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  1. Blown away by how good this is.
  2. repercussions
  3. Haha!
  4. For those who are anyway interested there is a part 14.5 that is currently up on the Italian Street trial mentality page, I hadn't really seen it being much point uploading it onto vimeo with my shocking internet speeds at home and FB is quicker. Link here: Part 15 I am hoping will be more clips and more of an edit over just raw stuff as previous. Something more along the lines of what I set out for in part 10. I have also got my eye currently on a few things which I am excited about going to try.
  5. Have you tried looking down the barrel as you fire just to see where they're jamming?
  6. Mark just going around saying I just get all this untaxed cash and the vigilante granny's are onto me haha
  7. Maybe. Also as I was reading your quote a lady just walked out of a house with her dog went around my van and back in. Dedicated dog owner there.
  8. Love being self employed on days like today. Fit a handrail this morning on my first job, gone and painted a 3 story communal hallway, third job damp proof painted a bathroom wall, fourth job open a window lock and replace the handle, job five emergency call out open and replace a door lock, sixth job paint a bedroom and living room out. Its only 3pm
  9. Boil the kettle, pour over disc and pads and leave it to just cool down (for as long as it takes to put the kettle back), spin the wheel off so most of th excess water has gone then just dry it off using it. Works for me!
  10. You're still here.
  11. Not so much angry though I thought I'd post anyway. Arranged a job today on Monday. It was classed as urgent so I called Monday with no answer then sent a text. Got a reply saying that Wednesday was best for them. Ideally afternoon. Goes today 50 mins from my local area. Each way. Knocks on the door to be ignored, knocked harder knowing someone was clearly in and then again even harder. To have the door opened and her shouting at me saying "what do you want?" I said that I'd been sent via the landlord and that I'd spoken with her (the lady shouting) to arrange today. She denied all knowledge and continued in a raised voice to slag off me for waking her up and the landlord asking for my details and to report me for just turning up. I got out my phone and called the number I'd text and as soon as her phone rang I said "you're getting a call out bill of £45.00 via the estate agent for wasting my time which will have to be arranged before I come back to do any work on the property" then closed her door and walked away. I'm annoyed at it more so because it delays things as I now have to go back and I could be elsewhere doing other stuff I've planned. People are just painful!!
  12. It's very Aurelien looking although something about the edit style spoils it a little. This riding is huge but it's not really captured brilliantly. Pedal upto fronts are getting huge from compy riders these days!
  13. I enjoyed this. Part of me still thinks less is more in street so I always watch his edits thinking "don't do anything else" mid line but this seemed a great balance. He's got balls.
  14. This was really good to watch. Nice one!