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  1. Pretty decent!
  2. Although I see the point you're making, if it was a longer manual I'd have to be fully off the brake for just a short one like that to me it doesn't really matter at all. I'm not going to alter my riding to please Ali and his fan zone BC's are a part of trials now get over it. Also Drizzly clips from today up tomorrow at some point in the evening.
  3. It's almost as nice as mine Although I can't justify how bad the quality of my photo is.
  4. Quite up for a ride in Burnley again at some point.
  5. Yesterday I had to go into Leeds to wait on a family member in hospital so I took the chance of the day away from working to test out the new camera and mic combined with getting myself just generally out on the bike. It seem's a little glimpse of sunshine can really bring the love for the basics back.
  6. @niconj can only watch this video with audio
  7. I expected the likes cravings from a few others but not Matt. Lame! Nice photos though.
  8. I'm pretty sure if you buy a new trials bike from anywhere in the uk you get the warranty advice and then a separate A3 "Avoid Ross McArthur" standard.
  9. I am just running a set of M5 x 13mm with a 4mm Allen head. Works fine, seem to dig in a little to the three anti loosen spacers I got with the shimano and haven't ever had a rotor come loose on me since 2013 when I put them on my bike/s. I just seem to have a disc adaptor that won't stop coming loose on the Arcade now (It's always something).
  10. Just stumbled upon this, hope make a spacer to slot behind the rotor for this issue.
  11. Rusty bolts ***!
  12. Best get that point back, think about the space time continuum
  13. Seats welcome? Can't make this weekend but keep posting them up I have a bit more weekend time coming up after I've finished on a current job.
  14. But is the T shirt real or have all these people made it up.
  15. Who's that sorry?