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  1. Uploaded Friday, July 15, 2011 at 1:14 PM EST Welcome back Ben
  2. @Ross McArthur Hahaha, Me and Bess have been on the team forever..nearly
  3. Disappointed that no one has put up my 1st photos that were ever published. Portsmouth group in the trials page near the back. Pic of adam bessell!
  4. Eyam. Plague village. Hathersage. Cool rocks and stuff. Mam Tor. Nice leisurely ish walk. Usually a million paragliders flying about. Monsal trail. Hire a bike(take a bike) and walk/cycle the Monsal trail. Bakewell tart in bakewell. It's a must. Just a few alternative suggestions.
  5. 176. Carbonique
  6. Ross your realitivly new here.. Joined in 2006..haha newb
  7. Haha Funny. Hope you enjoyed the show dude
  8. Most amount of likes ive ever had on a picture haha
  9. I need some help regarding an ebay template listing.. I made a template, some geezer on fiver made it into html for me. Have temporarily uploaded it to my mates site, But when i go into ebay and put the html in, and change the links..the pics are showing up much bigger than they are supposed to be. Just wondering if its something that im doing wrong or what? Feel free to add me on facebook, can chat easier there -
  10. I found it on an old hardrive a few weeks back. After initially laughing, i then felt violently sick Ha
  11. Im in need of some help, someone to just sort something out for me I have no clue with it all, and just looking for someone who i can harass for half an hour. Apply here!!
  12. Will have both 4 finger levers if you still have them ? 

  13. Yep any station you'll be able to buy from. If there is a man behind a window to go him as the ticket machines are a complete faf for buying specific location tickets.
  14. If your buying a car from Woolwich, don't expect it to have 4 wheels
  15. Stunning! Fab shot Duncy