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  1. It’s a Clark’s S2 that’s been badly painted
  2. Slight deviation would I be likely to encounter any issues using an External BB crank set up with a fixed hub and FW set up on the back?
  3. Looks awesome man
  4. True!
  5. Bit far to send a frame for powdercoat dude. Los Angeles is quite far from Liverpool!
  6. Can anyone recommend a decent powdercoater? Preferably in the north west but not essential.
  7. Thanks
  8. Sorry to hijack but when I looked up the HC3 lever it says it's not compatible with the 2,4 and 5 is that because of the BAT?
  9. TSG or Protec
  10. That's the one
  11. As in the title really what disc calipers fit in the back of the Diamondback Ashton justice/resolve frames?
  12. That looks really nice.
  13. Weight isn't a massive issue for me to be honest, I saw your red one a while ago and I'd Probably run a 4 bolt booster on mine to like yours. To be honest I'll probably be riding about 99% street anyway with the odd Natural session thrown in once in a blue moon.