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  1. I just re stuck in the pads and it's been fine since.
  2. Yeah that was before they snapped though, Christ Mark. Bike look's shit. Cool that they're still going and trying to improve their work so + points for them on that. Why can't they be unique and just do their own thing though? The best thing you can do for this company is drill that into their heads
  3. I mean if you're pinning it into a tap and your gusset falls off it could go in your eye. I wouldn't risk that.
  4. We just call that spot 'Brunthwaite' as it's on Brunthwaite road, if this is the place just below Addingham? As well as the glen. Some super awesome riding, the speed going into that massive up to front at Shipley is crazy for that run up. Will we ever see the 20" stuff you filmed?
  5. Huge moves going into these shows for the audience and that it impresses trials riders just shows the level of riding. Awesome video! 360 tyre tap whip was something special!
  6. I doubt my opinion matters though it seems for someone who brings out plenty of edits they just keep being impressive and watchable. I hope we get to ride again in the future. New bike colour looks tasty!
  7. Is the key to being the best in the world front hops? I've been doing this so wrong! Just a reminder of how to film Jack correctly:
  8. You can't ask me a question with a quote consisting of 3/4 of what I said, Germany got involved and beat me to it though.
  9. Love a good head scratch like this, actually did similar things at college. The more I think about this the more similar to a train question I was given in college as part of an exam and I nailed it I remember it being on a page of the exam labelled "Counteraction" (College exam's were pretty laid back :P) so somewhere in the above something has to counteract, either the wheel would have to skid, the bike would move forward counteracting the tension of the pulling or that the bike would move backwards but the crank arm would have to technically move anti clockwise with the bike.
  10. Fun edit was fun. Would love to ride here sometime. Jacobs logic of to rears is questionable haha
  11. Really cool!
  12. The more popular one from memory was 160 x 30, they also did a 150 and a 140 though I think both of the following was x 25.
  13. No ones rotor rubs? I really struggled with the spikey things sticking up and the increase of speed each ramp down caused so I used my bike. By the middle of the manual I could have let off the brake but it was going nicely so went with it. I've got a super scratched up rotor that I think makes it sound way worse! I really enjoyed the ride, Jacob is getting better and Karl is annoyingly getting good at waking upto instant new move learns. I'm just getting better at drinking coffee and making noises.
  14. Ten Years! Wow, do it again!
  15. The "When it's come" tells us all that the hub was sent from Hope. Why would you be posting on the forum and not chasing this up with Hope it will be a simple send back to them and they will send you back another (correct) hub. Surely to even get the axle to replace you would have to order that from hope so just tell them what has happened or get the shop to and it's that simple. Deal with it.