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  1. Just got my echo anodised, ill get a good photo tomorrow
  2. Me and Adam will probably be half an hour late like usual!!
  3. That the plan! See you both there!
  4. beet me to it!
  5. Got the snail cams on, I'll put a photo up later and let you know if the problems solved haha
  6. About to put snail cams on and drill and tap the frame until I realised I can only drill through the part wher the grub screw goes
  7. I'm sure snail cams will work and keep the grub screws in as well. That's the only thing I can think off
  8. Ye even when everything is as tight as possible, I'm going to put snail cams on, just not sure if they will make things worse. Like the hub axel may not be flush on the snail cam, you get me?
  9. I've tried it and mine still comes loose. Anyone know if snail cams would make an impact on the spacing? My threads are fine by the way,
  10. The sun is out for once and there shouldn't be any gust! Meeting outside lime street station on them walls or the steps over the road! Meet at 11.30 Ish
  11. just put some tar on
  12. Getting loads better!
  13. Awesome, enjoyed that till the very end!