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  1. Has anyone tried the Monty shoes tarty sells?
  2. Where is the best place to get a pair of terrex solos from?
  3. Yes and thanks
  4. Thanks I did this earlier, is it the right way?
  5. Hi, does cutting away some of the body actually make it stronger or prevent it snapping/cracking? Cheers
  6. It depends on your frame, size and riding style.
  7. Anyone know the geo of a 2007 zoo python?

    1. Show previous comments  10 more
    2. trialsquirt


      Is measuring the wheelbase the only way to know if it is a long or a short?

    3. CC12345678910


      measure the reach mabye?

    4. isitafox


      Can't remember if the stays were different lengths???

  8. Yes exactly... just keep trying until it feels natural
  9. . I think your problem is not getting your weight far back enough when you preload for the gap.
  10. What about an identiti rebate 1420?
  11. Ogre wins
  12. V brake.
  13. That's really nice, but please fix that tensioner!
  14. Yes definitely
  15. Thanks I'll order one now