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  1. rockman carbons ordered :)

    1. Jamie_Trials


      When's the dentist appointment? Haha :P

    2. tom@eastcoasttrials


      there bars not forks haha

    3. Blake


      even worse ;)

  2. need to get this sl 108 fitted !!!

  3. buzzing for my new frame Wednesday!!!!

  4. some pne buy my cranks please

    1. Danny00135


      Not sure if mis-spelled "one".. Or Acronym..

  5. any one got a 15t or 16th screw on kicking around ?

  6. would tnn pad refils fit my cnc coust backing ?

    1. FamilyBiker


      i think with cutting/glueing you could fit any pad in any backing,with a few exceptions

    2. tom@eastcoasttrials


      any one done it ?

    1. persistant_itch


      was actually looking at these just there myself, curious to know what people reckon

    2. tom@eastcoasttrials
  7. just gotta sit and wait for my lovely big parcel

  8. waiting for the pm back

  9. ok me please so i can become a full member and then list some stuff to sell and also buy some stuff. i want to make comments :(

  10. my echo urban frame is up for sale mate with the onza forks and echo life time bb. im after £200 for the lot if interested

  11. alex man you ridding tomorrow ?

  12. iam going to add my name on the list is it aright with u

    i know lee and david

  13. hey im tom i live in sheringham there is a few of us about tht ride norwich nearly every sunday meet at train station at 11 normaly i think there is one this sunday hope to see u there ?