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  1. Dan we have to get out and tan our foreheads one evening/weekend!
  2. I think a section of the forum should be posted for anyone who might want to review a shop or brand. For instance I just ordered a helmet out of pure anger from Tartybikes to replace my Poc as the pads in it are total crap. I'd love to give them a compliment and also say that I'm impressed by the quality of the Jitsie/lazer helmet for the price. Other folk on the forum might want to research Marino (on a thread purely based on reviews) or the new brand Scorpio and so on. So whack it up!! Haha
  3. Please close topic, cheers.
  4. It's cool how they used world famous Inspired rider Yuki Kishi at the start. Honestly this edit was awesome, I love how these really quirky edits keep coming from rider on these frames. I remember talking to Flipp about making frames on a road trip a few years ago but super glad that dream became a reality. I think @CalopS would be absolutely class on one of these frames. The spots looked sick and the lines on them matched. Few bitch's to fire up Ali. Loved the pedal to rear on the rail.
  5. I haven't seen those bolts for ages. That the correct Pro2 for that frame 100% haha
  6. Time for Marino to use some of these* *and get some small print on the website. Winner winner chicken dinner.
  7. Very nice frame!
  8. I enjoyed yesterday, just messing around on simple things seemed loads of fun. Anyone wanting to know the location of the park I will post it up on the forum but it's not actually finished properly yet. I'll see what the next week or two bring with the council letting us rip into more stuff but anyone wanting to ride it, it's free and open to all.Stephen Burke park, Barrowford, Colne area. (M65).
  9. Raw and more vloggy would be better, it just seems a little over edited and less chilled out. When it's over so quickly it's actually harder to take in how big most of your riding is.
  10. Yeah it's cool seeing these guys who are at a top level in other sports coming over to trials but it's like Akrigg, Danny and Fabio just smashing it on the other bikes. Ali is a great example of an all rounder just on the one bike, park, street, rocks, pump tracks and I bet he could xc his hex quite well. Nice to see you riding the rocks more often again @Mike Beck the last time we saw this properly was in a mod video years ago. Great to see you teaming up with someone to film you. It always takes two. Harry and Skeggs not doing things together has hugely made his channel take a back step in my eyes.
  11. It's no longer 2006. Had a cheeky view again, keep filming!
  12. Really enjoyed this, quirky. One questionable clip cutting the last part of a line out haha
  13. Bloody Vimeo! Welcome YouTube. Go viral now
  14. Bloody Vimeo! Welcome YouTube. Go viral now
  15. Endless dad jokes. Speak to Ross. I phrased him above for what he does for Marino. Last time I got one it took 4 weeks and 2 of those was me getting the cheaper postage option because Yorkshire.