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  1. Sacked off the fury for a intense have more trust in it
  2. Just got this GT fury last week absolute weapon
  3. I used to fly the holy roller tyres on a hex with a 35mm rim and a continental freeride tube at about 70psi, never punctured that and I ranged from 16-17stone over the 10 months i rode it
  4. That looks like the best mod/bmx to ride ever. Good job
  5. Just get the front wheel up and land pedal purposely makes attempting bigger sidehops easier for me at least.
  6. Modern comp bar angle too! Massively different than 10 years ago the old beast make you feel weak after riding something like this. I'd diss the stem pad but from past experiences thats a good shout especially with that bar angle. Looks a nice build
  7. Flappy pad with the grinder to create the slope after cutting the steerer tube flat and make sure to mark the steerer with the sloping stem, get the angle right then just take a couple of mm off each time you check until the topcap will do its job You can also have the steerer flush with the top of the stem slope and cut out where the top cap needs to sit to still tighten the headset but this takes a little longer to do
  8. Either try to use a grub screw which will be the clean way to do it or drill the bolt completely out and heli coil the stem
  9. I had a echo stem that looked exactly like that one think it was called an echo hifi, pretty confident it was 145x25
  10. That is sick
  11. Pro4 same problems? I've got the 80 pro2 and had to get a bearing replaced as it went really rough and the wheel was hardly spinning and on installing the new one it was a lot better but not perfect like the bearing was before I installed it into the hub. Guessing some of the hubshells are faulty? Are both hubshell bearings rough or just one?
  12. Yea that version. Runs it standard gearing doesn't look like he's got lots of chain and it crank flips fine
  13. I've got a friend who has one on an inspired 4play, been on for ages actually. He's never had tension problems since putting it on
  14. Didn't you have a problem with a pre loader of some sort @Dman ? I'm thinking about swapping out my slx's that's all
  15. Just single speed a mountain bike so that's it's half hard to pedal. You'll be stood up more often then with setting off and hills, best way to see physical strength and endurance fast over a couple of months.