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    Frame: Onza limey 320 - Forks: Echo Urban '09 - Front hub: Echo tr non disc - Rear hub: Profile Mini Cassette Hub - Front rim: Trialtech Square-Holed - Rear rim: Try-All Reinforced - Spokes: Sapim Race Double Butted - kenda inner tubes - Front tyre: kenda - Rear tyre: Creepy Crawler - Front brake: Avid SD7 V-Brake, Avid FR5 Lever - Rear brake: Magura HS33 - Brake pads front + rear: TNN LGM - Cranks: Echo - Pedals: V 8's - Bottom bracket: Echo - Bashring: GU - Headset: chris king - Stem: Try all - Handlebars: Trialtech Sport Riser
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  1. Why did they stop making crm pads? Could really do with a pair!

    1. SamKidney


      Try out Echos new CNC pad. Insane on a smooth rim if thats what you're after.

    2. BradJohnson


      Also good on a very light grind.

    3. Sam Moss

      Sam Moss

      I've found some old crm pads but with about 2mm left haha, might give them a try when these are gone

  2. Any rides in the north west tomorrow???

  3. anyone got a pair of crm or plazmatics?

  4. Zoo Lynx Ride 1

    Just Got Zoo Lynx, Wigan an liverpool clips :D Enjoy
  5. oreet. im the lad from st helens. ill be riding there on my trials tomoz

  6. whos this lad from st helens pal?