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  1. Hey guys, it's been a while since I really bothered interacting with other trials riders it seems but I got a ride out with one of the young guys in my village Joshy. He's impressively improving everytime I see him and I couldn't hold back from getting the camera out and sharing this. I stuck the clips together and kept them raw. I struggle finding music for my own clips let alone someone else's. Excuse my camera picking up someone swearing.
  2. Don't get your apron caught in your chain.
  3. Looks great. Carbon forks to me still look strange even though they have been out for a few years now. Those pedals look deadly!
  4. Really nice vibe to this. Very enjoyable.
  5. I am ready for the best ride of the year
  6. Marco Grosenik, one of my all time favourite riders on the planet. Belgium.
  7. Silex fits 364mm perfectly fine.
  8. I'll check that out, cheers. Yeah Vancouver looks so good!
  9. This was a great day in the office for Mr Travis. I love Jeff and Kevin I've been quite a fan of their riding over the years and their riding locations. Then to see you tear it up like that was so good. I thought that Aaron guy moved there?
  10. What happened to Oliver and Joel? They seem to post on Insta with riding media. I haven't heard anything of Frankie in a fair while but myself and other I imagine would be keen on coming over for a ride. You need a car!
  11. Gutted to be missing the event, struggling to get through my work up here so going to have to miss it. Hope you all have a good time!
  12. Great responses Ross, I wasn't calling this out as it is something that I would like to see progress from you and become an off the shelf item in the future from Marino. I would be keen on seeing this with the shorter seat tube, you can get a seat post that self clamps so you could cut it close down and run a sleek look. I can live with your cranks it was just my personal opinion, you know my setup more than most. This is thing ticks a whole load'a boxes!
  13. Reminds me of the Marco Hosel bike from his knock on wood edit only without suspension, a rubber belt and 24". I like this a lot but the crank and bash set up looks super out of proportion to my eyes. I especially like the longer head tube/ 0 spacers.
  14. It's meant to take 362. I will confirm soon as mine arrives
  15. Try the over to one side also, clamp on the upsweep will feel great.