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  1. Really enjoyed that.
  2. I'm not into those pedals.
  3. When I had 3 x 10mm stackers on my bike I could hop 3 fist over bar, now without those stackers in I can hop 3 fist and 2 fingers over bar, huge difference.
  4. Some self filmed clips from the first few rides on the Silex, the idea was to just grab a few clips for Jason to use on his Facebook review and intro to the frame which can be found here. It's not cinematic but I like the rawness of self filmed stuff from rides. Currently really enjoying myself on the bike, I am aware of a couple of sound issues, seems to create a static noise depending on where I clip the mic onto the camera. I am also aware that my caliper was loose during a hook and gap. Neither felt great at the time with the noise. New bolts solved that.
  5. I'm really looking forward to seeing Jack take his proven form of no feet down to the China World Cup. I think the new system is going to shuffle around the rankings hugely.
  6. @niconj my slick tyres grip. Had a load of fun here on my birthday, it's just full of families with the school hols so didn't hang around to long. Look forward to going back.
  7. No point bitching, who cares. They're all good frames just personal preference. Jason's just throwing out another option, I rode for Marino and didn't get along with them. All personal preference but do I say his frames look shit? No. Could I? Yes. In fairness Boni Toe (Great name by the way) you need to be looking into the geo's of these more and deciding on one that best suits you. Small difference's I know but makes a huge impact in the long run. Obviously there's loads of edits from the inspired team on all different frames in the range. There's some really cool videos of John Shrewsbury and Ross (get creative one being a favourite of mine) on these Marino's which show them off really well also. Link: And a self plug: There's a small section of me on a Silex here at 3:10.
  8. This.
  9. What a great 2 weeks (Apart from Saturday night). Thanks for the edit, good memories! The gap to footjam photos are awesome, is there a video of this?
  10. Hey guys, it's been a while since I really bothered interacting with other trials riders it seems but I got a ride out with one of the young guys in my village Joshy. He's impressively improving everytime I see him and I couldn't hold back from getting the camera out and sharing this. I stuck the clips together and kept them raw. I struggle finding music for my own clips let alone someone else's. Excuse my camera picking up someone swearing.
  11. Don't get your apron caught in your chain.
  12. Really nice vibe to this. Very enjoyable.
  13. I am ready for the best ride of the year
  14. Marco Grosenik, one of my all time favourite riders on the planet. Belgium.
  15. Silex fits 364mm perfectly fine.