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    zoo python 07 frame front pro 2 on try all rear try all hub on try all rim echo lites monty ti bars front hope rear echo rim brake with phats :)
  1. Oops , my bad
  2. hi all , ive just got into bmx an dont ride this enough to justify still having it , needs a new chain ideally but apart from that rides a treat . here is the spec - -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- frame :echo lite (09 i think) forks : trialtech sport bars : rockman stem : onza front wheel: atomz rim on rockman hub rear whee l: atomz rim on rockman hub cranks :monty isis freewheel : echo tr bb : trialtech front brake: hope tech rear brake: magura HS33 with rock blue pads in anodized green cnc backings ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- im after £300 + P&P may consider a split if some big items go but ideally full bike . can also collect from basildon (near southend) only place i can upload picturea is facebook so heres a link . http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=3622006983995&set=a.1410363534291.2058558.1088569559&type=1&theater http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=3622006303978&set=a.1410363534291.2058558.1088569559&type=1&theater http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=3622005783965&set=a.1410363534291.2058558.1088569559&type=1&theater i dont go on here much so you can text me on 07427126389 , or pm me an ill try an keep an eye on here . Jack.
  3. having a problem with my 05 maggy lever , the piston is sticking , i pushed it back out by using the preasure from a syringe on the caliper but within 5or 6 pulls of the lever it sticks again .. any ideas of how to free it up ? cheers , jack
  4. Hey bud, how do you want for the dmr v8 pedals and what colour are they?

  5. a few select people on tf have no life , but the majority still have a sole , you sir are acting like a compleate arse hole , think about if you were in the position when you feel like you have to take your own life , an theres pricks like you saying all this ? why dont you try getting a life an stop trying to ruin other peoples , hannah needs someone to talk to , not someone to piss her off even more , it just seems like your trying to tip her again ... but that would probiably be the highlight of your pointless little life wouldent it ? regards jack
  6. thanks guys , might have to take you up on that , im not over for another few months but ill pm you a few weeks before
  7. hey guys , jut booked a week in amsterdam, an wondered if anyone had been there before to see what the riddings like ? might be tempted to take the bike over for a quick pedal if its good
  8. well , the viz yellows wont be helping, get some phatpads , lgm , or rockblue pads
  9. looking good joe , wheres te last clip from , looks like some good lines to be had there ..
  10. what james's gap all about , monster !
  11. to be fair , he was about a ft over it ,. looked spark out at the end though ..
  12. its outside basildon town centre so leon wont want to know if youve got a cross over ill come out to play ?
  13. Hy Jack I`m interested in your onza skull,but I`m a new member so I can`t post.contact me please on balatonmotors@hotmail.com cheers

  14. hey u still got the onza skull im very intrested

  15. did you measure up the forks?:)