotmail.co.uk