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  1. Really enjoyed this from the intro right the way through this. Just doing your own thing showed really well in this edit. Similar mind set to myself so even more exciting in my eyes. So much trials and added trials plus one or two places we've seen before in edits and you either just rode them differently or just added so much more into the spot such as that last clip. Two of those clips don't count because you modified the section. Not a negative but it would have been nice for the bails and outtakes to have been at the end of this edit as it's a banger and it's would have been so easy to carry on and view those
  2. In fairness, sod that.
  3. I really liked the chilled out background music along side the chilled out riding but quite massive moves happening here. Awesome stuff!
  4. Fair enough, hopefully take two on your first ride will be a vast improvement @Ross McArthur LOL
  5. It would appear not many people are having the best of times with Magura lever's. Shame. The Trialtech ones look great and kind of in keeping with the Inspired
  6. I would be all over that 18/14 gearing if you are thinking 20/17. I ran 18/14 simply because it was close to the set cs length of the hex but it feels about perfect for trials stuff. I don't tend to go very fast at things anyway so I can't say on speed really.
  7. @Luke Rainbird I can't fully remember on that video. I would like to say 110 x 35 but I can't remember or tell. On the current Hex I have 110 x 35, I could possibly have a 90 on there as it feels super roomy from the 24"'s reach. Bike looks great, hope the weather improves so you get to ride it. It's fully rubbish here.
  8. I look forward to seeing this built and you dusting off the old cobwebs......... the excuse book.
  9. Those look great!
  10. I just built those Spanks, yep those are V light. Not super confidence inspiring when you've got the wheel, dual ply tyre, downhill tube, pro 4 with bolts and the cardboard box the rims came still feels heavier. I didn't read the description as usually it makes your eyes bleed on CRC but "Spike" and "Oohbah" sold it. Oh and as a Yorkshire man, they're on offer.
  11. You can always justify it. Don't be sensible all your life.
  12. I've got a echo urban front rim I think this is 39mm it's dual walled and painted silver (just spray it black). Can send for £10 (covers postage). I'll get a photo of it tonight. It'll swap straight over with your echo Tr rim.
  13. I've got a echo urban front rim I think this is 39mm it's dual walled and painted silver (just spray it black). Can send for £10 (covers postage). I'll get a photo of it tonight. It'll swap straight over with your echo Tr rim.
  14. This topic is the only thing keeping me entertained on this forum at the moment haha
  15. the 26" with green wheels is DeeVee rims with one grind. They only had one grind in the 6 months I had the bike built like that. Ran Rockman blues which were great. Edit: Total plug for a 24tour in the future Luke!
  16. I had the DeeVee rim's previously, lasted rather well. Think Ian Johnstone rides them on his 24" with no problems.
  17. Yeah it's designed to take a narrower rear rim to be fair, you're looking more like 35/40 but I remember on my first hex's I managed 44mm rims but I needed to run tryall clamps to allow my hs33 as much clearance as possible. So depending what you intend on running good luck with that
  18. Sounds like a rather nice buy. What are the wheels you're putting on the build? I just built a pair of 26" wheels for my hex and found great options for disc specific rims but not so many options for magura apart from Inspired, DMR DeeVee and Backline's. I would possibly try the RaceFace cranks on the bike promptly also as these was an option for myself but was worried they might with the 22t cog catch the frame.
  19. Gutted about this, hopefully something crops up about it. Online or locally. Dislike for people who go around taking other peoples thing. Happy birthday anyway by the way.
  20. Exciting, I like a build thread. Is the frame brand new?
  21. I started the dropout filing craze. I might have owned this frame previously as I had two hex's in the past. Just got a third this week.
  22. These spots and this weather looks fun.
  23. Crazy awesome!
  24. I see what you did there.