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  1. You're Joacimnymann. See what I did there.
  2. Chilled riding/music. I like gaps so it'd have been nice to see the rail gap from the tripod. Enjoyed that Jordan.
  3. I also liked the vlogs of him riding street. He's very park and ramps so him riding Liverpool street was nice to see. I'd hoped for more of that but it never happened.
  4. A rider in Doncaster has a pair of these I think somebody else on the forum might help in naming him but I think because he has a little more of a old school bike/setup it works. For me on this I am indecisive it looks good but weird.
  5. Don't listen to Mark he knows nothing about Inspired's. I lie. A friend just got a Foreplay and although it's different to what I am used to I got straight onto it and enjoyed it a lot. A little to much maybe, I would destroy my knee on the stem and cry like a bitc... Personally though I would pay and upgrade to the Hope brakes like my friend has. They not only look better but feel perfect on the bike and give him a little more confidence. Also to credit the Tarty staff, Inspired or Hope they've routed the hose of the Hope to be less vulnerable which gains somebody a
  6. Edit: Great thread Mark. I feel this deserves a place: Clicky
  7. A couple of years ago I didn't really like him, his vlogs and only really watched the clips of him from competitions and Mania 1 & 2. It's been of recent (this year really) where he's actually coming across much better in my eyes and I just like how positive towards all the sports he has been. Watching him just get on the downhill bike and then this has been really fun. Compared to the total shambled idea's he's had this year with the likes of scooter bars on crap.
  8. Just a warning sign before the demo's start would be helpful to the crowd maybe?
  9. Hahaha bloody awesome!
  10. cool to see you getting out on the bike Jason, again that laugh is worth the fall. Evo looks nice!
  11. When I noticed your post in the members rides I was thinking "good luck with that" then to see this video. Wrong I was. Looks like a fun day and great to see a video from it.
  12. In 2017 it's not Steez'y without a squat out of shot.
  13. Thanks @Shub_Step but the forum is dead these days, feels best posting in here for the type of clips. Also good stuff in your clips to, foot plant = 1 dab