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  1. Just got in from Thor Ragnarok Quality. Way better than I expected it to be. Genuine laughs all the way through
  2. Very similar to our dogface
  3. Getting my trailer test actually booked has apparently been too much of a logistical nightmare for Wessex and Somax (the training company) to sort out, so in the meantime I'm using a colleagues van, which has the jetting unit inbuilt. She's just exploded on the way home
  4. You know the rules. Lets be avin' a look
  5. Passed this in rural Somerset at work last week. Something up your street @Tom Booth?
  6. I'm on call this week. Did 12 hrs on bank holiday Monday and 14 hrs yesterday, getting in at midnight. After a shower and quick bite got to bed around 1. I have a further 5 days to go of anything up to 16 hr days. I was suuuper quiet coming in last night and went into the spare room so as not to wake Adele. 7am and she's up for work, radio on in the kitchen, talking to the dog and brings me a tea. f**k OFF
  7. My feet were so bruised the following morning! Pretty sure I danced for about 5 hours straight It was f**king beautiful dude. Amazing day
  8. How far through have you watched?
  9. Called to a pollution with fish kill in watercourse. We have a sewer overflow on a 375mm main line which outfalls under a bridge. Job reported by the EA. Arrive on site to find 6 mackerel in the river! All already gutted . Nice work EA, nice work
  10. Passed my Street Works Unit 2 today, and completed my confined spaces course a couple of weeks ago. Just my trailer test to go and I'll finally be out on the road on my own and able to start earning some proper cash
  11. He is a beaut
  12. Awesome dude. Fergus is growing so fast it's crazy. Those legs are like extendable poles!
  13. Bloody hell Dave! You ok?
  14. If it does feel/sound like an A2 injury. Then get onto icing it asap, massively helps to reduce the swelling and encourages blood flow. One the pain and swelling have reduced, take a look into 'voodoo flossing' - sounds dodgy, but can be really effective
  15. Could have injured your A2 pulley. Common climbing injury where you overload the force on your fingers